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Japan’s 35-Year-Old Single Girl, 30 Square Meters Of Exquisite Solitude For 11 Years, 200,000 Netizens Are Crazy With Envy!

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Author: Er Guniang

Source: Jane’s Erjia (ID: zhebahu)

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Some time ago, due to the solitary living variety blowout, wrote a lot of stars who live alone.

Zhou Penshao a person’s home also to realize the Chinese and Western kitchen. Liu Yaren live alone 400 square meters minimalist villa. I can’t help but drool with envy.

However, even if you can empathize with the feeling of living alone, the star’s life is still too far away from us, what is the life of ordinary people living alone like?

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More and more of my friends are confiding in me that they don’t want to get married and they love living alone.

The freedom, the independence, the privacy, it’s great.

But if you live alone for a year or two, or four or five years, it’s fine, but what if it’s ten years?

The lady I’m going to introduce to you today, namytone, is 35 years old and has been living alone for 11 years since she started working.

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After living alone for a long time, she is often asked if she isn’t lonely living alone.

The more time passed, the more interesting namytone found it was to be alone.

She’s also gone from a muddle through to a settled mindset of living one’s life as best she can.

After a hard day at work, it’s such a blessing to have a nest that you can’t wait to get back to.

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Later, she started sharing her solitary life on ins and didn’t expect it to resonate with many people and has now sucked in over 200,000 followers.

Perhaps, namytone’s life can make us, rethink the meaning of living alone.


Living Alone In 30m2, Space At A Glance

namytone lives in a one-family room of 30 m², which at a glance looks clear.

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The living room and kitchen are simply divided by a fixed bar that completes the simple functional division.

The living room is simply furnished with a two-seater sofa and a slim-legged wooden table, separated from the TV by a certain distance.

640 4 42

When taking a break, you can cook a simple meal and watch Hayao Miyazaki anime, which you can’t get tired of even after 30 years old.

640 6 40

Since the entire space is open, right next to the living room, just a walk away from a floor-to-ceiling window is namytone’s bedroom.

Namytone likes to keep things natural and simple, so the furniture in both the living room and the bedroom is mainly wood.

Due to the relatively consistent style, even in the small room, it doesn’t look cluttered.

640 7 39

As a sophisticated girl, namytone enjoys dressing up her small home.

For example, she changes the curtains on the small window by the bed according to the season.

Whether it’s a plain linen grey or a simple plaid, they all go well with the style of the room.

640 5 40

In front of the middle window, there is a liftable drying rack, which is more than enough to dry one’s clothes and takes up little space if collected in time.

640 8 38

The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it’s a very good idea to have a lot of people that are going to be able to get the most out of it.

640 9 38

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but namytone’s room doesn’t have huge furniture, it’s all small, easy to move around.

She says it’s easy for a girl to clean.

Also, when you’re inspired to change the room layout a little, one person can easily do it.

640 11 35

The kitchen is relatively small, but it’s plenty for one person.

The stove, countertop, and sink are closely connected, creating a smooth flowing motion that makes it very easy to wash, chop, and cook vegetables.

640 12 35

The space opposite the stove is more like a western kitchen, which complements the kitchen, with a small platform for making coffee on the right and a refrigerator in the middle.

On the left side, the wood cabinets are still used for storage of cutlery and crockery, and the glass cabinets are designed to keep beautiful cutlery at a glance.

640 10 37


The Namytone Way To Organize And Store

To tell you why namytone is a sucker for a good old fashioned lifestyle, she also has a knack for organizing and storage.

First of all, she has a rule that she doesn’t pile anything randomly on the floor, which not only looks tidy, but is also helpful for daily cleaning.

Otherwise you have to move things around even when you’re mopping the floor, which is very inconvenient, so there’s no incentive to clean.

640 13 34


Flexible Use Of Various Wall Space

Muji has a collection of wall-mounted furniture that allows small objects to be hung from the wall, and namytone has taken this to an extreme.

For example, in the entrance area, keys and umbrellas can be hung.

