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360° Cloud Parlor, Dialogue With The Sky, According To Enjoy The Prosperity丨Zoom Design

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High in the Clouds

Walk in the clouds, free from the mood

C&D-Aman cloud is located in Xiamen Haicang CBD, facing the national 5A scenic spot Gulangyu Island, gathering five landscape resources of lake, sea, mountain, island and city. It enjoys a 360° head-row lake and sea scenery, and builds a metropolitan tower residence with rare natural landscape resources to upgrade the imagination of a better life. The soft furnishing design of the sales office and model house is undertaken by Zoom Design.

Zoom Design, which always adheres to the concept of “living in harmony with life”, has studied the aesthetic values and lifestyles of high net worth individuals. It takes dialogue and art as the starting point, explores the relationship between the social network of the circle and the value of the product, and the sense of glory of the circle and the commercial goal, strengthens the scene experience of the sky cloud, evokes the resonance of the circle and helps the project to add value at the same time. “Taking the aesthetic tendency of the audience circle as the dimension, we position the project as a ‘living room in the cloud’, so as to construct and strengthen the personalized contextual experience and realize the space philosophy that the value of the bay area and the product power complement each other. Under this premise, how design defines quality life, how to interpret the aesthetic tendency of residents, and how to deduce their lifestyle through design has become our core thinking.” said Pan Xianting, founder of Zoom Design.” said Pan Xianting, founder of Zoom Design.

In the contemporary context, the designer takes the vast clouds and the vast blue sea as the source of creation, depicting the unique lake and sea scenery of the city, integrating the ethereal natural heritage and advanced art aesthetics into the space, creating a natural self-contained mood, giving people the excellent experience of talking to the world in the clouds and enjoying the prosperity in the sky.



Contemporary design, drawing the cloud parlor

770㎡Sales Office

Front Lobby

Located on the 33rd floor, the marketing center is enveloped under a sea of clouds, with different landscape changes according to the sunrise and sunset. “From the positioning of ‘meeting room in the clouds’, we want to make the indoor space and outdoor nature grow together through the design and create a dialogue, so as to start a poetic encounter.”

Sandbox area

The sandbox area facing the window is designed to form a harmonious and unified composition through the correspondence of curved elements. The property displayed here is a perfect interpretation of the humanistic style of this maritime city, and at the same time echoes the natural landscape outside the window, pointing to the imagination of the future.

Art display area

As the transition of space, the design of art display area defines the artistic tone of space through rich artistic language and structural order, breaking the single spatial experience and perspective. The flowing waves, through artistic translation, evolve into winding and smooth wooden seats, while the creative sculpture on one side is a vivid metaphor for the beautiful scenario of experiencing people walking in the clouds.

Negotiation Area

In the open negotiation area, the natural light from the large floor-to-ceiling windows flows silently over the smooth ground, curved white walls and streamlined art installations, making the space as transparent and clear as water in the visual hierarchy between reality and fiction.

Negotiation Area

The design uses modern and simple black and white visual images to set the space’s elegant and light, contemporary and sharp spatial character. The matching sofa of Poliform2021 series is soft and elegant, highlighting the pure and serene atmosphere of the space. The black patterned marble table, with its surface engraved with water waves, echoes the undulating waves in details and stirs up the life force of the space.


VIP Area

Here, the designer wanted to give the space a dignified atmosphere. The space is designed with a minimalist and clean structure, which dialogues with the natural light and the beautiful city outside the window, leaving more white space for people’s heart and interaction with the city.

Tea Room

The simple and quiet tea room reflects a relaxed state of mind and an elegant attitude towards life. With solid wood tables and chairs, Zen-like antique tea sets, natural coral vases, and fresh greenery and floral arrangements, you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city, return to the nature and enjoy the beauty of life.

Skyline Party

The open and flowing outdoor sky party pool provides a panoramic view of the natural scenery of the sea and sky, and the night view of the brightly lit bay. It integrates a variety of functions such as dining and leisure, formal meetings and large banquets, which can meet people’s social needs while carrying a variety of spatial possibilities and build a lifestyle belonging to the elite circle.



Modern Metropolis, Newly Constructed Elegance

220㎡Model Room

Living room

Based on the owner’s aesthetic taste and living style, the design builds contemporary urban living aesthetics through luxurious texture and elegant artistic atmosphere. The combination of warm wood finish, patterned marble, exquisite hard metal and orange leather soft package, the collision of multiple material texture, creates a stylish and exquisite space style.

