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A Small Bathroom Of 2 M² Can Also Separate Wet And Dry?

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wet and dry

I don’t know why, but in many communities nowadays, whether they are small or slightly larger, developers have made the bathroom very small. Many people think to themselves that it would be great if the small space in their homes could be given to the bathroom.

What is a small bathroom of 2 square meters enough for? Even the most basic separation of wet and dry can’t be achieved.

Bathroom 1 3

Is it really impossible to achieve? Come with me today and find out!


01 Separation of wet and dry

When it comes to bathrooms, we all know that three separations are the most convenient. It can meet the washroom, toilet, and bath at the same time without interfering with each other.

However, three separate bathrooms basically need to build a wall to achieve wet and dry, which is not very friendly to small bathrooms.

Bathroom 1 15

There is no room for walls in a small bathroom!

But if not ……

Bathroom 1 5

A design like the one above, where the washroom + toilet + shower is altogether. What you can’t avoid is the dilemma of having the entire bathroom wall covered in moisture and the toilet lid covered in water after a shower.

If there are elderly people, they may also fall down because of the slippery floor with lots of water …… This is the time when a separate shower area is particularly important.

Generally speaking, independent methods of shower areas can be divided into three types: shower rooms, glass partitions, and shower curtains.

For small bathrooms where inches of space is at a premium, it is definitely important to put space saving in the first place, so the shower curtain alone wins!

Bathroom 1 6

Shower curtain partitions are relatively flexible and can be used without affecting the area of the bathroom when it is usually pulled up, and can also be used to effectively block water when bathing, making it convenient and practical.

Bathroom 1 7

When using a shower curtain, you must use a water barrier on the ground for water barrier treatment, and you can solve it yourself for a few dozen dollars on Taobao.

Just buy a PVC water barrier on Taobao and ask the seller to cut it to the required length. You can choose from long, curved, U-shaped, and diamond-shaped strips.

Search for “no-installation water stop” and place the water stop directly on the floor without even applying glue. When it’s time to wash the toilet, remove the strip.

Bathroom 1 8

  1. Snap the water stop into the groove of the silicone strip.
  2. Place it on the installation floor and move it around to adjust it to the right position.
  3. The installation is complete and ready for use.

There is a water barrier with a magnetic strip that the bottom of the shower curtain can be sucked onto. This is the perfect solution to the problem of the shower curtain floating up.


Bathroom 1 9

However, whenever possible, the strips should not enclose the toilet and shower area. The purpose of the strip was to allow normal use of the bathroom cabinet and toilet after the shower. If it is enclosed, the floor around the toilet will be wet. There is no point in putting in a water barrier.

Bathroom 1 10

Bathroom 1 11

You can also take out 1 m² to create a small shower room.

The basic size of a shower room is 90*90cm, and the minimum size should not be less than 80*80cm, otherwise, it will not be convenient for bathing.

Bathroom 1 12

Or, just use a small section of glass to separate it.

Feel the shower room is too rigid? You can make a glass half partition. This way the view is more transparent and the shower is not stuffy. However, the disadvantage is that the insulation is poor and water vapor can enter the dry area.

Bathroom 1 13


02 Take out the sink

Without changing the size of the bathroom, the washbasin can be taken out of the bathroom and made into a separate unit by changing the position of the partition wall.

Bathroom 1 14

Bathroom 1 15

After the change, the position of the bathroom door has been significantly altered so that washing can be done without entering the bathroom. Although a simple wall treatment was done, the effect is very obvious. There is no longer a “toilet rush” between washers and toilets.

Moreover, by taking out the washing-up area, the space needed for washing up can be shared with the rest of the room, reducing the crowdedness of the small bathroom.

Bathroom 1 16

Bathroom 1 17

And with no serious spillages in the sink, the floor can be laid through as in the living room, and the walls can be painted. This also allows for a more natural interface with the rest of the room, while being aesthetically pleasing and more feasible.

03 Where do I put the washing machine?

Even if the bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower area, and shower curtain are all tucked away in the small bathroom, there is still one “big thing” that hasn’t gone in, and that is the washing machine.

Bathroom 1 18

  1. You can put it on the balcony

Bathroom 1 19

Pros: It saves a lot of space and is convenient to dry clothes directly after washing.

Disadvantages: Because the sewage is discharged from the rainwater pipe, for the open balcony, it is likely to block the pipe after a long time of use. If it rains outside, the rainwater may not drain down. Also, prolonged exposure to the sun in summer may cause the washing machine to shorten its life.

Note: Do a good job of protecting it from the sun and cover it with a cloth curtain when not in use.

Bathroom 1 20

  1. You can also put it in the kitchen

Nowadays, many people move their washing machines into the kitchen. This not only does not need to worry about the problem of water and sewage, but also can save a lot of space. If it is often cooking heavy fumes, do not consider it. Because fewer and fewer young people are cooking at home these days, heavy fumes are almost non-existent.

Bathroom 1 21

Pros: It is easier to use water and electricity. It can be tucked away in a cupboard so that the whole looks uniform and flat and comfortable.

Disadvantages: The life of the washing machine can be affected if the fumes are too heavy. There is also the possibility of accidents if it is too close to a fire source.

Note: Take measurements beforehand. Clean the kitchen regularly and keep it ventilated.

Bathroom 1 22

Finally, there is the bathroom storage. Because of the limited floor space, I recommend using more wall space, such as mirror cabinets, shelves above the toilet, doorway hooks, towel racks, etc.

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