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2021 Bathroom Color With, Say Goodbye To The “Earthy” Aesthetic, Let Your Home “Color” Up!

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Xiao Xin Bathroom Headlines

The most important visual decoration of the bathroom from the tile, rustic tile pattern can instantly ruin the atmosphere. If you have complaints about the outdated and tacky tiles on the market, this issue we share a few simple tile with the program, it may be worthwhile to go to the purchase of two contrasts. In fact, beautiful home decor is often the simplest.

640 1

Small and medium-sized white square/rectangular tiles are suitable for creating a fresh, bright and meticulous atmosphere. ▼

640 2 8

640 3 8

Large square tiles are more atmospheric and suitable for bathrooms with more space. ▼

640 4 8

If you like white space but don’t want to be too monotonous, you can use different shapes of tiles in different areas. ▼

640 6 8

640 5

Black and white bathrooms are more common to use black for the floor or ceiling. Bathroom space is generally small, the wall with pure black will be more depressing. ▼

640 7 8

640 8 8

White tile paste half, the upper part of the painting into pure black. ▼

640 9 7

White + gray is softer. ▼

640 11 8

Grey and white cement wall + cement floor tiles. ▼

640 12 8

Black patterned floor tiles. ▼

640 13 8

640 10

Dark blue and teal are deep and give people a sense of security. ▼

640 14 8

Lime green mosaic tiles. ▼

640 16 6

Cyan fish scale pattern tiles give the illusion of being close to the sea. ▼

640 17 6

Sky blue fish scale pattern tile is more dreamy and childlike, in this atmosphere may be more stimulating to the imagination, a bath inspiration emerges or something. ▼

640 18 5

640 15

White tiles for the walls and patterned tiles for the floor are a safer combination, which in turn gives a sense of visual top-heaviness. ▼

640 19 5

640 20 5

The visual effect of strong flower tiles can be appropriate on the wall to do some embellishment. Pay attention to the white space, otherwise it is too messy and disturbs the peaceful thoughts when taking a bath. ▼

640 21 4

Heavy color patterns need to be neutralized with white. ▼

640 22 4

Light-colored white patterned tiles, and white square tiles with the combination, the transition is also very natural. ▼

640 23 4

Of course, patterned tiles all over the wall, is also beautiful. But for the sake of atmosphere, it is recommended to choose a lighter color. ▼

640 24 4

640 25

Geometric tiles are simple, bright and rich in design, and are also common options for bathroom tiles.

Triangle pattern + solid color + black and white stripes. ▼

640 26 3

Black, white and green triangle pattern, neatly tiled in the same direction. ▼

640 27 3

Disrupt the direction of the arrangement, but also very beautiful. Navy + off-white, a more elegant and calm color choice. ▼

640 28 3

The three-dimensional geometric pattern is rich in modernity. ▼

640 29 2

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