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If You Use Toilet Like This, The House No Longer Stinks!

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If You Use Toilet Like This, The House No Longer Stinks!

The toilet is one of the necessary sanitary ware in modern bathrooms and is closely related to our lives. Because the toilet is used frequently, it is important that we choose the right toilet according to our needs in our daily life.

Here we will learn about the types of toilets, functions and maintenance tips. I hope it will help you to create a comfortable and beautiful home.

how to use toilet


Toilet Classification And Comparison

  1. By Product Structure: One-Piece And Separate Toilets

how to use toilet

Separate toilet: this toilet is more traditional. In terms of production, it is connected to the base and tank layer with screws and seals at a later stage. It is more affordable. The disadvantage is: it takes up more space, and even the joints are easy to hide dirt.

One-piece toilet: This toilet is more modern and high-grade. It has a beautiful body shape and plenty of options. It is integrated molding, but the price is relatively expensive.


  1. By The Direction Of Sewage: Rear Drainage And Under The Drainage Type

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Rear drainage toilet: also known as wall drainage or horizontal drainage. The direction of discharge can be known according to the literal meaning. In the purchase of a rear discharge toilet, consider the height of the center of the sewage outlet from the ground.

Lower drainage toilet: also called floor drainage or vertical drainage. It refers to the toilet with the sewage outlet on the ground. In the purchase of an under-row toilet, what you should pay attention to is the distance between the center of the sewage outlet and the wall.


  1. According To The Way Of Drainage: Direct Flush And Siphon Type

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Direct flush toilet: it has a simple flushing line, short path, and thick pipe diameter. The flushing process is short, and it has good water-saving performance. The disadvantage is: the flushing sound is noisy, and the reservoir surface is small.  This is prone to scaling. It has poor anti-odor function and a smaller selection surface.

Siphon toilet: The siphon toilet has a small flushing noise.  It is easy to flush out the dirt adhering to the toilet surface and has a good anti-odor effect. It has a wide variety. Disadvantages are Higher water consumption. It is easy to clog due to narrow pipes.


Function Breakdown Of The Toilet

Compared with the traditional toilet, the intelligent toilet has more functions that can bring a more comfortable experience.

1Washer Heating

The selection of intelligent toilets is mainly because of this function. After all, after feeling the cold of winter, the warm washer is really too attractive. The heating temperature can also be adjusted. In the winter, you will never freeze your butt.

2Intelligent Cleaning Toilet

After you go to the toilet, it will spray water to help you wash your buttocks. The most basic toilet will have a buttock wash (rear cleaning) and a women’s wash (for women’s private parts of the cleaning).

The most basic toilet will have a buttock wash (rear cleaning) and a women’s wash (for women’s private parts of the cleaning).

Through the strength of the jets and the crossed water jets, it can achieve the function of massaging the muscles around the anus.  This function can improve the speed of defecation. This is very suitable for friends with constipation and hemorrhoids.

3Warm Air Drying

After cleaning, there is warm air drying, so that the farts will not be wet.  Temperature and wind power are also adjustable. No longer encounter the embarrassing situation of going to the toilet to find out that the paper towels are used up.

4Automatic Flushing

Advanced intelligent toilets with high-end features of intelligent induction will automatically close the cover after sensing people leave and then flush through automatic induction.

5Clear Smell And Deodorization

The role of the wind inside the smart toilet can bring the odor into the drain, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization and antibacterial. Do not underestimate this.  If someone in the family has a bad stomach, then the smell of the bathroom is often very sour. This is still necessary to some extent. In addition, the intelligent toilet also has other functions such as night lighting, foot touch induction, automatic wall wetting.


Daily Maintenance Of The Toilet

1When Flushing, Cover The Toilet Cover

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In daily use, clean the toilet, the point that is most easily ignored is: when flushing without the cover. You need to know that if the toilet lid is open when flushing, the instant cyclone inside the toilet can bring germs and so on high into the air, and then fall on the walls and items.  This makes it easy to be contaminated with bacteria. So every day after using the toilet, make sure to develop the habit of covering the toilet lid when flushing.

2Don’t Throw In Items That Are Easily Clogged

Do not flush newspaper, diaper pads, sanitary napkins, and other items that can easily lead to clogging into the toilet. If the debris accidentally falls into the toilet, should be removed in time.

3Treatment Of Toilet Blockage

Treatment Of Clogged Toilets


Treatment Method

Minor BlockageClogged toilets are usually caused by hand towels or sanitary napkins, towel rags, etc.Use a pipe unclogger or a simple unclogging tool to unclog directly.
Clogged Drain With Hard ObjectsHard objects such as plastic brushes, bottle caps, soap, combs, etc. are accidentally dropped into the toilet when using it.Use a pipe unclogger or simple unclogger to unclog directly. In severe cases, the toilet must be disassembled and unclogged to get the stuff out.
Clogged By AgeingWhen the toilet is used for a long time, the scale will inevitably form on the inner wall. In severe cases, they can block the air outlet of the toilet and cause the toilet to drain slowly.Find the vent hole and scrape out the dirt.
Installation Error BlockageThe bottom outlet is not aligned with the water outlet, and the screw holes at the bottom are completely sealed, which will cause the water to flow freely and the water level of the tank is not high enough.Reinstall the toilet correctly.
Clogging Caused By Changing Squatting Pits To ToiletsSome old houses were installed with squatting pits when they were built. The bottom of the sewer pipe uses a U-shaped waterproof elbow. When it was converted into a toilet, it became clogged.Replace the bottom elbow with a direct elbow. If not, then do a good job of cleaning the bottom backwater bend before installation. Do not let cement and another debris fall in.
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