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The Minimum Size Of The Bathroom Shower Room | High Quality Renovation Advice

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Renovation Of Dry Goods | The Minimum Size Of The Bathroom Shower Room

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Nowadays, more and more people are installing shower rooms in their homes. Nowadays, there are all kinds of shower rooms in the market, with different shapes and many brands. So what exactly is the size of a shower room? What is the minimum size for some small homes? Here I will introduce them to you one by one.


The standard size of shower room:

In modern home decoration, the height of the ceiling is usually around 2.4 meters, so modern room manufacturers set the standard height of the room at 1.95 meters (1950 mm) and 1.9 meters (1900 mm).

And room dimensions are all related to its shape in addition to its height. The standard size of a diamondroom is 900*900mm, 900*1200mm, 1000*1000mm and 1200*1200mm;

The size of a standard square room is 800*1000㎜, 900*1000㎜ and 1000*1000㎜;

The sizes of standard curved fan-shaped rooms are 900*900㎜, 900*1000㎜, 900*1200㎜, 1000*1000㎜, 1000*1300㎜, 1000*1100㎜, 1200*1200㎜.

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Minimum size of the shower room:

Generally speaking, shower enclosures are divided into two kinds: with aluminum frame and without aluminum frame.

The minimum size of a shower screen with an aluminum frame can generally be about 1000mm. The space for entering the door is around 500mm. Shower screens without aluminum frames are easier to make non-standard. For example, the minimum size of a single door can be 500mm. As long as there is space for people to enter, shower screens without aluminum frames can be made. 

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Size of the rectangular shower room.

If a screen is installed, its standard size width is between 1000-1600. If you want to go wider, you have to increase the width and thickness of stainless steel or aluminum. The height of this is between 1600-2200. This involves the issue of load-bearing and stability.

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Dimensions of curved/diamond-shaped showers.

In the case of curved/diamond-shaped shower rooms, the standard size is usually 900*900 or 1000*1000.

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Fan Shower Room Size.

The sizes of standard curved fan rooms are 900*900㎜, 900*1000㎜, 900*1200㎜, 1000*1000㎜, 1000*1300㎜, 1000*1100㎜, 1200*1200㎜.

Theoretically, the size of the room can be infinite according to the ratio of size, but in reality, it is not the case. In reality, due to the limitation of bathroom space, the installation of a shower room must leave the space needed for other sanitary ware.

For adults, the general size of a fan shower is 900*900㎜. If you do not consider comfort, the minimum size of a fan shower can be 800*800㎜. If the size is any smaller, it will not be usable.

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