Even the slippers are stored behind the door, eliminating the need for an entrance cabinet.

640 14 32

There’s also the small, thin-legged wooden table in the living room that holds almost nothing.

Er Guniang must say, it’s really necessary, once you start putting just about anything on the table, more and more items will accumulate on it, and one day you’ll realize how the table got so messy!

The namytone fixes the tissue box to the wall and is positioned just out of reach, making it easy to extract.

If you put it on the table, the cable will hang in mid-air, which is not refreshing to look at.

Even the remote control is also placed in a special small basket, with detachable rings hanging on the edge of the table, not taking up extra space at all.

640 15 32

The same goes for the kitchen, where the cleaner hangs halfway up the wall, making it easy to access and clean up whenever you’re done cooking, so the kitchen stays tidy.

640 17 30

The bathroom is damp, so all cleaning tools are hung and stored, making it easier to control dryness.

640 16 31

Toilet area aromatherapy and toilet paper are also placed on the wall, already very narrow space, get more use.

640 19 27

In another very unexpected area, namytone placed the makeup area across from the bar, not far from the kitchen.

A mirror affixed to the wall, a hairdryer hanging on the wall, and an extremely narrow divider for her makeup so she can do her makeup standing up.

640 20 26

The bottom drawer was also chosen to be narrow and long in shape, and is stored from top to bottom according to the frequency of use.

640 30

She said this area was the best choice because she wanted to use her morning coffee-making time to do her makeup so she could save time.

If you live alone anyway, it’s good to be comfortable, so it’s a good idea to arrange it however you want.

640 21 25


Make Use Of Every Gap.

In addition to items going up the wall, namytone also makes clever use of various crevices.

The gap by the refrigerator is stuffed into the gap trolley, and the bathroom sink by the side as well as the method, hard a few square meters of extra storage space.

640 18 30

640 22 24

And under the bed can not let go, three large drawers, put some uncommon bed linen, and electric blankets and other items, saving wardrobe space.

640 23 22


Similar Items For Systematic Storage

As someone who loves to buy books, namytone doesn’t have a dedicated bookcase in her room; she combines individual cabinets to create a small bookcase that is not only easy to move, but also allows her to sort different books into different categories.

640 24 20

Opposite the bed in the bedroom is a double-door in-wall cabinet, which namytone uses one side as a wardrobe, with most of the clothes hanging by season and length.

The lower cupboard is used to store folded clothes and shoes that are not being worn at the moment.

Outside the wardrobe, there is a wall hanger at the end of the bed, so clothes that have been worn once can be hung directly on the hanger without being mixed up with clean clothes.

640 25 19

And next to this closet, the bottom of the changing blanket, and the top of the miscellaneous things.

But everything, namytone keeps it all sorted with drawers or storage boxes, so there’s never a sense of confusion.

640 26 17

If you need to use something, just take out the whole drawer, use it and put it back, so you can avoid the embarrassment of not being able to find something and turning the room upside down.

640 1 27

namytone’s jewelry is also sorted in one drawer specifically for that purpose, which is neat and feels healing to look at.

640 1 14

She says her breakaway is not about not wanting anything, but carefully choosing and keeping things that will last a long time or that you really love so that the whole house is full of things you love.


Living Alone Makes You Grow.

Despite living alone, namytone’s days are never boring.

Weekends are the best when you slowly make yourself some good food, and eat delicious food while watching your favorite movie or anime.

640 27 16

Waking up naturally at 5:30 a.m., the first thing you do is spread out a yoga mat and do your morning workout, then make yourself a cup of coffee, and the busy, beautiful day begins.

640 2 6

namytone also likes to buy flowers and decorate her room in a lively way, even if she lives alone.

640 117

Occasionally, she even goes for rides with friends and enjoys the beauty of nature.

640 28 16

No matter how busy she is, namytone says, she needs a place to rest and heal herself.

As time goes by, living alone is no longer a lonely and isolating thing, but a way to grow inside.

To live well alone is to cherish and value yourself.

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