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The Bathroom Is Inconvenient to Use, It Turns out The Layout is Wrong!

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The Bathroom Is Inconvenient to Use, It Turns out The Layout is Wrong!

The design and layout of a bathroom

It is not as simple as you might think,

it contains a lot of habitat wisdom and skills.

If not handled properly,

it will have a significant impact on the quality of life in the future.

That’s why today we’re going to discuss how the bathroom should be laid out.

How can we design it to avoid unnecessary hassles and to improve the happiness level?

The following points are worth considering.

◆ Size ◆

All bathroom furniture is designed on the basis of ergonomic principles, but this does not mean that we can choose arbitrarily according to our preferences.

The size, volume and shape of the bathroom furniture are all constrained by the size of the space, leaving the necessary distance for the walking space. This not only allows us to stretch our limbs when entering the toilet, but also prevents children and the elderly from bumping into each other on a daily basis.


The dimensions shown above are in cm.

 ◆ Movement lines ◆

If your bathroom is not large enough, it is important to consider all aspects of the design when designing the lines, so that you don’t lose sight of one thing and mess up the other.

All the functional areas (bathing, washing, toileting) should be linked up along a smooth line. This is an effective solution to the limitations of a small home and also meets the needs of the family.

Remember to plan the whole thing so that it is level with the position of the door. When you push the door, keep it open for the distance. When you close the door, avoid the various building elements so that the bathroom appears visually organized, neat and beautiful.


Due to the small area, small bathrooms may wish to adopt a sliding door design, which is not only beautiful but can also reduce the space occupied.

◆ Layout ◆

The layout of the bathroom is closely related to the quality of our life. It is essential to think carefully and make good use of every corner.

The layout of the bathroom varies from house type to house type. However, regardless of the type of house, it is important to separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom perfectly. Humanized design around structure and function is always the goal of all bathrooms.

Rectangular shapes

In a long bathroom, it is recommended that the washbasin, toilet and bath are lined up in order according to the frequency of use. The various functional areas are in one open line, yet independent of each other.


If the entrance door is in the center of the long side, consider separating the washbasin. The bath and toilet areas are located on either side to provide a clear separation between wet and dry.

Small square

This is our common bathroom layout, with a flexible and free form of combination. The premise should be that no space is wasted and that all bathroom furniture is placed in a rational way.

Bath 6

One of the more common forms of layout is to remove the bath and then design the shower in a corner position. When you open the door, all the functional areas are visible at a glance, making it easier to use.

If there is still space to spare, it is best to reserve the position of the bath at the beginning of the design for later showers. This allows you to choose between the two forms of shower or bath as you wish.

Irregular shapes

In irregular shapes, it is a difficult problem to use the dead space in order to gain more space for movement.

Designers should “go with the flow” according to the architecture and choose a bathroom product with the right size to maximize the basic function of the bathroom.

If necessary, the shape of the sink or shower can also be adapted. It is possible to transform this break from the normal confines of the shaped room into an interesting and functional space.

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