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Japanese Style + Elements Of Hip-Play, The Beauty Of Free-Form Space | RINGUIST DESIGN

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Beauty, ultimately, is a product sunk in time, which can bestow, create and perfect the state of life. Time, under its guidance, is framed as a moment that is difficult to reproduce. When we walk into the space at that moment, we can be infected by the lifestyle and artistic emotion conveyed by the design, so why should we care about the wind blowing in the current fashion. The space rhythm in the free flow of transcendent form, not confined to a certain boundary, but so intimate and accessible beauty of life.



Japanese the house

Growing outside the world A journey of self-healing


Finding the right way to relax and refresh yourself in your free time, this place where ordinary days can shine is full of emotions. The classic utensils, simple and clean atmosphere and elegant living scenes overlap and merge, and the rich core of the cultural cohesion space extends a humanistic vision without losing its connotation.

As a centralized area for daily relaxation, the negative floor space allows people to calm and tranquilize as a spiritual need, and is also the basis of Japanese Zen culture. The Japanese aesthetics and rituals of life are magnified but subtly implanted between a cup of tea and a book.

We will want to place many forms within a limited space, but the root is the pursuit of the ideal life in the heart. The family room is based on a simple and lazy feeling, forming a space full of freedom and flexibility. In a simple day, pick up a fun and gentle warm time with your loved ones, and experience the little bit of life.

Quality in simplicity, boundlessness throughout

Transparent enjoyment

The Japanese aesthetics is more elegant and simple in style, with white and wood as the main color of the space, conveying unique emotional expressions through the tones.

The most suitable look for life is to explore the many angles of life, both revealed and hidden. Between the living room and the dining room, there is no partition, and the dining table seems to be integrated with the living room in a casual and free way, yet it is clear and distinct.

Life is a meal, a meal, a lifetime of good things. The most superficial, but also the most profound truths of life are hidden in the food and oil and salt.

Tranquility and elegance

Light rhyme

Natural response Lazy and relaxed

Melting vegetation

The small leisure space on the side gives more freedom in the air, even if you can’t go to the forest, you can still let life have a little more flavor. Form follows emotion rather than function, and each space becomes another opportunity for rest and reflection and exploration.


Soft furnishing design Velveteen Design

Fabric Design Lingju Libre

Space Design EnjoyDesign

Project Name Sentosa Bay Beautiful Courtyard A

Design area 220㎡

Design style Japanese style and style

Completion date December 2020

Project Photography bm Studio+Hikari



The home of tide play

The home should not only be a place to stay, but also a concrete expression of one’s ideal life. The beauty of space should be absolute freedom and sensuality. Here, we explore the deconstruction of space, and then reassemble it into a new life. The passage of time will not fade it, but give it an everlasting interest in life, pure and quiet.

Reinventing the pattern Existence is the reason

The living room space is moved from the first floor to the negative floor of the building, when we choose the building, the initial point is to get away from the chaos and enjoy a comfortable living state. Different materials collide with the purest colors, and the space is rich but not complicated. For the home, space is free, and people are also free, and ultimately what we seek is to create a meaningful and intertwined spiritual space.

The floral art room and the living room are coherent but independent, visually transparent and private, so that the space originally only concerned with the function of living is given new vitality because of hobbies, leading a new way of life, allowing nature and people to create a physical space with feelings, and through the precipitation of time to leave a good memory and temperature.

What you see is a ritual

In addition to normal work and living, people nowadays need to live more, and this life is not all about food, oil and salt, nor is it all about travel and searching, what we expect is a smooth communication in the space. On the first floor of the dining space, the long table can meet the daily gathering and tasting, and it can also be used as a place to rest and read alone.

Independence and individuality deconstruction

What is freedom? It is the nature of people and the soul of modern design. Freedom of spirit, imagination and aesthetics is the ultimate goal of shaping space. The space used by younger members of the family is more focused on personality, hobbies and true expression, and here is a presentation of the realm of the self.

The temperament of the inhabitants is quietly perceived

A passionate and free soul, at night, also desires to rest in a quiet harbor. From simple to complex, and then from complex back to simple, it is the blandness after seeing the splendor, and the purity after the complexity.

Changing the space pattern of the master bedroom, an open study is planned and designed by the window to give more “roles” to the space. Other subsidiary spaces outside the actual function are actually the link and extension of the function of each space, and often these seemingly badly planned or undefinable are worthy of careful study and consideration.


Soft furnishings design by elite design

Fabric Design by Velcro

Space Design EnjoyDesign

Project Name Sentosa Bay Beautiful Courtyard B

Design area 220㎡

Design Style Modern Art

Completion date December 2020

Project Photography bm Studio+Yan Ming


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