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Is The Lighting In Your Bathroom Space Stylish Enough?

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Bathroom Business School

Bathroom space as a place to relax and unwind

Plays an essential role in the home life

Among them, there are many inspirations and ingenuity of life

are sprouting here to grow

This issue, take you to explore how to create bathroom lighting!


Bathroom space lighting color temperature

Bathroom space lighting should not be too bright or too dark. Color temperature selection in 4000-5000K can be. This light color can create a hazy, soft lighting environment.

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▲Lighting color temperature chart


Different functional areas of the lighting arrangement

The bathroom is mainly divided into three functional areas: bathing area, toilet area, wash area. The lighting needs of each area are different, so the lighting design of the bathroom space should not only meet the basic lighting needs, but also meet different functional needs.

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Bathing area.

Bathing space is usually divided into “shower area” and “bathtub area”. The two can exist at the same time, but also independently. Different areas have different lighting designs. The light of the shower area can be installed in the ceiling, using a downlight or hidden light strip design. This is convenient for bathing on the one hand, on the other hand, can also create an atmosphere.

A bath is the best way to relax your body and mind. A few strips of lights or track lights in the bathtub area can create a gentle and comfortable bathing atmosphere.

Toilet area.

When choosing lighting fixtures for the toilet area, practicality and simplicity should be given top priority. Many people play cell phones or read when using the toilet, so the lighting in the toilet area can be considered when designing and selecting whether it meets the lighting needs of reading.

Washroom area.

The wash area not only bears the function of washing and cleaning, but also has the demand for makeup, so the area has a very high demand for light. You can directly install mirror lights or arrange lights around the mirror. The illumination effect with lights all around will not make the five senses have shadows and facilitate makeup removal. In addition, wall lights can be installed by the mirror to add a sense of sophistication to life.

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