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Simple tips for faucets

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swivel spout bathroom faucet

Installing the faucet is a very simple thing, so people usually solve it at home without bothering the plumber. But we should know that if the installation of the faucet is not handled well, it will bring great inconvenience to life, so today we will tell you how to install the faucet.

1, Preparation work in advance

Before installing a faucet, check that the kit is complete and the installation tools are ready. Common faucet accessories are hoses, rubber washers, shower head, decorative caps, crutches and so on.

2, Before installation of cleaning

Before installing the faucet, make sure to clean the pipes. Drain the water, clean the pipes of sediment impurities and impurities in the mounting holes, and insist that the fittings in the box are not mixed with impurities to avoid clogging the valve core during installation.

3, Left hot water, right cold water

When connecting the pipes, remember that the left side is the hot water pipe and the right side is the cold water pipe. The distance between the two is 100-200mm. after the inlet pipe connection is fixed, remove the tap. Wait until the masonry of the wall is complete before installing the taps. In order to avoid the surface coating is worn.

4, Single hole faucet installation

For single-hole basin faucets, a special corner valve must be selected for installation, and the corner valve must be fixed to the hot and cold water pipes from the wall. If there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe on the faucet, you will need to purchase a special pipe to extend it. If the inlet pipe is too long than the outlet pipe, it can be cut as needed. If the angle is not suitable, it can be bent to the required position.

5, The installation method of shower and bathtub faucet

In the case of wall-mounted taps, you need to choose the right height to bury the pipes, with a distance of about 20 cm between the hot and cold water pipes. In the case of concealed taps, the valve core of the tap should be embedded in the wall. When embedding, pay attention to the thickness of the wall. Do not remove the plastic protective film of the spool to avoid cement damage to the spool during the embedding process. In addition, in the embedding process should pay attention to adjust the up and down, left and right direction of the spool to avoid buried wrong.

In the living water, the faucet plays a very important role. A good faucet can ensure the normal domestic water. However, when you buy a good faucet, the installation of the faucet is also very important. If it is not handled properly, it will cause great inconvenience to your life. After reading the above installation method, you can try to install the faucet yourself in the future if the faucet at home is broken.

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