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The Same Is A Small Bathroom, Why People Installed Stylish And Atmospheric!

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Figure for the Italian IMOLA tile paving effect


We all dream of a spacious bathroom, preferably with a separate bathtub and shower, two sinks, and even a comfortable lounge chair to rest while soaking ……

Well, for our common dream, give you 10 design principles that can partially or fully use these tips to make your bathroom space twice as large.

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Use white

One of the easiest ways to make a space appear spacious is to use a lot of white: white tiles, white wall paint, white accessories, etc. This white color makes the rest of the color naturally recede and makes the space look larger. It reflects any light, rather than absorbing it.

The use of white is particularly effective in bathrooms. Since the bathtub, toilet and sink in the bathroom are basically white, the use of other whites creates a seamless space, making the space airy and expansive.

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Don’t worry, using a lot of white doesn’t mean that it’s pale and empty and lacks personality. By using different structural elements, such as light-colored stone or different textured tiles, and the occasional intervention of metal or wood, you can maintain a seamless look while also presenting the richness of the space.

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Matching colors

If you’re not a fan of white, create a sense of spaciousness in your space with warm beige, soft gray or even pastel shades (powder blue, pink, etc.). Choose a tasteful and elegant tile and pick a color palette that matches the rest of the walls. The overall effect is serene and warm, without causing a visual breakdown and narrowing the feeling of your space.

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Figure for the Italian IMOLA tile paving effect



Use overhanging design

In a bathroom with a compact layout, balancing the need for storage and the sense of space to breathe freely is a tricky issue. An overhanging sink design is a great solution. It gives you a lot of space to store the essentials, but the emptiness at the bottom is like an entrance and exit for air flow, not allowing people to feel oppressed and tense.

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Less is more (the principle of minimalism)

Less is more. If you don’t have to have an oversized storage area, use a moderately sized sink whenever possible, leaving more open area to make the space look bigger. If the toilet is next to the bathtub, it is more necessary to leave enough space to breathe.

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Use a mirror to enlarge the space

A large enough mirror can increase your space exponentially, especially in the bathroom. However, such large mirrors must be of good quality and accurate in size and thickness, otherwise it will seriously affect the overall effect. The effect of a good mirror will be so powerful that you will only need a few minutes to make the room look flawless.

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Use glass doors

Another great way to expand your space is to use glass as a door or shower divider. The visual extension makes the space look bigger. Especially when it comes to showering.

If you’re worried about privacy exposure, you can use frosted or tinted glass, which still achieves a lot of light transmission without making you feel confined and depressed in the shower. If you don’t particularly need it, it is recommended that you forgo the bathtub and install a shower stall that is sufficient. The bathtub will consume a lot of valuable space and the usage rate is extremely low.

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Design the right niche

Designing an open niche in the right place not only increases storage space, but also adds visual depth, making the walls look far more spacious than they really are.

When designing a niche, be sure to communicate with a professional, as there will be many pipes, ducts, etc. on the walls of the bathroom.

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Good lighting

Good lighting is essential to make any space look bigger and more open, but it is especially important in bathrooms that usually don’t have much natural light. Also, you need good lighting in the bathroom to shave or apply makeup effectively, so its importance needs no elaboration.

Having a rich lighting scheme in the bathroom is key, and it’s best to use multiple light sources in different locations. Ceiling lights (which can use multiple bulbs), or a grid of modern edge-lit mirrors will help you avoid shadows and make the space feel bright and open.

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Create long lines

Whether your home’s bathroom is typically rectangular or oddly shaped, there is always a wall or area that is slightly longer than the rest. Adding a shelf, a band of tile, or even a simple striped wall paint to these areas can help you elongate the longest lines in the room and draw the eye to the farthest location, giving the space a sense of extension.

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Balance horizontal and vertical proportions

If your bathroom is already very long and narrow, tunnel-shaped, do not emphasize the length, you must think more about stretching the width visually.

For example, the following narrow bathroom, the wall and floor tiles are used in the horizontal patchwork tiling, invariably increasing the visual width, the space balance becomes more harmonious.

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