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Matte Black Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Matte Black Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Item NO.: 2310700B

US$ 76.45
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  • Matte black kitchen faucet with excellent quality
  • WOWOW has industrial experience in making the best mate black pull down kitchen faucets since 2008. Without a doubt this experience is duly noted in the functionality and design of the pull down kitchen faucet of WOWOW. As a result of this experience you are ensured to have the best quality faucet in your kitchen, designed for maximum functionality and ultimately with a unique design. For this reason, this high arc mate black pull down kitchen faucet of WOWOW is the best choice when you are designing or redesigning your kitchen.
Product Name Matte Black Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
Item NO. 2310700B
Weight 2.6 kg = 5.7320 lb = 91.7123 oz
Category Kitchen Faucets > Pull Down Faucets
Tag Pull Down , high arc , Matte black
Creation Time 2019-11-11

WOWOW Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen might be the space in your house where you spend most of your time. Not only is the kitchen the place where you prepare your meals. Additionally, many people have centered their lives around the kitchen. Think for example of an eat-in kitchen with a huge dining table next to where the food is made. Whatever the type of kitchen you have, design and functionality are the two most important aspects of it. When you are designing or redesigning your dream kitchen, you want to make a massive impression. The choice of a kitchen faucet consequently is a very important one. Although kitchen faucets might be small, they are the natural focal points of any kitchen. People's sight is naturally attracted to the kitchen faucet. Therefore you will definitely make an impression with WOWOW's high arc matte black pull down kitchen faucet! The WOWOW matte black pull down kitchen faucet offers a high quality pull down kitchen faucet with excellent design at an impressively low price. Hence this matte black pull down kitchen faucet offers you the best price-performance ratio you will find in the market.

Stylish design pull down kitchen faucet in matte black

WOWOW’s high arc matte black pull down kitchen faucet is featured with a classically-inspired design that was renewed with modern style details. For this reason, this kitchen faucet will add a touch of elegance to almost any kitchen. Obviously you will have to select your kitchen faucet well. In a way that it will form one harmonic unity with the rest of your kitchen design. The advantage of this matte black pull down kitchen faucet is that is can be combined with traditional designs, as well as with modern kitchen designs. Either way, WOWOW’s matte black pull down kitchen faucet will guarantee an astonishing finishing touch to almost any kitchen. Not only does this gooseneck matte black kitchen faucet offer you a minimalistic design. The simplicity is one of the key features of this design kitchen faucet. Nonetheless, it offers as well a dramatic design statement with its unique color and contrasting combination of styles. To be honest, at WOWOW we consider this matte black pull down kitchen faucet a piece of art! We are sure that when you apply this pull-down kitchen faucet in your own kitchen, it will result in numerous surprised reactions of your visitors

Mate black pull down faucet with maximum functionality in your kitchen

Design is one, but furthermore important is the functionality of a kitchen faucet. When you are in your kitchen on aDesign is one, but furthermore important is the functionality of a kitchen faucet. When you are in your kitchen on a daily base, preparing amazing culinary creations, you want it to support you while preparing food and cleaning afterward. As a consequence, you should select a kitchen faucet that supports your desires regarding all kinds of kitchen tasks. WOWOW’s high arc matte black pull down kitchen faucet was designed to offer you maximum functionality. Not for nothing, the matte black pull down kitchen faucet is considered as one of the most functional pulls down kitchen faucets in the market. The pull-down part of this matte black kitchen faucet is exceptionally functional. First of all, you can easily pull out the self-retracting sprayer head in order to clean all parts of your kitchen sink. After using the pull-down the head, it will smoothly retract itself to its original position. Besides you can comfortably switch between the soft and the hard spray according to your kitchen task. The swivel adapter of the matte black pull down kitchen faucet will finally offer you the flexibility that you need. 

