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Challenged, Designers Contributed These Stunning Shaft Door Designs

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The year 2020 is an extraordinary year in which the world and the way people live have been completely changed. For a long time, we had to continue living and working indoors and online. Fortunately, such changes have not brought the creativity of architects, designers, builders, and even homeowners around the world to a standstill. They still contribute many amazing architectural and interior design projects.

In outstanding architectural and interior design projects, doors have long gone beyond simple access to become an integral element of design. And the pivot door is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Here’s a look at ten of the best pivot door designs of the past year from the perspective of a pivot door hardware supplier, ranging from refreshingly whimsical to fully integrated with new technology.


 Number 10


This pivot door creates a corridor with a view at the end

Although in tenth place, this European oak-framed glass pivot door is a surprising idea. It creates a warm space. From the end of the hallway, the arrangement of the living room and the beautiful view from the living room’s floor-to-ceiling windows slowly come into view. All doors in the house are designed in a minimalist style and realized with the most original and natural materials. The designer has a passion for glass, with glass guards on the stair handles, glass floors in the hallways and large pieces of glass on the pivot doors. It has a unique character, yet is fully integrated into the overall design.

640 61

Project coordinates: Denmark.

Interior design: m2plus.

Axis door production: Vahle;

Shaft door hardware: FritsJurgens, The Netherlands, M Shaft door hardware


 Number Nine


Shaft door hidden in a sideboard

The ninth place is also a wooden shaft door. The raw material is walnut veneer. The same panels are used again and again throughout the house. These two pivot doors do not only act as access doors. When they are closed, they become part of a several-meter-long custom-made sideboard. Almost all of the furniture in this home is custom-made, resulting in a unique style that is completely different from the assembly line products.

640 1 8

Project coordinates: Slovenia.

Interior design and shaft door design: marasovic arhitekti.

Axis door hardware: FritsJurgens System M Axis door hardware, Netherlands


Number Eight


This “big” steel entry shaft door doesn’t look dull at all

Less is more is the best way to explain the entry shaft door that we voted eighth. The black frame, black door and black handle make up the spacious entrance to the house. Its seemingly simple design is in fact a great deal of work. The main body of the door is made of hard, cold black steel. This is an interesting contrast to the glass surrounding the door and the warm wood ceiling at the top.

640 2 8

Project coordinates: United States.

Axis door fabrication: CastleWood Doors.

Axis door hardware: FritsJurgens Systems M Axis Door Hardware, Netherlands

All three projects used the FritsJurgens System M shaft door hardware from the Netherlands. Compared to Systems 1 and 3, System M adds a new feature: total control over the smoothness of the shaft door rotation. The door opens as light as a feather and turns very gracefully. Closing is as gentle as a whisper. This is made possible thanks to System M’s patented technology, two damping systems, which are seamlessly linked.

640 3 8 0 1 8

No structural components

System M can be fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door: there are no structural elements in the floor and ceiling.

Maximum load capacity: up to 500 K G

It is made of high-performance duplex stainless steel with excellent corrosion protection and anodized aluminum alloy. System M can support oversized, overweight doors up to 500 kg.

Minimum door thickness: 40 M M 

The System M itself is only 32 mm thick.

Maintenance free

System M is made of the best materials and is maintenance-free under the right installation conditions

Suitable for new renovations or partial modifications

System M floor screws only need to be dovetailed into the floor by 8mm, which means that System M can also be used in underfloor heating environments.

Easy to adjust

The innovative design allows the door-to-frame clearance to be easily adjusted even after the door has been installed. The closing speed is adjustable.

Suitable for all types of doors

Ideal for large, extra heavy, extra tall wooden doors, steel doors, framed glass doors and heavy cladding doors. Suitable for interior and exterior doors, also for residential and commercial environments.


Number Seven


Bright and airy, this loft excels thanks to the partitioning of the space

This metal-framed glass pivot door, which we ranked seventh, helped the designer get the loft’s space just right. The metal-framed glass partition has an overhead design and a very narrow black frame that is large but not bulky. In the middle of the partition are two pivot doors that can be easily opened and closed, and can also be held in the 90° open position. The two living spaces inside and outside are immediately and naturally connected.

640 4 8

Project coordinates: Austria.

Axis door production: Axis Pivot Türen.

