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Have To Do A Toilet Shift? Read This First

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In reality, there are some houses where the toilet position is unreasonable, which makes the owners very depressed, want to change the toilet position, but do not know how to start, then the toilet position can be changed?

How to modify the position of the toilet? The editor will answer the above questions for you one by one.

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Can the position of the toilet be changed?

The location of the toilet can be changed, but do not change it as a last resort. The reason is that the toilet involves the sewer pipe and waterproofing, and also involves the downstairs, so in case the change is not good, the impact is relatively large.

What are the methods that can be used to shift the toilet?

Toilet relocation method: shifter method

If the location you want to move is less than 10 cm from the original location, you can use a special toilet shifter to shift it.

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Usually, the distance between the bathroom wall and the sewage pipe is designed to discharge according to the standard size, due to the many varieties of toilet styles, coupled with personalized decoration, the selected toilet outlet and the lower sewage pipe outlet location does not correspond, at this time it is necessary to shift the device to complete the docking.

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Note: Toilet shifter is used when the pit distance is too short or too long.

General shift no more than 10mm, the installation of the floor tile needs to be tiled before. It is recommended not to use the shifter under extraordinary circumstances, it will affect the flushing effect, easy to clog the toilet.

The toilet lift can effectively connect the toilet drain with the bathroom drain. It is divided into adjustable and non-adjustable two, in order to avoid the use of the distance deviation, or choose adjustable safer.


Toilet relocation method: padding the ground

Generally speaking, we want to move the toilet within 10cm distance, can be solved by toilet shifter, but it is not recommended to do so, it will be easy to blockage, odor return. And more than this distance, it is necessary to do structural transformation of the downpipe.

Raise the height of the bathroom floor to leave space for the slope of the downpipe.

Implementation steps.

1、Arrange the toilet drainage cross pipe (about 110mm diameter)

2、Building the bottom platform with lightweight blocks 180-200mm, the sewage pipe pre-buried

3、Normal waterproof flooring tile

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Pad the ground to relocate the toilet. It is necessary to run pipes on the ground to lead to the place where your toilet needs to be shifted, so that you have to pad the ground in order to bury the pipes.

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Note: The method of padding the floor will bring inconvenience to our life, especially for those who have elderly people at home.

But if it is a sunken bathroom, then you can change it any way you want.


Toilet relocation method: re-open the hole

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Change the toilet to a “rear-drain” toilet (nowadays, it is generally a down-drain type). In this way, the pipeline can be shifted along the wall, and it is easier to deal with the concealed pipeline without the need to pad the ground.

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Note: Re-opening the hole in the floor slab is not technically a problem, but the consent of the downstairs tenants is required. In this case, it will not be as easy to block as the toilet shifter.

But after changing the location of the downpipe must be re-waterproof, do a good closed water test to ensure that no leakage. Generally it is also suitable for small distance changes.

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Editor’s message.

Homeowners can according to the specific circumstances of their own homes, corresponding to the above points of attention, in line with the can be shifted. But it is recommended not to shift as far as possible, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble after moving in.

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