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Blue And Arches, Give The Space A Vivid Life丨T1 Design

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Before the design

▲The original appearance of the warehouse

At the beginning of the design, the first problem we faced was how to respond to this negative factory site with a positive attitude.

The former warehouse only served the purpose of storing goods, so the layout of the space was unstructured and space utilization was reduced. The cluttered and unorganized surroundings also made the independence of the corporate image a challenge.

In addition, we considered not only the problems of the space itself, but also how to use the design to give life to the space, a design with emotion can give the space a living life.



The First Vision

▲Building facade

As the first visual center point of the visitors, the designer based on awinic’s corporate image, the whole building’s facade is colored with Ai for blue. The first vision is to make the space more recognizable on the basis of the original building shape.



The Natural Rhythm

We tried to use a restrained design language to present a simple and clear spatial relationship at the entrance. The luminous corporate logo, the sofa and chairs in the blue color of Ai, and the round hole all add to the dynamic interest of the space.

▲Front Lobby

The arched door on the right side of the lobby creates irregular space, which is both independent and intermingled with the space. It naturally drives the rhythm of the space, while ensuring the fluidity and flexibility of space use.



Harmonious Space Hierarchies

▲Small Meeting Room

The combination of gray and blue in different shades of lightness enhances the layering of space and creates a clear and clean texture.

The small meeting room in the shape of arch meets the functional needs of the client while adding a sense of mystery to the space.



Application of Classic Elements

As the most classic element, the arch has a sense of harmony and majesty, and often brings a unique, timeless beauty that can never be tired of looking at.

In this case, the designer used a lot of arched elements to bring a unique sensory experience to the entrants.

▲Arch-shaped corridor

The designer embeds new spatial relationships within the original spatial framework, so that the spatial shape can just allow the curves to extend, forming an arched corridor that becomes the site most frequently touched by the users and forms the relationship between the entrants and the space.

For the dual properties of test and office, the interior space is conceived as a place where people can feel mentally pure. There are spaces that are “infinite” and spaces that are “finite”. The “infinite space” and the “limited space” are integrated through glass and cavities.

▲Staff Dining Room

The staff cafeteria is an important functional area in this case. It is a large gathering place specially provided by the company for its employees. The task of the design team was to create a relaxing space for dining, coffee and daily communication.

The designer used a large area of light-transmitting glass to meet the client’s demand for the permeability of the space, and the sunlight poured in and diffused on the wooden tables and chairs, everything was just right.


The bathroom is often an easily neglected space, and the designer thinks they should also have their own soul. The designer created a colorful restroom with the cartoon image of Xiao Ai Xiao Wei as the guiding sign.

▲First floor plan

▲Second floor plan

Project Name: Aiwei Experimental Center

Address: Shanghai, China

Design by: Timeless Space Design (Shanghai) Co.

Construction Unit: Timeless Space Design (Shanghai) Co.

Project Area: 2000㎡

Completion date: 2020

Decoration main materials: paint, glass, metal, stone, wood flooring, tile, white emulsion paint

Let each work become a symbol of the times.

Founded in 2012, T1D is based in Shanghai, a pioneering creative city in China, and provides high-end design services for corporate headquarters and corporate exhibition halls with wise design creativity and excellent design management. It aims to meet the individual needs of customers and provide intelligent, efficient and humanized workspace solutions for them.

The era of office space transformation has come. t1d has always emphasized the originality and humanization of works, transforming the mechanized office space into a plastic space linked with dynamism, humanization and emotion. We insist that shape is better than words, design leads construction, and the design is precisely landed with high quality construction, so that what you see is really what you get.

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