Axis door hardware: FritsJurgens System M Axis door hardware, Netherlands


Number Six


The uncommon choice of raw materials for entry doors is the designer’s design statement

When we saw the choice of materials for this entrance door, we couldn’t help but say “That’s cool! . The door is made of handcrafted copper-clad wood that will not fade over time. The use of FritsJurgens System M shaft door hardware from the Netherlands gave the designer maximum design freedom. Weight, material, and size are no longer constraints. The designer can let his imagination run wild and let the entry door become part of the soul of the design.

640 5 8

Project coordinates: Australia.

Axis door production: Coppice Joinery.

Shaft door hardware: FritsJurgens FritsJurgens System M shaft door hardware from the Netherlands


Number Five


Handcrafted, another outstanding display of craftsmanship

This entry shaft door received a lot of likes on social media. It is not only amazing because of the size and design of the door, but also because the designer’s design did not fall short of expectations during the production process. The long brass handle blends perfectly with the simple yet beautiful design of the shaft door.

640 6 8

Project coordinates: United States.

Interior design: NBBJ.

Axis door fabrication: Architectural Elements.

Shaft door hardware: FritsJurgens Systems M Shaft door hardware, Netherlands


Number Four


Dutch design, made in the Netherlands, harmonious music in bronze and brass

Metal framed glass shaft doors have been very commonly used,. But this Dutch-designed, Dutch-made shaft door was selected by us as fourth place because it is a new twist on the norm. In this interior design case, the black metal frame would have looked a bit jarring, so the designer went for a warmer color. By painting the bronze surface with brass and then finely polishing it, this glass shaft door blends more harmoniously with the surrounding decorative elements.

640 7 8

Project coordinates: Netherlands.

Interior design: Herman Peters Interiordesign.

Axis door production: Laska Metaal.

Axis door hardware: FritsJurgens System M Axis door hardware, The Netherlands


Number Three


In the building of the winner of the Dutch Best Building Award 2020

A shaft door creates a quiet space

This oversized, silent, “plush” shaft door is located in the Forum building, winner of the 2020 Dutch Best Building Award. The shaft door is concealed in a wall and covered with dark blue felt for sound absorption. The 1 cm thick felt is a recycled reincarnation of discarded PET bottles. The designer also humorously hollowed out the words “You have the right to remain silent” on the felt.

640 8 8

Project coordinates: Netherlands.

Interior design: DeMunnikdeJongSteinhauser and Prast&Hooft.

Shaft door production: Harryvan Interieurbouw.

Shaft door hardware: FritsJurgens, Netherlands.


Number Two


The power of simplicity, the charm of simplicity

We ranked this shaft door second for this reason: simplicity – it illustrates what a beautiful shaft door should look like. It has a simple, aluminum frame with rounded corners. The shaft door hardware is not mounted right in the middle of the door two is off-set. This makes the door’s generous size stand out even more. Switzerland’s unique snow-capped mountain scenery can be seen at this end of the corridor.

640 9 8

Project coordinates: Switzerland.

Axis door production: air-lux.

Axis door hardware: FritsJurgens FritsJurgens System, Netherlands 1 Axis door hardware


Number One


Single house by the sea, a unique interpretation of modern architecture

The entrance to this beach house on McAnally Drive is so tall and striking that it is a delight to choose the first place among many outstanding designs. The almost six meter high entry door is designed to echo the rocky cave surrounding the villa. Before you even enter the villa, you can already see the view of the sea behind the villa through the entrance shaft door. This modern building is like a sparkling diamond

– Hard and indestructible, but with fascinating details.

640 10 8

Project coordinates: Australia; Interior Design: Gavin Maddock

Shaft door fabrication: Australian Metal Craft.

Shaft door hardware: FritsJurgens Systems M Shaft Door Hardware, Netherlands


In 2020, FritsJurgens in the Netherlands introduces the even more powerful M+ series.

The new System M+, with even more powerful shaft door control

The FritsJurgens System M+ takes the performance of the shaft door hardware system to a whole new level, based on the System M. This adjustable hydraulic shaft door hardware system. The Latch Control function ensures that the shaft door can be closed completely to the zero position and that any rotation of the shaft door within a weight range of 500 kg can be controlled perfectly. The strength of this control can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. Whether it is the System M or the latest System M+, FritsJurgens’ proprietary technology provides a strong technical motivation for the excellent axle door rotation control of its products.

640 11 8

0 2 8

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