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Want To Relocate A Bathroom Toilet? How Can This Be Shifted?

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All bathroom layouts must be based on the location of the toilet downpour.

If the bathroom toilet position is not determined

Not to mention the need to do wet and dry separation, three separation four separation

So you can see, the location of the toilet

In the entire bathroom, layout is crucial

So if the toilet position is not suitable

How to properly relocate

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This article focuses on the analysis from the following angles

How to relocate the toilet in the bathroom?

  1. the type of drainage in the bathroom
  2. how to use the toilet shifter layout?
  3. the floor is lifted or lowered for shifting
  4. change the downstairs drainage pipe to shift
  5. using wall-hung toilets



Type of drainage in the bathroom

If the toilet in the bathroom needs to be relocated

Must first understand the bathroom drainage type is what

Half of the bathroom toilets are divided into two main types of drainage

Same layer drainage and compartmentalized (lowered) drainage


What is co-layered drainage?

As the name implies, it means that the drainage is done on the same floor

All the drainage branches in the space

are connected to the main drainage pipe at the owner’s floor

No need to penetrate the floor for drainage

Most sunken bathrooms are of the same level drainage type

It is easy to fix and repair if needed later



What is compartmentalized drainage?

Some local sayings call it “descending drainage”

The concept of the two statements is the same

They are both the opposite of the same layer of drainage

Compartment drainage is the drainage branch pipe in the bathroom

Such as shower, floor drain, basin downpipe, toilet downpipe and other branch pipes

All need to penetrate the floor to connect to the main drainage pipe for drainage

That is, the drainage pipe is on the top of the bathroom of the downstairs tenants

It will be more troublesome to rectify and involve the relationship between neighbors

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How to use the bathroom toilet lift layout?

There are two kinds of toilet lifters commonly used in the market

One is the one-piece toilet lifter, which is applicable to the case of relatively short distance of lifting

There is another kind of elliptical flat pipe lifter

It is suitable for long-distance of lifting


One-piece toilet lifter

Because of the shape of the one-piece toilet lift itself

it can only be used for short distance lifting

When the toilet is moved

The distance of the drainage pipe should not be too long

Otherwise, it is very easy to cause blockage.

Therefore, the use of one-piece lifter

Due to its property of short distance, it will not cause clogging

Where the lifting distance is not more than 200mm

All can use the one-piece lift

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Oval flat pipe toilet lift with connector

The main components of the oval flat pipe lifter are

A special joint with a length-adjustable elliptical flat pipe

The flat tube is usually 110 diameter and has a height of about 60 mm.

This is suitable for long-distance lifting

However, the lifting distance cannot exceed 500mm.

One major disadvantage of using a flat pipe lift is that

Increases the height of the bathroom floor

The distance is long and easy to block

So during the construction time

Whenever the position is shifted by 100mm, the pipe is raised by 5mm slope

In order to ensure normal drainage, it will not lead to congestion

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If the distance of the toilet needs to be shifted exceeds 500mm

It is impossible to use the toilet shifter for shifting

Only other methods can be used to solve the problem

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Will the floor be raised if I use a flat pipe lifter?

The height of the flat pipe lifter is about 50-60mm.

The floor is slotted in advance during the construction

The depth of slotting is about 20-40mm

and the thickness of floor leveling and tiling later, the total sum is

The height of the flat pipe lifter is about the same as that of the flat pipe lifter.

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Raise the floor or lower the slab for shifting

Either by raising the floor or lowering the slab

To relocate the toilet by rearranging the drainage pipes

Both of them are the drainage type of same floor drainage


1) Raising the floor slab for relocation

Raising the floor for drainage

In fact, it is to directly raise the floor of the bathroom

Raise the floor lengthwise by 180-200mm

Install a drainage pipe inside the raised floor

In this way, the toilet can be installed in any position at will

It is suitable for moving the position of the toilet over a long distance of 1 meter

But this method has a big flaw

If the owner has an elderly person at home or a person with inconvenient legs

This method should be used with caution, as it is very inconvenient for these people to use.

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The whole construction process is

First, the bathroom toilet 110 pipe diameter of the sewage pipe

All should be set in advance, the extension to extend a good

Then the pad is used in the upper floors of lightweight bricks or blocks

Sewage pipe at a good set of pre-buried

To this step has basically completed the stage of lifting

Next is the normal bathroom floor laying method

The waterproof to do waterproof, and the ground leveling should also be done

Then is the normal laying of floor tiles or stone

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2) lower the floor for displacement

This method can only be applied to the sunken bathroom

That is, on the original building structure

The floor of the bathroom is a recessed structure.

The height difference with other space floors is about 250-350mm

This is also the depth of its recessed dimensions

Because of the sunken structure of the descending slab

So there is no restriction on the arrangement of drainage pipes

The toilet can also be arranged and placed at will, and it is easy and fast to rectify

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After the toilet position is determined and the pipes are set up

Then do the standard waterproofing construction before starting backfill

The sunken bathroom needs to be waterproofed twice

The floor is connected to the wall with a height of at least 400mm should be waterproofed

It is best to use ceramic pellets or new type of foam cement for backfill

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Change the downstairs drainage pipe for relocation

This can be understood as a cross-floor drainage transformation

Mainly applicable to the bathroom drainage type for the space of the compartment drainage

Of course, the premise is to discuss with the neighbors downstairs

This method of renovation

There are no special points to note

The only core lies in how you can convince the neighbors downstairs

If you use this method, the renovation is easy and convenient

There are no restrictions on the layout of the toilet and drainage

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Use wall-hung toilets

Wall-hung toilets are also called wall-hung toilets

Hanging directly on the wall of the bathroom

The downpipe is directly connected to the main drainage riser

But there is a prerequisite that

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The wall drain toilet must be on the same side as the standpipe

Open a tee directly on the standpipe

To ensure that later to avoid the phenomenon of plugging

In addition, the riser should be soundproof and noise reduction treatment

When laying out the pipe, it should be inclined to a certain slope

The center point of the tank drainage pipe should be at least 220mm from the ground

The standard height from the ground for wall drain toilets is 70mm

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The advantages of using a wall drain toilet are

The construction is easier and there is no clogging and leakage

But the disadvantage is that the location can only be set close to the riser

and on the same side as the riser

Another is that it is very expensive

Double or even double the price of a normal toilet

bathroom toilet

Toilet relocation is only a construction process

But in addition to the process

Designers must also understand the material and process of the closing problem

Consumers demand for further innovation, how to use the service to dispel their concerns, how to create a three-dimensional omnichannel layout and ecology. These are all issues that need to be considered by the enterprise subsequently.

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