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Who Says Small Bathrooms Can’t Be High-End? 11 Ways To Make Them Bigger And More Beautiful

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How to decorate a bathroom with high prices and little space? It is not easy to stuff the toilet, bathroom cabinets, sinks, showers into the bathroom, let alone talk about what modernist style? In fact, it is not, as long as you clever layout of your bathroom products, the bathroom can not only look very high-end but also fully functional, you can also get a more relaxed use of space.

Shifting the position of the toilet

Shift the toilet from its traditional central location to the “forgotten triangle” in the bathroom. Remember it when you’re on the toilet, forget it when you’re busy, and maximize the space available in your bathroom. This way there will be no more embarrassing situations where the toilet is an “eyesore” or a “stumbling block”.


Hanging sink

If you feel that the floor sink is too dominant space, try to configure the wall-mounted sink. Fitting 180 ° wall or 90 ° wall angle, breaking the traditional oval shape.

You can choose a fan-shaped or rectangular body that fits the space, with a built-in wall drainage system. The small and innovative faucet looks simple and restrained. This bathroom looks new and creative.


Hanging faucet

In the small space of the bathroom, the wall-mounted layout is also suitable for faucets. The most frequent use of people in the bathroom during the day is the faucet, so the available space around the faucet basin is very important. Installing wall-mounted faucets will save space and make the bathroom look very tall in addition to saving space.


Lengthening the bathroom cabinet

If you reduce the size of the bathroom cabinet, it will reduce its function, so how can you place a bathroom cabinet in a small space? The answer is – to lengthen it. The original horizontal development of the shape into vertical development. It is high glossy white and slim hanging on the wall, thus releasing the bathroom space. Its style is high-end and modern.


Mirror bathroom cabinet

Installing a mirror on the surface of a bathroom cabinet is ideal for expanding space in a small bathroom. Because they combine two functions into one, they not only save the space and cost of installing a mirror, but also use the mirroring principle to increase the viewing effect of the entire bathroom.


Combination unit body

Combine various bathroom products such as toilets, sinks and bathroom cabinets together to form a whole unit. This is a great choice for small modern bathrooms and is an increasingly popular trend in urban life in Europe and America today.

The water tank of the toilet is installed in the bathroom cabinet. The water from the upper sink is stored in the tank. It is compact in size and simple in style. This not only greatly frees up space, but also improves the efficiency of water use, which is green and environmentally friendly.


Shower room using frameless quadrant

As a small, independent space in the bathroom, a poorly laid-out shower room can make the bathroom look cramped and cramped. A popular choice today is to use a corner or curved space unit in the bathroom. Installing a shower with a blurred frame border or without a frame quadrant can downplay the independence of the shower and make it blend in with the bathroom in terms of perspective.


Use shower screens instead of shower curtains

In a small space bathroom, people often find shower curtains convenient to use and cover a small area. In fact, shower curtains can break the integrity of the space and make the bathroom look claustrophobic and bulky. A shower screen instead of a shower curtain is also a popular choice today. The shower screen can simply separate the wet and dry areas, but also allows the light to be extended and the whole bathroom to be brighter and wider.


Installing a vertical ladder radiator

A vertical ladder radiator relocates the space in the bathroom up and down rather than expanding along the left and right, so it tends to save more space than a horizontal or curved design. In addition, heated ladder radiators keep towels warm and comfortable. It also becomes more convenient when you are extracting towels.


Brighten up the color of the bathroom

Small space bathrooms are generally not suitable and use multiple colors. Too many colors mixed will make the space look dirty and cramped, so it is better to use solid colors in the bathroom color scheme. Use white or light blue for the walls to enhance the reflection of light in the bathroom. Flooring with dark colors can produce a strong contrast effect with the walls and expand the sense of space in the entire bathroom.


Extend the effect of tile perspective

A small space bathroom is not suitable for using large size tiles. Instead, you can use small-size tiles on the bathroom wall to extend the horizontal line, making the space appear longer and more spacious, and boldly use vertical lines to make the bathroom look higher. The reflective effect of the tile surface is also important at this point, and a high gloss white surface is more likely to expand the view of the spacing effect.

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