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7 Kinds Of Tips For Small House Storage. These Can Solve The Trouble Of Small Bathroom Space

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Small house storage has always been a headache. Maybe there is not much stuff when you first move in. But after a long time, the more you feel that there is no place to pile things up. Especially for a small bathroom, you will be placed in the bathroom bath tub, skin care products, bath products, towels and other kinds of things. There is simply not enough space.

I share 7 kinds of bathroom space storage methods, which are practical and do not occupy an area. After friends came to my house to see, they all ran back to learn up.


One, niche

Niches have become very popular with the public in recent years. It is to hollow out the wall to make a few hollowed-out small spaces. It is used to replace the cabinet to place toiletries or hygiene products.


Nowadays, many hotels make such designs in the bathroom. Because it not only has a good storage capacity, but also looks good and does not occupy an area. Its interior is paved with marble patterned tiles and placed with green plants, especially high class. Therefore, if there is no problem with the load-bearing walls at home, you can make the bathroom such a niche. It has a strong storage capacity.


Second, the basin rack

Basin is a must for each of our families, and there is more than one. There are used to wash the face, soak feet, wash clothes, etc.


If the extra basin are placed on the floor, it not only takes up space, but also cleaning and hygiene is strange trouble. This is easy to produce a sanitary corner.


Three, slipper rack

When we go in and out of the bathroom, we generally change slippers or take off slippers, and a family can not wear a pair of slippers for washing.


Therefore, our bathroom is necessary to install a slipper rack. When we change our shoes, we can hang them up directly. This will not get wet shoes, but also can clean up the bathroom in order.


Four, mop snap

Do you always feel that the mop is not clean after each mopping? If you put the mop directly on the floor or stand on the wall, it will stink and have bugs. In summer, it is even worse.


Therefore, install the mop snap. When you hang the mop up, it dries quickly and there are no dead spots. If it’s a bright bathroom, it can also play the role of disinfection and sterilization by the sun.


Five, toilet rack

It is a good choice to install a toilet rack on top of the toilet. There are a lot of bottles and jars in the bathroom. If you do not play on the niche, a bathroom cabinet is certainly not enough to put.


Therefore, the toilet shelf can solve this problem at the same time, but also can be divided into different categories of layers separated. For example, the toiletries put a layer, insect repellent alone in a layer, etc., so that good to find and can keep the bathroom hygiene.


Six, the side cabinet of the toilet

The side cabinet of the toilet can be used to store paper or store cell phones. Here can also be used to place books, put some foot soaking powder, shoe brush, etc.. You can also put the laundry detergent or shower gel and other unused items in here. When you want to use it directly to take.


It is worth noting that try to buy side cabinets with rollers to avoid sanitary corners.


Seven, toothbrush shelves

Toothbrush shelves in recent years can be said to be a popular product. This kind of shelf hanging on the wall can store toothbrush cups, face wash and other things.


It also comes with the function of squeezing toothpaste and face wash. Convenient for the family to use, it is really convenient and practical.


In addition, I also share three storage tips.

Small house storage tips

1, use enough space behind the door


The space behind the door also has a lot of room to play. The storage design that can be added on the wall, can also be behind the door. And this is a storage device that can be hung on the door. It not only has a storage basket also has a hook, which is sufficient for the space behind the door.


2, the shelf into the wall can be installed under the windowsill


If the wall under the window sill is thick enough, it can also be designed into the wall. Such double wall storage rack is located right next to the bathtub. Here, you can put bath towels and bath use toiletries, which adds a lot of conveniences.


3, selected bathroom cabinets


This is not large, but the storage function is very in place. Drawers can maximize the cabinet space. It also has a towel rack on the side, with each side being fully utilized.

Overall, the small house because the space is not particularly large, so we have to do the best in terms of storage, in order to properly live an orderly life.

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