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What Are The 2021 Popular Bathroom Tile – Never Out of Date

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What Are The 2021 Popular Bathroom Tile – Never Out of Date

Modern sense of innovation and personalized concept of the bathroom space design is endless, but return to the most original “practical” principle, bathroom design or “technology” to follow.

In ordinary living rooms, bathroom tiles follow the following principles to achieve the most practical results.

# walls with plain matte tiles will make the overall space is not so cold, hard.

# Anti-slip performance is a must, the use of anti-slip mats, anti-slip blankets, etc. should be the icing on the cake, not a substitute.

# Choose a floor tile that is too large. Because of the many corners in the bathroom, it will increase the frequency of tile cutting and waste.

[Recommended option one] – Warmth without loss of elegance

# For regular tiles, plain tiles are a little more cost-effective, and flower tiles have a stronger effect. You can also choose wood grain tiles, the natural warmth is a great tool to enhance the style of the space. Bathroom space can choose to exaggerate a little wood grain, more personality and more effective.

# Suitable for more than 25 years old, warm and elegant people

[Recommended program two] – Elegant fragmentation

# Shallow fragmented pattern, light texture make bathroom space bright and not lose style, the choice of waistline flower tile can be measured.

# Suitable for 20-30 years old, the pursuit of simplicity, elegance and light Chinese style of young people, especially for 25-year-old women up and down

[Recommended option three] – The black and white classic that doesn’t go wrong

# The two main tiles, dark and light, whether used together or alone, can reflect the sense of moderate.

# Suitable for the age group of 25-40 years old, the pursuit of simple people

[Recommended Program Four] – European style sentiment

# European + antique match is almost the “king of burning money” in tiles, waistline inherited the classic European relief in which several patterns. Pattern, color and luster are inclined to the reproduction of the steady and classic. Flower tiles also play a very important role in matching, so the feeling of using flower tiles and not using flower tiles is like the difference between the affordable version and the luxurious and prestigious version. Just be prepared to pay for it.

# Suitable for people over 30 years old, open-minded and love western art

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