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7 Storage Tips, Small Space Instantly Expanded, Spacious, Bright, And Tidy

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High-rise residential bathroom is generally small, take a friend’s house! A set of two households, the set area of about 92 square meters. But the bathroom is only about 3.3 square meters, even people standing in the bathroom are afraid to knock to the head. Therefore, the biggest trouble in the life of friends is that the bathroom is too small, and there is nowhere to put all kinds of miscellaneous things. Next, let’s explore, what storage tips, you can make a small space instantly expand?

  1. Niche

Niches, simply put, is to open a hole in the wall, used as a storage space, placing a variety of small miscellaneous items at the same time, but also to expand the interior space.

The niche can be large or small, long or short, square or round, above the toilet or next to the bathtub, as long as you like, as long as it does not affect the structure and safety of the building, you can just chisel!

The niche is designed by the developer, next to the shower, usually put a shampoo, body wash, cleanser when bathing. This is still quite smooth and convenient.

  1. Wall storage

If your bathroom is not suitable for niches, then consider installing a few more shelves, you can also make full use of vertical space, so that the bathroom becomes clean and tidy.

Shopping sites have a wide variety of shelves, including many easy to install without punching holes. It does not need to destroy the wall you can quickly install it.

  1. Storage above the toilet

In the small and cramped bathroom, the toilet is considered a huge thing, the space above it is not used, it is a pity!

Spend a hundred or eighty dollars to buy a shelf to put in the past. The bathroom is immediately expanded by two square meters in situ. Towels, towels, toilet paper, wet wipes, etc., can be put on, effective space saving.

If the aesthetic is high, the funds are also sufficient, you can install a few solid wood partitions above the toilet, and then with a few woven storage baskets, so that you can store small clutter, say goodbye to the mess, but also to enhance the home style, adding order beauty!

  1. Storage around the toilet

If the space around the toilet is large, you can also customize a locker. To a cabinet to the top, multi-partition design, so that you can avoid the accumulation of dust trouble, but also can store life trivial, efficient use of space, the bedroom will no longer be cluttered.

  1. Bathroom cabinet storage

Bathroom cabinets, every household has one. But many people’s bathroom cabinets at home are full of all kinds of clutter. Toilet paper, laundry detergent, slippers and other messy pile together, no neatness to speak of. Sometimes you want to find something like a needle in a haystack, it’s a waste of time!

In order to facilitate storage, refuse to clutter, small residence suggests that you choose a bathroom cabinet, try to choose multiple partition design, so that you can meet the different storage needs, so that a variety of small clutter is placed in an orderly manner, reasonable categorization.

  1. Mirror cabinet storage

The role of the mirror cabinet is not only to illuminate your beauty, but also to store the trivialities of life, allowing you to save storage time to dress yourself, or accompany your loved ones.

Mirror cabinet has a large and small, you can choose according to the size of the bathroom. My advice is to try to choose a larger one under the premise of ensuring simplicity and generosity, so that daily storage is more than enough, makeup, skin care products no longer need to be placed on the sink, the bathroom looks more fresh and tidy.

  1. Bathroom cabinet storage around

If there is a gap next to the bathroom cabinet, you can also consider installing a sliding shelf, which can add invisible space to the bathroom. Not commonly used sundries can be put in, no longer have to worry about not enough space at home!

It is true that we can not change the size of the bathroom, but through the orderly storage, the bathroom becomes spacious, bright and tidy, the above is a summary of the storage tips for you, I hope to have you use!

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