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Black And White Minimalism, Creating A Four-Storey “Hipster Grocery Store”|Shuangbao Design

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Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” is a ballet piece that many kids like. Who would have thought that a small walnut clip could be made to look like a little man and become a soldier guarding the master? I believe that every girl’s dream, there is their own Nutcracker, in the fog are a house like this. It is like opening the door to the fairy tale world in general, which has the most abundant Nutcracker soldiers guarding the home. Today, I take you to see the Nutcracker’s family portrait, to see the home they guarded



Belong to their “habitat”


In this basement surrounded by Nutcrackers, their “main habitat” is this recreation hall on the negative first floor. The entire lounge area is lit by the stairwell and the adjacent light well. The unique “zigzag” window opening, which is the best way to introduce light, makes the original monotonous light well much more flexible and lively.

With a floor height of nearly 4 meters, a whole side of display cabinets is made, bringing great visual impact and decoration. The geometrically dislocated display method injects a sense of spatial and temporal interlacing into this wall. It visually expands the sense of space permeability and produces an unexpectedly dynamic spatial effect.



Just the right amount of eclecticism


The living room as a whole is decorated in a modern and hard style, with black, white, and gray as the main elements, and even the partition between the staircase and the living room is boldly black. The original windows were removed and the “small diameter to large diameter” technique was used to better bring light into the room. The ceiling uses the golden ratio of panels to highlight the beauty of the room.

In terms of soft furnishings, the homeowner’s favorite nutcracker was used as the inspiration, and a lot of clashing colors were used, such as the nutcracker soldier and red mailman tube elements that can be seen everywhere. The homeowner says, “Whether it’s a home statement or an art collection, I prefer my home to be an eclectic one that is just right”. Sometimes he even calls his home a “grocery store.”

The homeowner says, “I just collect what I like and want to have a space to show it off.”

Art, design and space are perfectly integrated. It’s a pleasure to visit the house, where each color in the interior matches the other to create a different feeling. The challenge of fitting many colorful pieces of furniture into a space surrounded by glass was a challenge that seemed to have no limits but was in fact full of many restrictions

The living room is decorated with only black and white gray, making the background extremely versatile. Furniture, fixtures and toys can be freely placed in this space to meet the plasticity needs of the owner’s soft furnishings as much as possible. The display of dolls and wall paintings in the space has reference to the practice of art exhibitions, and the combination of wall paintings visually elongates the wall in the center of the space. In the surrounding dispersion of some dolls to meet the needs of display, art hanging and so on.

In addition to art, the home also has the challenge of creating relaxing indoor and outdoor spaces. We wanted to make the whole home feel ‘comfortable’. The whole living room is a sunken design, unconventional to make a staggered enclosing dynamic, allowing the family to sit together to communicate and interact, bright and cool gray, everything is just right



High ceiling dining room with “big style”


“One side of the building has a high floor-to-ceiling window, and the designer has placed the restaurant here. The high-ceilinged design has the atmosphere of a villa. The dining room is also mixed with some artistic ornaments, a very large eternal flower Rose is very cute. The overall material is modern and hard, but with these artistic ornaments and all kinds of lovely things, the whole space has a little more home atmosphere and is more warm.

The dining room retains the original hollow, to the top of the fixed glass window design, the light into the interior, become the focus of the house. The interior is a blend of large white wall paint and a light gray ceiling space. When the sunlight shines into the windows and tumbles through the stairwell, the whole space is integrated and appears more abundant and bright

The kitchen is not an independent entity, it is closely related to the overall home environment. There are KAWS drawers in the corner next to the kitchen cabinets for easy access at all times. The homeowner also has a colorful assortment of small pots and pans. She says: “I like to buy anything that looks good in face value, I don’t have a pre-determined standard, but luckily, the things I pick back they all blend well together.”



This bedroom hides a girl’s heart


“I didn’t extract the desired elements from the existing design archives to put together an answer, but rather to retrace and retrieve the owner’s past life perception and emotional accumulation. Certain scenes and memories, like family and friends, can bring the homeowner a sense of familiarity and belonging.”

The master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, smelling the aromatherapy and enjoying the sunlight spilling into the room at dusk, is so gentle that you want to stay under the covers all day. The unique decorations and arrangements are evident in all corners of the home.

Instead of a conventional bedside table, a KAWS doll tray was used to put some jewelry and stereo in the background of the bed created by using the original wooden KD board, which is very practical. The unexpected match makes the whole space show its personality between the dots.



How to create a playful home


Move to the bathroom, what caught the eye is a unique shape of the curved high cabinet, coupled with the basin overhanging storage cabinets, storage capacity to the max level. There is also a triple niche next to the bathtub, because our homeowner is living alone for the time being, so there are relatively few household items. All of her favorite hand-me-downs are placed. If the bathroom area is large enough, the niche is really strong grass for friends who like to soak in the bath. In the niche can accommodate your bath need to be able to use a variety of items at hand.

The entire space of the master bathroom is chosen in black and white gray with the original wood color. This is a color scheme that will never go out of style and can be matched with any color. Durable, classic, versatile colors and full of children’s play together, no sense of contradiction.



Angle surrounded by the work area


Stepping into the study, rows of neatly arranged angels “pop” into the eyes one by one. Unlike other collectors who use custom-made glass cabinets to keep their beloved things, she prefers to put them all out. This space in the study is located near the sunlight. The bookshelves are purposely made with glass partitions and display shelves to bring in more light and transparency.

The uniquely shaped desk was also carefully selected to bring its own attitude and show the owner’s unique personality. To ensure the fullness and integrity of the space, a flexible storage shelf can be placed next to it. Some charging cables, snacks, all can be placed inside.

Although it is a study, but the children take up 90% of this space. Usually when the homeowner is on vacation, she also likes to play with her various tides here. The whole study is surrounded by Sonny Angel, and a whole wall of children is simply enviable!

The inner balcony next to the study has a fun “Wan Chai bun” sofa and a small burger side table, which are also very stylish when placed together in a group. The owner believes that each piece of the collection has a soul. They come to the home not to be selected, but to share the whole space with the owner of the home.

Have you seen the wave-shaped luminous mirror? Feel placed in the home immediately artistic sense up, very heartwarming, very grass, this is a full body mirror can “cheer you up”, so that you wake up every day a mirror full of vitality. Pink light is very skin tone, photo effect gentle and bright, in short, is a million bloggers level.



Vacation style garden


Like the diamond-edged garden, the ground is paved with white terrazzo, and one of its most unique points is the wind-driven wall made of a piece of wind-driven panels. When the breeze comes, the wall will show a shimmering scene

There is also a mini bar area next to the card table. It gives people a feeling of going home on vacation.

▲Floor plan

The original layout is a long structure, so we kept the original stairwell and designed the whole house diffusely. In order to bring in more light to the house, the designer modified the windows in the basement and the first floor through the “return” window opening, which can bring in more light. The sunlight can pour in from both sides, and the ceiling design of the dining room on the first floor was retained to provide sufficient light to both the stairwell and the dining room. The main bathroom on the third floor is designed with a double sliding door in order to make the flow more convenient, which is visually wider and also separates wet and dry to the best extent. The bathtub area by the window has a niche and enough space for storage. The balcony is turned into a checkroom for the lady of the house after the balcony is wrapped into a part, and the storage capacity is greatly improved with the space of nearly 40㎡ in the attic.

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