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A Well-Designed Floor Drain In The Bathroom Drains Efficiently And Looks Good Too!

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The bathroom is a space where water is used most frequently for bathing and washing clothes. If the drainage is not done properly, then it will become a small sink-like space. This makes it not only damp and affects the aesthetics, but also prone to infiltration over time, leading to water leakage. That’s why good drainage in the bathroom is a top priority in sanitary renovation! Today, we will share with you some bathroom floor drainage designs, I hope they will be helpful to you!

// I. Conventional Stainless Steel Floor Drain //

Stainless steel floor drainages are installed in the corners of bathrooms like ordinary ones. I believe that we have seen more. This is a relatively simple choice, the price is also relatively low.

floor drain

// Ii. Drainage Troughs All Around //

If you don’t like the place where you step on your feet when you take a shower is also a lot of water soaking, you can also add drainage troughs around the shower. This way the shower water can quickly flow away through the drainage trough. There will not be too much water in the place where you stand your feet.

Bathroom Drainage 11


// Iii. Hidden Floor Drains //

Concealed drain, is a more popular bathroom drain in recent years. It is cut through the floor tiles to leave slits for drainage holes. It does not look like a floor drain-like design, but the ground can be maintained to maximize the unity of texture, more beautiful and generous.

Bathroom Drainage 8


// Iv. Linear Floor Drain //

Our common floor drains are plain square in appearance. In fact, floor drainages are also available in long linear strips, which can also be customized into a wet and dry partitioned drainage design depending on the size of the bathroom. This eliminates the need for a water stopper and makes the space look simple and practical.

Bathroom Drainage 9

// V. Sauna Board Flooring In The Shower Area //

If you feel that the floor tiles are slippery when wet, then you can add a sauna board to the shower area to make a footstep. This can be non-slip and safe, and the texture of the wood can also enhance the warmth of the bathroom.

Bathroom Drainage 12

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