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The More Power The Shower Has, The Better? Experts Say So ……

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Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about their health. Even showerheads now have a massage function, making them healthy appliances. When buying a shower, many consumers have the misconception that “the more powerful the shower, the better!” Is this really the case?

Showering with a showerhead that pours water from the top down creates instant pressure on the body. The direct beat of these pressures on the body parts effectively relaxes the nerves and creates a painful sensation of drenching, which has a definite fatigue-relieving effect.

In addition, the use of the shower’s rushing force can also relieve shoulder and back pain. The Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao writes that using the force of the water from the showerhead, shoot it at the area between the shoulders and neck that feels painful for 30 seconds. Doing this 3 times repeatedly can help relieve shoulder and neck pain.

However, some shower manufacturers claim to use the powerful jet of water from the shower to massage various parts of the body, especially targeting areas with flab. When you keep rinsing and massaging, it can tighten the skin and create a slimmer figure.

This is actually an exaggerated claim and is not credible.

In this regard, experts warn that the shower can play only a supplementary role. With the shower spray to relieve pressure, slimming weight loss must pay attention to the pressure of the shower spray. Do not push yourself to a water pressure you cannot tolerate, as this may be dangerous.

The Water From The Shower Is Getting Smaller And Smaller, Where Is The Problem?

In life, we will find that the shower in the bathroom at home will generate a lot of white scale over time, and the water will become smaller and smaller. It is not painful to take a shower, what should we do when we encounter such a problem? Here I’ll introduce you to some shower water out of the water may become small reasons, so that the shower water output back to the original.

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  1. The water pressure of the user’s household tap water is smaller than before. If so you need to find a water company to check the water supply pipeline and pressure.
  2. The pipeline valve connected to the water heater is opened to a smaller extent. Open the water inlet valve wider.
  3. Due to the high floor where you live, the water source water pressure is low. And then by the mixing valve and other pressure reduction, the water output will be even smaller. At this point, it is recommended that a booster pump be connected in series between the water heater supply valve and the water inlet.
  4. Mixing valve outlet may be blocked by small sand or dirt, resulting in a small amount of water. The mixing valve is inherently inadequate and has a small diameter, and the throttling causes the water output to become smaller. Try removing the inlet end of the mixing valve and connecting it to the water heater’s supply valve with a hose. Or try connecting the nozzle hose directly to the hot water outlet end of the water heater. Identify good and bad mixing valves based on the amount of water coming out of the nozzle. Under the premise that the water pressure of the water source is met, replacing the mixing valve with a genuine brand can be.
  5. Improper installation. Rubber ring deformation and outlet pipe joints are not flat or too thin. Hose and shower do not match. Choose the right hose and shower according to the specifications, and replace the rubber ring and reinstall.
  6. Inherent inadequacy of the nozzle. Large internal resistance leads to small water output. Replace the nozzle.
  7. The showerhead pipe is folded to death and the pipe is blocked and cannot deliver water. The water pipe needs to be protected during use. Although the appearance of folds not only affects the aesthetics, multiple folds are prone to water leakage.
  8. The nozzle is blocked, resulting in poor water. Generally, if the water at home is too alkaline, and with some impurities, it is easy to block the small hole of the shower.


The Four Common Misconceptions About Shower Purchases

The selection of a shower is also very important for the purchase of the shower, but we often fall into such misconceptions.

Myth 1, The More Functions Of The Shower, The Better.

Shower by function can be divided into three kinds of shower column, showerhead, and the shower board. The shower column only has a handheld shower and a shower tap, while the showerhead has an additional overhead spray than the shower column. If you want the most features, go for the shower panel. It has massage jets as well as a Bluetooth music function. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap.

Tip: The shower panel has a high-end look and offers a waist massage jet. It can wash the body in all directions, but its high price makes it unsuitable for the masses (except for the rich, of course). The biggest difference between a shower column and a showerhead is the presence or absence of an overhead spray. The overhead spray is not really used much, so if you have low water pressure in your home or want to keep your budget as low as possible, a shower column is perfect for you.

If you like the feeling of being showered down from the head and don’t have to think about water pressure or water bills, a showerhead can be a good fit for your needs. However, whichever showerhead you choose, you should opt for a shower mixer with a downspout, which will be much easier to use on a daily basis.

Myth 2: The More Expensive The Price The Better The Quality.

Many consumers believe that the more expensive the product the better, as the average consumer does not have to pursue too high-end products. Some consumers believe that water saving is a high-tech, water-saving performance of the shower, it must be high priced. In fact, there are some products that are likely to be priced false. Consumers can not blindly seek expensively, think that the imported stuff is only high-end, and specifically pick expensive goods.

Tips: not only expensive or imported showerheads are good quality and water-saving. Some domestic brands also have a number of cost-effective water-saving showerheads. These showerheads are equipped with a special water-saving device at the end of the threaded joint, saving 20%-50% of water compared to ordinary showerheads.

Myth 3: Don’t Consider The Height Of The Shower.

The height of the shower is for showerheads and shower panels (shower columns do not need to be considered) because the shower needs to be installed between the water pipe outlet and the bathroom ceiling. Very often the plumbing is laid and the ceiling installed before the shower is installed. Therefore, when purchasing a shower, the height of the shower must be considered, otherwise, it will be too high to fit.

Tip: When shopping for showerheads and shower panels, especially when buying online, if the shower is installed after the plumbing and ceiling installation, measure the height from the plumbing outlet to the ceiling first to avoid choosing a shower height that exceeds the distance between the two.


Myth 4: The Bigger The Showerhead, The More Water Is Consumed.

Showerhead water output = water output time * unit water output. Many people believe that the larger the showerhead, the more water per unit. In fact, not, the current big brand of shower head water engine has a water control valve, and can accurately control the unit of water output. They also have ones with steel ball spools with adjustable hot water controls. You can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank so that hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. So if compared to some older showers large shower heads are still more water-efficient.

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How To Choose A Quality Shower?

A Look: See If The Tube Body And Surface Plating Of The Shower Is Smooth And Shiny.

Generally speaking, from the surface of the shower, the brighter and more delicate the naked eye can see, the better the plating process.

Second Grip: Hold The Tube Body In Your Hand To Determine The Quality Of The Material.

The same is true for chrome-plated showerheads. Some unscrupulous merchants may use cast iron pipes to pass themselves off as full copper pipes. A simple way to determine this is to hold the body of the tube in your hand and release it after 2 or 3 seconds. If the mist on the body of the tube does not dissipate for a long time, it is likely to be cast iron. If there is almost no change in the body of the pipe after the hand leaves, you can basically decide that it is a copper pipe.

Three Questions: Ask The Seller About The Material And Service Life Of The Spool In The Shower.

The quality of the shower is very good. The invisible part is the most important, so be sure to ask the seller about the material and service life of the shower spool.

Four Picks: When Selecting, Let The Showerhead Tilt Out Of The Water.

If the water coming out of the topmost spray hole is significantly smaller or simply absent, the internal design of the showerhead is very average. Even with a variety of water outlets such as jets and sprays, you may not get a correspondingly pleasant experience.

To get a reasonable showerhead with high quality, visit WOWOW showerhead to get one!

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