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Eight Major Pitfalls In The Purchase Of Sanitary Ware, See If You Have Been Trapped?

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Eight Major Pitfalls In The Purchase Of Sanitary Ware, See If You Have Been Trapped?

When we buy a sanitary ware, we often encounter some pits, especially for novices. In this article, we list the eight major pitfalls in the purchase of sanitary ware, come to see if you have been trapped.

One of major pitfalls, counterfeit Origin

The vast majority of ceramic sanitary ware on the market is produced in Guangdong. Guangdong’s products, whether in terms of quality, style or brand are slightly better, but also the majority of consumer recognition. It is the use of consumer psychology, such as around 2000, “Ou Dian incident”, some bad businessmen put the non-Guangdong production of ceramic sanitary ware packaged as a product produced in Guangdong. They deceive consumers through this means, in order to figure out illegal profits.

Second, to fake the truth

In the market, whether in terms of color or style, brand-name sanitary ware is leading the fashion trend. Their products have attracted the attention of many consumers. Therefore, some businesses use consumers to pursue the psychology of the brand, making some imitation brand style of bathroom. They are sold at half or one-third of the price of the brand name. Some consumers buy such imitation products because they are greedy for cheap, but do not get the brand’s services and quality assurance.

major pitfalls

Third, the transfer behavior

Although consumers in the shop decided to buy brand-name products, it is not expected that some unscrupulous businessmen have taken the transfer behavior. When the product is to be sent to the consumer’s home, it is the same color style as other brands of the bathroom. If the consumer objects, the product is returned. If the consumer does not see the flaw, the merchant will take advantage of the opportunity to earn the price difference.

Fourth, not clearly marked prices

In some bathroom shops, not all the goods have a price tag. Unscrupulous merchants tend to mark out only one of the lower-priced goods. When consumers ask about other goods, businesses take the opportunity to inflate prices, so that consumers unknowingly fall into the price trap designed by businesses.

All of the above are currently on the market for some illegal businesses to make profits and plot mischief. Consumers in the choice of ceramic sanitary ware must beware of all kinds of fraudulent business. Professionals say, just in case, consumers are better off to some formal brand merchants to select products better.

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Five, defective products at low prices imported into the market of fine housing

“Now the large real estate companies are in great demand. But they are also very powerful in suppressing the prices of manufacturers and putting the prices very low. Therefore, it is very low, or even no profit, for building material dealers to do the brand profit in the finishing room market.”

In general, ceramic sanitary products themselves have a grade, mainly divided into superior and qualified products (or called B products). The so-called superior products are the best quality of finished ceramic sanitary ware, and various tests are up to standard products. Whereas qualified products are selected from the finished product, with slight defects in the product. They are not included in the defective products due to color differences, size deviations, flatness, and other problems.

Sixth, save costs. Engineering class of bathroom to reduce the formulation standards

With the retail market has been tightening in recent years, home improvement and engineering channels have undoubtedly become the development trend of many sanitary ware enterprises. In order to capture the engineering market, many companies have displayed the slogan “engineering-specific products”. Some companies have even said that they have opened up a special engineering class bathroom production line. In addition, opening up a bathroom product line of engineering class is not realistic. The so-called “engineering special products”, sometimes is just small and medium-sized brands in the original production line, reducing the standard of raw material allocation to produce products.

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Seven, merchants randomly replace the packaging

Due to the fierce competition in the engineering channel, there is a backlog of qualified sanitary ware to be replaced in the packaging. Through the replacement of packaging and other ways to mix into the end of the retail market, merchants will mix these qualified products with the best products and sell them to consumers.

Most manufacturers will mark their products on the packaging when they leave the factory. In the retailing process, shops are also obliged to inform consumers of the grade of the product they are buying. However, there are still some loopholes in the market: unscrupulous merchants replace or remove the packaging and sell qualified products as superior products. Small and medium-sized bathroom brands do not follow the rules of packaging. According to the requirements of the dealer to pack the factory products, replace the packaging at will and other phenomena occur from time to time.

Eight, the agent of the shady

At present, the bathroom shop or bathroom products with a foreign name as a selling point accounted for half of the mountain, but the real imported bathroom products are rare.

At the same time, if the bathroom products need to obtain a foreign “birth certificate”, they must pass customs inspection and obtain a customs declaration, bill of lading, container invoice, and another full set of proof. However, the reporter visited and found that some of the sanitary ware products claiming to be imported brands could not get a valid import certificate.

Customs declarations are easy to get hold of, as long as the bathroom sanitary ware produced in China is shipped abroad. After being “packaged” outside the country, they are then shipped back to China for sale. This way the customs declaration is obtained and the value of the product increases several times. However, this customs declaration is limited to proof of importation of a batch of goods. Some unscrupulous merchants use the customs declaration to falsely claim that they have imported each batch of products. Some consumers don’t know much about this and are easily fooled.

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