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Rifeng Bathroom Fancy Kitchen Faucet wins 2017 German Red Dot Award

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On July 3, Germany time, known as the “Oscar” of design, the German Red Dot Design Award “Red Dot Gala” award ceremony was held in Germany Essen Aalto theater shock.

Fancy Kitchen Faucet, designed and developed by Rifeng Sanitary Ware, has been selected from over 5,500 outstanding finalists from 54 countries to win the 2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design. The winning products will not only be displayed online on the Red Dot Award website, but also at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, as well as regularly traveling to design capitals around the world.

Red Dot Award as an international authority, with Germany’s iF Design Award, the United States IDEA Award, known as the world’s three industrial design awards, is an international benchmark for creativity and design. Rifeng Sanitary Ware won the honor, which means that its design level has been among the global bathroom industry in the first line queue, leading the trend.

Rifeng Sanitary Ware lead designer Zhong Puhua said, the award-winning product pouring a lot of efforts of the design team. “Fancy” taken from the ancient Chinese emperor’s seal “seal” harmonics, conveying the product’s supreme style. In terms of appearance, the design incorporates elements of the Chinese philosophy of “square and round”, while the combination of rose gold and black lacquer is used. At the same time, the design team also focused on the ergonomic perspective of the product’s ease of use. An excellent bathroom products, must be from the user’s point of view, continue to solve user pain points, optimize the user experience, in order to make this product really has the perfect value of use. This, but also the Sanitary ware that this product can be recognized by the international organizing committee of the main factors.

The Fancy kitchen mixer was designed from the ground up to be very different from any other kitchen mixer on the market. To “free up your hands”, the mixer has a push-button pause function. By pausing/activating the mixer at the touch of a button, it eliminates the need to adjust the water temperature when turning the mixer on and off, and frees up your hands to do so without having to keep pressing.

During the design process, the Fancy kitchen faucet design team dug deeper into the user scenario, and designed the front end of the product as a removable shower head, so that the cleaning function can be detailed to the place where you want to rinse, leaving no sanitary dead space.

“The Fancy kitchen faucet’s bubbler can not only switch between two types of water spray, which makes washing fun, but also use high-end technology to achieve water-saving effect, which is in line with the concept of “Design to Promote Harmony between Environment and People” of the Red Dot Award.

Bathroom industry in the domestic development of more than two decades, is currently just a homogenization of the phenomenon of serious red sea. To fight in such a fierce battlefield to find a foothold, it is necessary for companies with a forward-looking vision and strong strength. Red Dot Award for outstanding design concept to obtain the award of Sanitary ware, has been announced to the world “Made in China” deep strength.

In the future, Rifeng Sanitary Ware will always pursue innovative design, the exquisite design process into the product, lead more quality products into the world’s families, to pass the high quality of life and happiness.

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