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Cold Wave Strikes Again! Bathroom Products, How To Prevent The Cold?

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A wave has not yet subsided, a wave has started again, strong cold air to return!

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The weather becomes cold, in addition that people should pay attention to keep warm and add clothes, the sanitary ware at home should also be the main anti-freeze. Water in less than -4 degrees Celsius, the volume of ice is expanded, easily lead to sanitary ware products within the ice and water expansion and thus up crack products. I send you the sanitary ware anti-freezing tips!


Winter toilet to prevent freezing and cracking precautions

In winter, the bathroom doors and windows are temporarily closed to stop ventilation and maintain the indoor temperature. To prevent freezing, please release all the remaining water when the toilet is not in use.

The method and steps are as follows: close the inlet valve, unscrew and remove the drainage bolt, and tighten the drainage bolt after the remaining water is released, otherwise it will cause water leakage.

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There will be water at the backwater bend of the toilet. Use sponge rags and pump to suck out the water so as not to freeze and crack the toilet for a long time.

In addition, you can pour antifreeze in the water tank, or in the water to alcohol, salt, can reduce the freezing point of water, but also effective anti-freeze. If the bathroom is open to the heating system, and can ensure that the bathroom will not freeze, you can not add antifreeze in the toilet.


Winter sink maintenance precautions

Immediately after use, dry it with a dry rag to avoid surface rupture caused by ice. When cleaning, do not use steel sanitary ware to avoid scratching the surface of the sink. In the case of low indoor temperature, you can choose to cover the sink with a layer of cloth to insulate it from rupture due to low temperature.

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Winter bathtub maintenance precautions

First of all, after each use of the bathtub, keep the bathtub dry, so as not to cause long-term water seepage deformation or surface off and can not be used. In the time of cleaning, do not use strong acid and alkaline cleaners to avoid corrosion of the bathtub surface. Wipe with a soft cloth so as not to cause scratches, and if there is a slight scratch accidentally, immediately polish the surface to restore the smoothness. Do not place metal objects on the surface of the bathtub to avoid rusting or surface damage to the bathtub, the impact on its beauty and practicality.

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Winter bathroom cabinet maintenance precautions

In the bathroom after washing, should be timely bathroom cabinet surface, on the water wipe clean. Bathroom cabinets are often placed on some soap, face wash, shampoo and other cleaning supplies, if accidentally out, it is best to clean up immediately, the heavier items should be placed in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet. When cleaning the bathroom cabinet, do not use metal wire, Pasteur cloth, strong chemical scrubbing, and do not use water to avoid corrosion. Properly use neutral cleaners and other professional products maintenance.

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Winter faucet anti-freeze cracking precautions

(1) faucet frost crack cause.

0 ℃ below the use of the environment, including but not limited to the following reasons.

1, after the project pre-water test, faucet in the remaining water is not put out.

2, faucet installation in the outdoor, not close the water inlet valve, and did not do anti-freeze protection.

3, the owner is away on vacation or long-term non-residence, the room is not heated, did not close the water inlet valve to drain the faucet residual water. The owner finished renovating the room ventilation, the windows were not closed at night, and the water inlet valve was not closed to let out the remaining water from the faucet.

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(2) How to prevent measures.

0 ℃ below the use of the environment, including but not limited to the following precautions.

1, the project site faucet installation environment temperature such as below 0 ℃, it is recommended to temporarily not install faucet or installed on the temporary non-water, or water trial after thoroughly drain the pipe water.

2, at night should close the windows of the kitchen, bathroom to the outside as well as the back shaded room to ensure that the indoor temperature is above 0 ℃.

3, for the room where the indoor temperature is below 0℃, close the indoor water meter valve and finish releasing the remaining water in the pipe.

4, the indoor temperature is lower than 0 ℃ room, need to open the heating, keep the temperature above 0 ℃.

5, you can use cotton and linen fabrics, old cotton clothes, cotton wool and other insulation materials to thicken and wrap tight faucet.

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