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Just Bought It 3 Months Ago and Regretted It! A Guide to Avoid The Pitfalls of Bathroom Basins

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Just Bought It 3 Months Ago and Regretted It! A Guide to Avoid The Pitfalls of Bathroom Basins

If the bathroom is the place that best reflects the quality of your home.

Then the washbasin is the face of the bathroom!

How to choose a vanity unit to enhance your bathroom?

After reading this article below, your bathroom will be saved.

pitfalls of bathroom basins

Basin Classification

  1. Classification Of Basin Styles

The column basin is suitable for a small area of the bathroom, balcony, or outdoor patio.

  • Advantage: it has a small footprint. It is more convenient and smooth to drain.
  • Disadvantages: no storage, poor aesthetics.

Selection tips: For this type of basins, in terms of brand, just choose one at random. Look at a few more to compare prices and pick the cheapest one.

The countertop basin is suitable for medium and large households, villas dining rooms and other bathroom areas.

  • Advantage: it is versatile and beautiful. Water does not accumulate on the countertop.
  • Disadvantages: It is more expensive for me. It needs to be encapsulated in place at the edges during installation.

Selection tips: The versatile shape of the countertop basins can adapt to a variety of decorative styles and match upscale. When buying and selling, go for colors, shapes, etc. according to your own preferences. The big brands are made of solid materials. When you are using it after a few years, it remains new.

The under-counter basin is suitable for small and medium-sized households. There are more of these in public bathrooms and workplace fittings.

  • Advantage: it has a neat overall appearance and is easy to care for.
  • Disadvantage: It has a single style. It is easy to hide dirt in the joints and complicated to dismantle and install.

Selection tips: The depth of the under-counter basin is 18-21 cm. The depth of the under-counter basin is not too deep and the water splashes are not easy to splash out. The marble countertop needs to be opened according to the size of the basins.

Wall-mounted basin. This basin has to be mounted on a load-bearing wall. It will not fit if the partition is not stressed. It is mostly used in small bathrooms or other areas where there is less space.

  • Advantage: it has a small footprint and is versatile in shape.
  • Disadvantage: no storage space.

Selection tips: It is similar to the ceramic basins selection tips. Glaze, bubbles, etc. should be observed. Wall-mounted basins are also quite rich in shape. What do you like and what do you choose. You can refer to a few more.

The one-piece basin combines the functions of a countertop and a pedestal basin. It has the advantage of being half the price of using a marble countertop and is mostly sold with bathroom cabinets.

  • Advantage: the basin and the countertop are unified in style. It is easy to install and has no gaps to hide dirt and grime.
  • Disadvantage: it is relatively bulky, and the shape is also simple.

2, The Classification Of Basin Material

Basin can be divided into the ceramic basins, glass basins, stainless steel basins, artificial stone basins and several other materials. Among them, the ceramic basin is most commonly used, and the price is generally not expensive. Glass basins are more difficult to clean. Stainless steel is easy to clean but is suitable for a single style. The price of artificial stone basins is higher.

Tips for Choosing A Basin

When buying a basin, the first thing to consider is the size of the installation space. If the installation space is less than 70cm, it is recommended to choose a column or hanging basin. If it is larger than 70cm, there is a wider range of products to choose from.

When choosing a ceramic basin, the material should be uncoated. This way, you can be sure that the color will resist bleeding and prevent peeling. This will keep it looking new for as long as it is used.

The basin is installed with a seamless joint, so that the countertop and basin are fully jointed and no gaps are left, thus making it easy to clean.

The basins should be quality assured, easy to maintain and repair, and still look new after a few years of use if you wipe it down with your hands. It is simply a treasure.

Customization is available for style requirements. You choose a favorite floral color or color blocking and it is simply very too romantic. Not only do you fall in love with washing your face every day, but you stay in a beautiful good mood all day long when you see it in the morning.

You can choose the one that feels good in your hand. Although it is smooth to the touch, choose one that is resistant to impact and you usually avoid hard objects such as cosmetics.

Many girls like to wash their hair in a pedestal basin, which is convenient and saves time. The basin is about the depth of 150, which will satisfy the girls’ hair washing needs. It is recommended to match the pull-out tap to make washing hair more convenient.

What To Know About Basin Care

Basin Cleaning

1, After a long period of use, the basins will have oil stains and dirt will easily accumulate. If it is a ceramic basin, you can use lemon slices to wash the surface of the basin. After a minute, then rinse with water, it can become bright. If the stain is stubborn, bleach can be poured in. It will be etched for about 20 minutes, wash with a towel or sponge, and then wash it with water.

2, The interface between the basin and the countertop of silicone or glass glue for a long time will be moldy and black. At this point, you can only use a putty knife and hobby knife to remove these molds. Get it clean, wait for it to dry and then apply quality silicone. It is better to buy the kind of silica gel dedicated to anti-mold in the kitchen and bathroom.

3, For glass basin, I recommend using cotton rags, neutral detergent, glass cleaning water, etc. for cleaning, so as to keep it as bright as new for a long time.

4, For the stainless steel basin, you only need to use water or detergent and another slightly clean wipe, you can clean as new. Remember not to use a cleaning cloth, sand powder or stainless steel ball to rub the surface of the basin to keep the surface smooth.

Basin Maintenance Skills

1, The basin cleaning should be done often. You can not use strong acid and alkaline detergent, but a neutral detergent. The material of the rag used to clean the basin must be a softer fabric, such as a sponge or a cotton rag. Do not use rough materials, such as brushes or hard objects to wipe.

2, The shelf above the washbasin should not be placed on the larger and heavier daily necessities.

3, Clean the water elbow of the basin from time to time, use the disassembly and cleaning method, so as to effectively avoid the blockage of the water pipe.

4, After a long time in the basin, the metal and ceramic at the bottom of the basin will reveal rust stains. You can put the right amount of salt and then put the same amount of vinegar, heat and stir, then use a soft cloth dipped in salt and vinegar solution onto the rust spot for half an hour, and then choose a rough fabric to scrub.

That’s all for this issue, come and pick and install a suitable washbasin according to your needs!

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