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Dreaming Of The Song Dynasty, Reinterpreting Poetic Dwelling | HID Herabenna Design

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Heidegger’s “Man, the Poetic Dwelling” relays what the visitor saw: a ski chalet on a steep open slope in the Southern Black Forest, 1,150 meters above sea level. The hut is only 6 meters wide and 7 meters long. The low roof covers three rooms: the kitchen-cum-living room, the bedroom and the study. The entire narrow valley floor and the equally steep slopes opposite are sparsely dotted with farmhouses, and further up with meadows and pastures that stretch into the woods, where the old fir trees are thick and lush. Above it all was the clear summer sky. Two eagles circled in this brilliantly clear sky, soothing and at ease.

This is one of the most moving descriptions of poetic habitat I have ever read. That primitive let the breath of nature grow wild, until the human state and nature as one. It interprets the state of dwelling of “hut in the human realm, without the noise of horses and cars”. A hermit monk in the Song Dynasty once described a good life in the mountains: “In spring there are a hundred flowers and in autumn there is a moon, in summer there is a cool breeze and in winter there is snow, if there are no idle matters hanging on the heart, it is a good time on earth” coincides with Heidegger’s poetic habitat life. In the context of the new era, the designer hopes to create an urban poetic living space through the ambience. The design extends the Zen slow living style of the Song Dynasty to free the shackles of the hustle and bustle of the traffic and return to the elegant and quiet state of living in the oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, the piano, chess, painting, poetry, wine and flowers.


D2 house type

The multi-functional activity room utilizes the symmetrical layout of the traditional house with a central axis to build a solemn sense of ceremony.

Through the artistic language of tripartite interaction among people, space and nature, the façade is echoed by landscape painting and calligraphy, natural texture of marble and carpet texture. It creates the natural texture of the space, showing the space temperament and rich connotation. The calligraphy and painting form subtly forms a counterpoint with the chandelier in the atrium, and the visual direction from near to far presents the modest attitude of a gentleman in the space.

The designer cleverly uses the design technique of seeing the big with the small to outline a secret place in the mountains of “autumn harvest and winter collection”.

Dead branches, pumpkins and snow-covered fog.

The Song Dynasty was full of literati who pursued a poetic and elegant life. They were fond of exploring the subtleties between heaven and earth, humanity and nature. The paintings often include scenes of mountains and forests shading the sun. Mountains and rocks, pavilions and pavilions, travelers in cloth. While swimming in the mountains, he makes a pot of tea and stops to sip and laugh.

With rocks instead of mountains and dead branches instead of forests, the mountains and forests are intertwined with each other, and poetry abounds. Through nature, we can re-analyze the meaning of life and experience the aesthetics of natural poetic dwelling.

In fact, I have never seen the scenery here. I just experience its changes day and night as the seasons change. The wordless solemnity of the mountains, the primitive hardness of the rocks, the slow and elaborate growth of the fir trees, the gorgeous and simple brilliance of the meadows in full blossom, the rushing of the mountain streams in the long autumn nights, the solemn singularity of the snowy plains. All these changes in the landscape penetrate the daily existence and emerge here. It is not at the moment of “aesthetic” immersion or artificially forced empathy, but only at the moment when one’s own existence is integrated into it.

–An excerpt from “Man, Poetic Dwelling”.

The master bedroom continues the elegance and quietness of the living room, but changes the mood of “autumn harvesting and winter hiding”. The two pairs of playful swallows on the branches of the tree bring back the warmth and dynamic atmosphere of spring, and also imply the good wish of “flying together”.

The elders’ room pursues comfortable quality, just like the soothing after the climax of the music, waving the healing breath and returning to the power of inner softness and relaxation.

The girl’s room continues the simplicity of the overall space, but it is free from the limitation in color to care for the girl’s desire for romance and warmth, and a small amount of metal elements build the girl’s perception of poetry and romance, creating a poetic life that belongs to the girl alone.


B2 house type

Based on Chinese traditional culture, inspired by Chinese landscape painting, the design refines the essence of landscape painting: with abstract language, it strives for the spiritual connotation of the unity of heaven and man between the feet and the landscape, and strengthens the harmony between the mind and nature. This is the design concept of the space.

The intention is not arbitrary, but the use of a large amount of white space, a few drops of “black ink” to outline the spatial structure, between black and white, the image of landscape, the momentum of each other. The material and natural light and shadows are virtual and real, building a hazy poetic space.

The black and white are born out of each other. Balancing space movement and shades, black is calm and steady in nature, white is elegant. The two collide with each other in a dense and interesting way, showing the elegant and quiet space without losing the rhythm of the mood and tone.

Black, white and gray interpretation of elegant temperament, through the texture and color of various materials to express the language of art, to achieve the natural performance of space and visual impact. In the furniture selection, light-toned fabric and leather are also used to add details. The metallic color scheme is distributed in the space to create a dusty elegance.

Oriental plain tone based on a more subdued, matrix sequence of white porcelain surface brings the beauty of geometric order, showing the tension and inclusiveness of the space. The more intense contrast between gray and white is a kind of peace of mind and solid existence, paving the way for a secure and stable spatial tone.

The simple lines outline the outline of an adolescent from childishness to maturity. It is nurtured by the family atmosphere, likes simple, elegant and poetic art, and is keen on music to bring warm or quiet emotions.

Being in a prosperous place, there is a definite number of changes in the world. If I can find a corner, I can enter a passion to help the world, and retire to the mountains and springs. Enjoy the leisure of nothing, resting the restless soul for a moment. With poetry in your heart, isn’t it also the highest realm of happy living?

Project name: Fenghua Times Jiangwan Four Seasons (Xixi Road) Model House Project address: Baohua Road, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province


Project type: Villa B2 175m², Villa D2 316m²

Hard furnishing design: Guangzhou Helbena Interior Design Co.

Soft furnishing design: Guangzhou Kuma Interior Design Co.

Developer: Fenghua Times Yuejiang Real Estate

Photographer: One Thousand Degree Vision

Guangzhou Helbena Interior Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in Guangzhou. HID advocates “design innovation, protection of originality, enjoyment of design, individuality and collective, quality first”, and insists on the core design concept of “design changes life”, and is committed to the field of interior space design and soft furnishing design for top real estate, hotels, clubs, villas and private homes, commercial spaces. We provide senior customized design services for top real estate, hotels, clubs, villas and private residences, commercial spaces, office spaces, etc. We provide design strategy solutions for famous real estate enterprises. We have also established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with Vanke, Greentown, Sunshine City, Yuexiu and other companies.

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