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The Bathroom In The House, Choose Into The Wall Toilet? Or Floor Drainage Toilet?

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Renovation does have a lot to think about, take the bathroom, there are into the wall toilet and floor drainage toilet two options, so how should we choose these two? Today we will analyze the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two types of toilets, quickly to understand it.

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What is the in-wall toilet?

In-wall toilet is also called hanging toilet. It is composed of a water tank inside the wall and a sitting pit outside. This saves space and gives a sense of style to the toilet, adding an upscale air to our bathroom.

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What is a floor drain toilet?

A floor drain toilet is the most common type of toilet we have, where the toilet drains downward. The floor drainage is often such that the upstairs toilet and floor drainage pipes pass through the floor, make a bend at the downstairs roof, and then go into the drainage pipe, which is what we often use now.

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The benefits of in-wall toilets

1、High value

In-wall toilet can be exposed to the outside of the unsightly sewer pipe to hide, no longer see a variety of pipes, improve the mood of people, but also let the space in an instant become large and wide.

2、Easy to clean

For some people who have a cleanliness fetish, the in-wall toilet is very suitable. It does not have any difficult to clean the dead corner, so the toilet is very easy to clean.

3、Convenient to move

If the in-wall toilet needs to change its position, it is also very convenient to move, without any restrictions.

4、Low noise

Generally speaking, the water tank of ordinary toilets is directly connected to the pit, so when flushing the toilet, the sound of water flow is very loud, and this noise may affect other people. In-wall toilet is hidden in the wall because the water tank is hidden in the wall, so the sound of flushing water is very small.

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Disadvantages of in-wall toilets

1、Easy to break

The internal parts of the in-wall toilet are damaged quickly.

2、ow load-bearing capacity

In terms of the load-bearing capacity of the toilet, the load-bearing capacity of the wall-row toilet is lower than that of the floor-row toilet.

3、Repair inconvenient

It is very inconvenient to repair, once the toilet has a problem, it is very troublesome to repair and the wall must be cut open.

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The benefits of the underdrain toilet

1, flushing noise is relatively small, almost can be called silent.

2, the flushing force is stronger, easier to flush off the excrement adhering to the surface of the toilet, flush very clean, so that the toilet looks as clean as new.

3, the effect of anti-odor compared to other toilets is better, get rid of the bathroom odor.

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Disadvantages of the lower drainage toilet

1、When flushing, you have to put the water to a very high water surface before you can flush the excrement cleanly, and generally use 8L to 9L of water to achieve the purpose of flushing, which is a waste of water compared to other types of toilets.

2、The diameter of the drain pipe is about 56 cm, if you throw the toilet paper into the toilet, the flushing will be clogged.

Whether it is a wall toilet or a floor drain toilet, there are advantages and disadvantages, how to choose the specific choice or according to personal habits to choose, in fact, depends on what factors you value more.

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