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I Regret Installing Underfloor Heating In The Bathroom, I Realized It’s Too Pitiful After I Moved In!

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Should I install underfloor heating in my bathroom? Many people must have struggled with this issue. Although there are many ways of heating, the comfort brought by underfloor heating is stronger. But, is the bathroom really suitable for installing underfloor heating?


Should I Install Underfloor Heating In My Bathroom?

Although underfloor heating is good, it is generally not recommended for installation in bathrooms.

First of all, most homes will have bathrooms with bath bombs and electric towel racks installed. With these heating devices, the installation of underfloor heating may seem superfluous.

Secondly, most bathrooms are sunken. After doing the ground treatment and waterproofing, the floor height is reduced, and then pavement heating will look more compact.

Furthermore, there are many water pipes in the bathroom, and their distribution is complex, which makes it more difficult to lay underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating

Finally, floor heating pipes have to be laid underneath the waterproofing layer. The waterproofing layer will block some of the heat, which will ultimately lead to a significant reduction in the overall heating effect.


How Can I Heat My Bathroom?

Apart from laying floor heating, there are these other ways of heating.


The radiator is the most common way of heating in the north. It is heated by a coal-fired boiler and piped to the radiators in thousands of homes to help raise the room temperature. The disadvantages are uneven heating, poor aesthetics, and the fact that they take up some space in the room.

Bath Bars

There are two types of bath bombs: air-heated bath bombs and light-heated bath bombs, which are usually switched on during bath time. The air heater can usually be used as a heater. In comparison, the lamp heater has certain limitations, such as a single heating area, low safety, etc.

Electric Towel Rack

The carbon fiber electric towel rack is equivalent to a small heater and has a certain heating effect. However, generally speaking, electric towel racks can only assist in heating. In the cold winter months, it is obviously not enough. Therefore, electric towel racks can be used in combination with a bath or other heating device!


In summary, underfloor heating is generally not recommended for bathrooms. You can use a variety of heating devices such as radiators, bath bombs, and electric towel racks for heating.

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