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The World’s First! A Safe And Useful Sit-In Bathtub, So You Can “Bath” At Your Own Pace

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“Bathing and burning incense, playing the piano and enjoying the chrysanthemum”, people gradually evolved bathing into an important ritual, signifying our love and affection for life. Bathing, as the most peaceful and comfortable enjoyment of our day, not only can fade away the tiredness of the day, but also can bring a different mood bathing experience, where will open a new day, but also here to say goodbye to the busy day.


Designed with care, care for you and me, just to give you the best bath enjoyment

According to reports, more than 20,000 deaths due to domestic accidents occur in France every year, among which, many deaths are caused by falling in the bathroom bathtub, being scalded by hot water or drowning. About 4,000 people die each year because of falls in the bathtub, which is more than the number of people who die in France from traffic accidents in the whole year (3,259 in 2018).

These accidents, are causing us to pay great attention to finding a bathtub that is suitable for both the elderly, the disabled, the sick, pregnant women, minors, people with weak legs and other people, especially wheelchair users specifically designed for them, do you know if there is one? Let me introduce to you a warm and comfortable bathing gift of their own – “sit-in bathtub”.

Sit-in bathtub

This bathtub is the world’s first “sit-in bathtub” designed by Mr. Li Wei, a senior research expert and designer in the sanitary industry, which is more caring for the user’s bathtub experience. This sit-in bathtub is specially designed for the elderly, disabled, sick, pregnant women, minors, people with weak legs, especially wheelchair users.


Humanized design, feel comfortable and comfortable bathing space

We all know that the bathroom is wet for a long time and the ground is slippery, especially when we step in and out of the smooth and slippery bathtub, it is very easy to slip and fall. Healthy people have to be careful in and out of the bathtub, but also inevitably often fall unstable standing.

The highlights of this bathtub are 2 points: first, the simple design of this sit-in bathtub allows the design to originate from simplicity. Simple is the same as convenient, you can freely match any space, so you can “bath” at your own pace.

Second, the operation of the bathtub is simple, safe and fast. When using, one end of the bathtub lift rod connected to the installation seat, and hanging in the tank. When our seat is raised, the seat plate and the edge of the bathtub at the same height, we can easily slide into the chair and lift the legs into the tank. When we lower the seat to the bottom of the tank, we can bathe, surf and massage normally.

When we finish bathing, we can raise the seat to the edge of the bathtub flush with the seat plate, we can turn around and lift the legs to move out of the tank, bathing is over.

When the lifting seat surface is at the same height as the edge of the bathtub, it is convenient for us to sit in and out of the bathtub, we sit on the seat after the seat is lowered into the tank. Shower, bathing integration, to meet your different needs. Lifting operation is controlled by the control panel buttons along the tank, both simple and convenient, but also has a non-slip anti-fall design. Taking care of your every bath is the first choice of our bathtub.

The bathtub side against the wall, you can add a glass shower screen, you can transform into a shower room for the elderly or disabled. With the function of anti-slip and anti-fall, it is safer and more convenient for us to sit in and out of the shower. At the same time, it can also be used as a footbath, sitting in and out, putting water to massage the legs and feet.

The rise and fall of the lift seat is controlled by the embedded control panel at the top edge of the tank, which can be the same as the other functional control panels of the bathtub. In addition, sit-in lift bathtub can have left and right facing position according to the bathroom orientation.

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