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The Same 5 M² Bathroom, But This Design Makes It Look Twice As Big, And Here’s Why!

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Is Your Home Bathroom Crowded?

I believe that many people are not too happy with the design of their bathroom at home: it is wet, full of stuff and messy. In fact, I would like to say: life can be completely unlike this.

Bathroom 1

How do you accomplish the tedious job of storage in a small bathroom of a few square metres? You have to be able to hide and organise, and you too can become a master of space organisation.

 2. Niches For Objects Design

Have you ever thought about cutting a hole in the wall to expand the space? Try “niches” on the side of the bath, above the toilet, in the shower area, etc.

Bathroom 2


Generally, niches are 15-20cm deep, so the wall to be cut must be non-load-bearing and at least 25cm thick. 

Bathroom 4

Bathroom 10

Bathroom 8

2. 1 Square Metre Of Storage Around The Washbasin

Every morning when you see the mess around the washbasin, the good mood is gone, so tidiness must start with the worktop. The areas that are easy to reach by lifting your hand or bending down are the key areas to create.

Bathroom 11

For example, underneath the sink mirror, make swivel-open, hidden storage that is smart and beautiful.

Bathroom 30


  • Side Niches

Use the space on the left and right sides of the washbasin to sort and place the daily bathroom items you need on the left and right sides to improve space utilisation and also to facilitate daily access.

Bathroom 14

Bathroom 13


  • Underneath The Washbasin

Make the most of the space underneath the sink too. Say goodbye to big, brash designs and subdivide the space. With dividers and drawers, the storage capacity is doubled.

Bathroom 15

Makeup, cotton swabs, aromatherapy, toothbrushes, towels, perfumes and lipsticks have a place to go.

Bathroom 16

3. Rational Use Of Corners

The corner triangle is an area that many people tend to overlook, but it must not be forgotten. 90° corners can be used to put triangular storage cabinets or washbasins or bathtubs.

Bathroom 17

Bathroom 18

Bathroom 19

4. Storage In The Cracks

Some spaces cannot accommodate large cabinets and only have a narrow strip. If you don’t use it, it’s a waste of space. This is when the best option is to use a narrow partition. 

Bathroom 20

Bathroom 21

For a narrow slit partition or a small cabinet, they are inconspicuous but very practical.

Bathroom 22

Bathroom 23

5. Wall “Top Shelf”

A whole wall cupboard that goes to the top looks empty on the outside. But when you open it, you will find that not only small items but also large washing machines and dryers can be placed inside.

Bathroom 24

Bathroom 1 1

The shade of the overhead cabinets can be determined by the main colour of the bathroom backdrop. It is best to have a “neat and tidy” appearance.

Bathroom 2 1

Bathroom 25

Bathroom 26

Bathroom 27

6. Storage Above The Toilet

A shallow cupboard above the toilet, with a depth of 15cm, will not look too overwhelming when you look up and will be easy to access.

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 28

To keep it visually simple, it is recommended to make it a hidden cabinet. A wall-mounted toilet can also be hidden inside design.

Bathroom 4


Did you get the above 6 points for storage? With an eye for discovery, we can make the most of a bathroom even if it is limited in size. Double the storage space design!

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