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Create A Healthy Bathroom Space, How Much Do You Know?

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Bathroom is the most intimate contact with our space, from contact with the building materials, the use of bathroom products, and even touch the light and color, will have a different degree of impact on our body. From the perspective of health, a healthy bathroom should be able to maintain just the right amount of “warmth” from the inside out.

So how exactly to create a warm health bathroom?

Space planning

In order to make the bathroom more practical and comfortable, the space planning before the renovation is very important. As far as possible to avoid the trouble of some because of seasonal changes or put into use after feeling uncomfortable and so on, leading to renovation, and more to avoid adverse effects on health.

The overall area should not be too large

Bathroom should not be too large, enough to use, especially the bath space planning should be more reasonable. If the bath room is too empty, then even when waiting for the winter bath, additional warm air, bath bombs and other heating equipment, warm air is also easy to dissipate in the large space, thus reducing the temperature.

Decoration color bias towards warm colors

The color of the bathroom can effectively adjust the coldness of the bathroom. Most of the bathroom in black, white, gray and other tones, in fact, in the bathroom, shower curtains, curtains and other large color block soft furnishings can be replaced with orange, red and other warm colors. If the original bathroom style color block is more, it is best to choose a large color block, should not be too busy.

Ensure that the doors and windows do not leak

Doors and windows are not strict, prone to wind leakage. Although the naked eye can not see, you can feel the cool air pouring in. In order to avoid this situation, the decoration should focus on checking the sealing strip glue situation, it is best to use double glazing to ensure that there is no cold wind inside when the doors and windows are closed.

Building materials selection

Many people like the cool feeling of the bathroom, the use of a large area of cool-touch materials. Summer is very pleasant, but autumn and winter is more trouble, and regardless of winter and summer, long-term contact with the feeling of these materials emitted “cold”. Over time, this is ultimately bad for the body, so it is recommended that the bathroom decoration to choose some milder nature of the building materials.

Warm texture of the tile

Antique tiles, faux wood grain tiles are good choices, especially antique tiles. Antique tiles in the surrounding moisture will be heavy moisture vapor inhalation, dry and then released without condensing water vapor on the surface, not easy to slip, and in winter unlike stone cold, warm to the touch.

Carbonized wood

Carbonized wood, carbonized flooring can be used in the bathroom to do cabinet decoration materials and flooring, ceiling materials, relative to ordinary tiles, retaining the warm texture of the original wood, and visual softness, less irritating to people.

Not too much use of polished reflective materials

Mainly including the necessary hardware outside the polished metal materials and reflective effect of matte mirror materials, etc., the appropriate use of these materials can increase the sense of space permeability. But if the water surface in the water more bathroom is used too much, it will be the long-term impact on the body because of the stimulation of its long-term reflection. And these materials are more cold feeling, metal materials are more sharp edges, potential security threats

Lighting layout

Lighting is an important tool to change the atmosphere of the bathroom, through the use of light and shadow of the clever interaction can also make the bathroom to produce a relaxing sense of comfort. In addition to paying attention to the basic requirements of waterproof and explosion-proof when buying bathroom lighting, you should also consider the color of the light source, installation location and light bulb wattage to create a warm lighting atmosphere.

Light should be mainly yellow

Yellow light easy to create a hazy, soft feeling, is also the most common warm light source. It can make the bathroom neither feel cold nor harsh light, the bathroom space is not too dull, so that people relax. The bathroom is too bright but will make people feel insecure.

Multiple light sources to create atmosphere

In the bathroom you can create multiple light sources by increasing the number of chandeliers, adding wall lamps spotlights and other mood lights. Such as in the ceiling ceiling mounted a recessed ceiling waterproof lights in addition, we can also use some small power ceiling spotlights in the appropriate location. In addition to creating a romantic, warm atmosphere for the bathroom space, these necessary auxiliary lights can further cover some places that are not covered by the main light to avoid accidents.

Bulb wattage should not be too low

In the installation of bathroom lighting, pay attention to the light bulb wattage, the brightness should not be too low, for safety reasons, the best choice of lamps and lanterns can choose IP (dustproof and waterproof level) 65 and above standard bathroom lights, which represents the complete prevention of dust from entering and flushing with water without any harm. Considering the visual comfort, it is recommended to use more indirect light source or recessed lamps and lanterns, mirror lamps and lanterns to provide universal lighting, and at the same time, you can choose a beautiful and suitable lampshade, so that the bathroom more style.

Bathroom decoration to install the ground into the slope

General bathroom, usually accumulate a puddle of water, do not underestimate this, a long time of water, easy to damage the bathroom floor tiles, accelerate the aging of cement, but also damage the original waterproof layer, resulting in future ground leakage seepage. So I suggest you, in the future, when the bathroom decoration, you must make the ground into a slope shape.

The slope of the ground is conducive to rapid drainage.For small households that do not do the shower, it is necessary to make a sloping ground to have the water drained quickly in the shower. Install the floor drain in the lowest part of the bathroom so that the water will gather and drain away in the direction of the floor drain.

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