Stainless steel matte black pull down kitchen faucet
WOWOW’s matte black pull down kitchen faucet is made of stainless steel and other high-quality materials. This pull-down kitchen faucet is not only scratch-resistant but also rust-resistant and stain-resistant. The WOWOW matte black pull down kitchen faucet is therefore easy to clean. An easy swipe will eliminate all mineral residue and chalk that builds upon the silicone head. The kitchen faucet itself is easy to clean as well as the stain will not attach to it. Frequent cleaning of your matte black kitchen faucet will guarantee a long life endurance. The high arc matte black pulls down kitchen faucet of WOWOW is very easy to install and comes with clear installing instructions. As it manages 90 degrees forward spinning, it allows you to install this matte black kitchen faucet in tighter areas, without any required counter clearance. The designers of WOWOW have therefore thought about almost everything designing this matte black pull down kitchen faucet. Therefore WOWOW is not afraid to offer you a three-year warranty on its mate black pull down kitchen faucet. We are certain of the quality of our products and guarantee that your will have maximum comfort and our products will perform at their maximum. When for whatever reason this kitchen faucet might not perform as you expect from us, we will replace the product at no extra cost for you. Finally, we offer a 90-day free return policy in the case the matte black kitchen faucet might not be what you expected from it. As you can see, we trust in our mate black pull down kitchen faucet. Consequently we can only expect that you will be 100% satisfied!
The advantages of the WOWOW high arc mate black pull down kitchen faucet in a nutshell:
  • Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
  • Unique combination of classic and modern design
  • Offers best functionality that fits your needs
  • Combines esthetics with high performance
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • 3-year warranty on this high arc mate black pull down kitchen faucet 

Installation Instructions PDF



This faucet has been installed for about a month in my house now & has been an excellent upgrade for our kitchen. Installation was not as easy as it should have been since the attached hoses were pretty short- I had to get additional hoses & attachments to reach the plumbing.



Installing instructions were adequate and the process wasn't an issue. It was working well for a 3 months until the spray function stopped working.Update: Customer services is quick and responsive. They didn't have the part in stock but they were able to give me a partial refund that covered getting a replacement. Thanks you!



I am 64 years old and have had 2 neck surgeries so being under a cabinet was a tough chore for me but as a former Marine I never give up! Put as much as possible together before installing! That’s the smart way!Take the other one out then start cleaning the top of the sink area and go to work!IF you are not a good to fair, handyman,because it lacks good instructions, I suggest a Plummer otherwise you can do it.It’s a beautiful and wonderful faucet! My wife loves it as do I. The other kitchen faucet only lasted 6 years! I hope this one last much, much longer as it is much better built!


Sarah W

Bought this faucet about six months ago and have been very satisfied with how it works and it looks very nice



i have a old kitchen faucet, and i just replace it, i very like this faucet, is easy to install you can do it your self and having a good value.



Wonderful faucet for the money!! No instillation problems for us. Works great and so very handy.


Kevin Hopper

No issues so far.



I would actually give this 4.5 stars if I could. I'm holding one (or 1/2) stars because the sprayer nozzle is a little drippy - you have to push fairly hard to make the diffuser (the thing that makes the stream go from a single stream to a spray) engage completely. The appearance and feel are high quality. Installation was OK (about average, not hard), and the faucet is working well after a month of usage ... all in all, a good buy, recommended.


Anita Niser

I like it a lot.


Jamie S

This is a good quality faucet, especially for its price. Some name brand faucets with the same features and quality can easily sell for double the price. The main component of made with high quality brushed stainless steel. You can install the handle on either side or in the middle. The sprayer is a nice feature to have.



Love the faucet! Best purchase ever!


Martin Cheung

Installation was very practical and frustration-free. It took my husband and me only about 30 minutes to get everything together from the setting to use it. The faucet moves 360 degrees and the head sticks right back to the spout easily with the weight retraction method. Overall it's a great faucet.



I asked two different times for information on the clearance for turning the hot-cold handle. I never could get the information needed. So I did not have enough room to completely turn on the cold water. Now I have to return this faucet.



works better than our original faucet


steven g.

So far so good!!! beats Delta prices!!


Amazon Customer

I am very happy with this faucet! Very simple and straightforward to install. Works great and nothing feels cheap. Looks great and works wonderful! Highly recommend!


Linda Topf

Love this faucet. I am redoing my kitchen and a new faucet was high on the list. This faucet has proven to be just what I was looking for.


Eric D.

Great product


Darcie W. Cuttill

Love this faucet. Water pressure is good. Very stylish.