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There’s Something To Be Said For Bathroom Mirror Installations! You Know What?

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The First Question That Will Surely Come Up For Those Who See The Title Pointing In Is:

Today’s article selling superstition?

Don’t be ridiculous, animals can’t even sperm after the founding of the country, we’re in the prime of life, the socialist successors talk about science ~

Then why, feng shui?

We have to check the yellow calendar when we go out, choose auspicious days for our wedding, and when it comes to buying a house and renovating it, our… The first thing Mom and Dad will do is to ask a feng shui master to check it out.

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In the home decoration of this link, look at the feng shui seems to become a necessary part. So today, let us introduce you to the taboo about the installation of mirrors in the bathroom:

Avoid Odd-Shaped

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Generally speaking, the mirror in the bathroom should be square and tangible, because the square represents balance and order, so that will be very stable in the bathroom feng shui qi field, to maintain a harmonious atmosphere at home.

Avoid Too Many Mirrors

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Usually, the bathroom area is not too large, and some people in order to increase the sense of space in the bathroom, choose to install more mirrors in it, but in fact, this is also very unfavorable feng shui. When people get up at night, too many mirrors in the bathroom reflected out of the portrait, easy to scare people…

Avoid Facing The Toilet

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Toilet is a gathering place of filthy gas, the bathroom most of the fury are produced by the toilet, and the mirror has to expand the space and the role of the magnetic field, if the two are right, it will make the expansion of filthy gas, thus destroying the overall bathroom Airfield.

Do Not Install Mirrors Against The Door

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The mirrors in the bathroom should not be installed against the door. In feng shui, the mirror can play an important role in driving away evil spirits. The door is usually guarded by a door god, if the mirror in the bathroom to the door placement is easy to scare off the door god.

As a result of taking into account those factors above, many friends can not buy to their heart’s desire of the bathroom cabinet, some can only endure the pain and settle for second best.

Then take a look at, Shen Wang bathroom this one feng shui mirror bathroom cabinet, easily help you resolve the feng shui problem of the space pattern. The need to use the mirror when you open, not when you can close the cabinet door.

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