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Do You Want To Separate Wet From Dry In The Bathroom? You Need To Know This!

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Do You Want To Separate Wet From Dry In The Bathroom? You Need To Know This!

The bathroom is the space we use every day, but also the most humid place in the home. In order to improve the damp environment, regardless of the size of the household, you will choose to do wet and dry separation. This is not only convenient to use, but also makes the bathroom look more fresh.

Wet and dry separation is actually the separation of the shower area from the toilet and basin area, or the separation of the bathroom from the sink. And what are the advantages of wet and dry separation?



Advantage 1: blocking moisture

The bathroom is the most wet place in the home. After taking a shower, wet and dry separation can effectively separate the water mist. The area outside the shower is the only place that can be guaranteed to be dry.


Advantage 2: Ensure safety

If the bathroom floor is damp and slippery, this increases the risk factor for the elderly and children. They can easily slip and fall. If you choose to make a wet and dry separation for your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about the floor outside of the shower area being slippery even after taking a shower. This will be relatively safer.


Advantage 3: Extend the life of sanitary ware

Because the bathroom is in a humid environment for a long time, the appliances and cabinets in the bathroom are prone to mold, deformation, etc. Wet and dry separation can block the moisture, which can effectively ensure the life of sanitary ware.


Advantage 4: Convenient cleaning

Humid environment makes it easier for bacteria to breed and multiply, and the cleaning task is increased. Separating damp and dry can reduce the workload of cleaning by blocking moisture.


Advantage 5: Good warmth

For a large area of the bathroom, after the wet and dry separation, in the winter bath time, the heat can be concentrated, and better warmth.

There are many advantages of damp and dry separation, and it is recommended to do wet and dry separation if the area of the bathroom allows. So how to design a damp and dry bathroom? Here are 4 kinds to give you some reference.


Wet and dry separation with shower curtain

For small bathrooms, choose a shower curtain to do wet and dry separation. This is not only space-saving, but also simple and beautiful. It can also be changed with the mood of the style.

Install a slide rail above the bathroom and then install a waterproof shower curtain. This will effectively separate the bathing area. Ventilation and light will not be affected.


Separation of wet and dry with partitions

Doing damp and dry separation with partition wall, the lighting will not be affected and it looks more neat and tidy.

The design of the partition wall can also be beautiful for the owners who pursue visual effects.


Wet and dry separation with shower room

You don’t need a lot of space to divide a shower. This has made the shower room the most popular choice for bathroom renovation.

Shower designs have a certain level of safety and warmth, which makes it easier to clean in your home life.


Doing wet and dry separation with doors

For large households, the bathroom space is large enough to give the bathroom a separate. The reasonable division of each area to achieve the basic needs of life.

Even if there are many people at home, there will be no influence between washing and going to the toilet.

When decorating, if the area of the bathroom allows, it is recommended to do damp and dry separation. Even the most humid bathroom, the future living space can be clean, so as to achieve a comfortable and pleasant life every day.

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