Here, the design seeks to build a dialogue between people and nature, and the true nature of life. The large floor-to-ceiling windows provide a panoramic view of the sea and sky, truly awakening people’s heartfelt desire for nature. The dried floral art and coarse material art pieces placed on the coffee table add a bit more interest to life.

Dining room

The simple and quiet marble white dining table and elegant Cassina leather brown dining chairs, illuminated by the very contemporary metallic linear lighting, balance the pure and high aesthetic atmosphere of the dining room. Meanwhile, the beautiful view of the bay outside, like a natural background painting, narrates the beauty of the space.

Master Bedroom

The design of the master bedroom continues the overall tone of the space, with a free and comfortable scale and simple and dry tones, reconciling a quiet and elegant living atmosphere.

Study Room

The design uses dark brown and elegant black colors, with modern and simple high-class furniture and stylized art pieces, so that the overall space exudes a sense of atmosphere and stability in a unified and harmonious tone.

Second bedroom

The design of the second bedroom is designed with simple brushwork and elegant aesthetic language. The combination of round and square forms a subtle and harmonious aesthetic scene, which is self-contained.


The quiet poetry of the elegant East

140㎡Model house

Living room

“The expression of design style does not lie in the piling up of elements, but in the integration of the surface and the inside”. Abandoning the mix of conventional oriental elements, the design takes the essence of culture and uses contemporary design techniques to portray the oriental shape and meaning, air and rhythm on the furniture and objects in the space, creating the unique oriental elegance and subtlety, so as to build a beautiful living environment for the elite people pursuing elegant and luxurious life.

The simple and elegant dark green chairs, GIORGETTI fabric sofa, mountain stone prints by artist Zheng Muzhang, and dynamic and interesting art ornaments …… All of them show the inner rhythm of the space which is elegant and clear.

Dining Room

The design uses the classical indigo color of the East as a unique rendering in the space. Vintage brass chandeliers, GIORGETTI’s IBLA series dining chairs, exquisite silk embroidery installation paintings, and richly textured ceramic vases, the design combines contemporary techniques with the ancient charm of the East, so that this space is filled with the inner temperament and style from the East.


The simple soft furnishings, such as light foliage, elegant pendant lamps, and interesting chairs, create extraordinary quality in aesthetics, and the craftsmanship has been carefully considered and selected by the designer to ensure the refined style and art of the space.

Daughter’s Room

The philosophy of living in harmony with life is to integrate the multi-dimensional intersection of nature, art and culture into the space experience and product value. In the case of Xiamen C&D-Amanyun, both the aesthetics of the style and the ultimate experience given to people reflect the deep polishing of the Bay Area living situation by Zoom Design. Hidden in the core of the space are the art style, life aesthetics and humanistic temperature, fitting the definition and vision of the high net worth class for the Bay Area lifestyle.

Floor plan of the sales office

Floor plan of 220 model house

Floor plan of 140 model house


Project Name | C&D – Amanyun Marketing Center / Model House

Project Address | Xiamen, Fujian

Owner | Xiamen C&D Group Co.

Design Area | Sales office 770㎡/model house 220㎡/model house 140㎡

Soft furnishing design | Zoom Design

Design Team | Pan Xianting, Chen Jun, Liang Yuling, Jiao Yanyan, Lu Yun, Xin Min, Zhang Ruonan

Hard furnishing design | Marketing Center: Shenzhen Mansi Design / Model house: Shanghai Shangbao Design

Special Thanks | A team: Zheng Yuanyuan, Liu Fang, Wei Huanghui

Photography Team | bmStudio 彦铭

Founded in 2010 in Shanghai, BMI Design provides space design, soft furnishings design, furniture design and manufacturing, and overall accessories procurement services for leading hotel groups and real estate companies, covering the design and realization of boutique hotels, sales clubs, villas and showhouses.

“For more than 10 years, we have been working in the field of urban real estate and cultural travel real estate with the spirit of innovation, helping our partners to determine product positioning, design planning and implementation, and providing excellent design solutions with rigorous design logic and professional integration. In our design, we explore the relationship between nature, humanity and life, and create unique spatial experiences with contemporary design language to present the beauty of life.

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