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Bathroom ≠ Toilet… You’ve Been Mistaken All These Years!

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Think about it. Have you ever been in a situation where

– Have you ever been in a hurry to use the toilet in the morning, but someone is in the shower and won’t come out?

– After the shower, the bathroom is foggy and full of water. It takes a long time to dry off and you’re exhausted?

If so, your bathroom may need a makeover – a wet and dry separation.

Wet and dry separation literally means separating the dry area (toilet, sink) from the wet area (shower area) and can generally be divided into three simple categories.


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To achieve these three types of wet and dry separation above, you can use.

  • – Glass partitions that do not interfere with light: half/full partitions
  • – Partition walls for a more spacious feel
  • – A cheap and easy to fit a shower curtain


Glass shower cubicles

A glass shower room offers good light and good value for money. It can be divided by shape into a one-piece, L-shaped and corner-shaped.

bathroom toilet

The choice of which style to choose depends largely on the layout of the bathroom. For small sanitary units, the corner type is more space-saving.

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The biggest advantage of a shower enclosure is that the temperature gathers better. This makes the shower feel warmer in winter.

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However, some people say that it is difficult to clean a bathroom with a glass partition. Here, I recommend two methods.

  1. For stubborn dirt on the glass, you can use alcohol or heated vinegar to wipe it.
  2. Cleaning tools with stockings and newspapers will not be lint like towels.



Half-glass partition

If you feel that the shower is too rigid, then you can make a half partition. It has a more permeable view and the shower is not stuffy.

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With this kind of half partition, you don’t enclose the entire shower area, but simply make a barrier on the spray head side. At first glance, one might worry that this design will not be effective in keeping out water, but countless experiences have proven that it is definitely a scientific design and water will not splash outside.

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If you are concerned about water running off the floor, you can use it with a waterproof strip or simply install a long floor drain that speeds up the flow of water.

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Partition walls

If your bathroom is large enough, you may also consider using a partition wall. The wall will give the bathroom a more spacious feel, provide more privacy and also allow for storage on the wall.

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Shower curtain divider

Of all the bathroom partitions, shower curtains are the most affordable and can be used in either your own home renovation or a rental remodel for not much money.

You can choose a color and pattern that suits the overall style of the bathroom. You can also choose transparent or frosted textures if you want a fresh and airy feel.

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You still have to add a water barrier to your own bathroom renovation, so that water doesn’t run everywhere.

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In addition to the use of shower curtains, you must pay attention to the ventilation of the bathroom to disperse moisture, and prevent shower curtain mold. (In fact, mold is quite normal. If you can’t avoid it, you should take it down and wash it, and then replace it with a new one.)



Separate bathroom

Now that we’re talking about separating wet from dry, I have to talk about the Japanese “Shikata“.

The “Shikata” refers to the toilet, the sink, the bathroom (including the shower and bath) and the washing machine. Each room is separated by a partition so that the family’s activities of bathing, toileting, brushing teeth and makeup, and washing and dressing can be carried out at the same time without interfering with each other.

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The four functional areas must be very large and cannot be done without a dozen square feet. In fact, for our country, a dedicated laundry area can be dispensed with and the washing machine can be placed on the balcony, etc. This makes it a “two-part” or “three-part” bathroom.

A common second separation is to move the sink out and keep the toilet and shower in the bathroom. This makes efficient use of some of the other spaces.

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Another type of separation is to separate the bathing area only, with the sink and toilet in one area. Although it is still not possible for someone to wash their hands and someone to use the toilet at the same time, it at least ensures that the water from the shower does not splash everywhere.

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A triple separation is generally a separation of the three functional areas – toilet, washbasin and shower – within the same large space, either by partition or by a certain distance.

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