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New style faucet not only safe water but also water saving

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Second, the structure is novel. Most of the new faucet use stainless steel or copper ceramic plate. Through the front and back, left and right move two ceramic plate to adjust the faucet switch and water temperature control. Some of the faucet outlet is also equipped with stainless steel mesh. The release of water is flexible foam, so that people feel soft and comfortable, will not splash.

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Thirdly, there are various functions. New types of faucets, such as the induction series, are more common in hotels and shopping malls’ bathrooms. Kitchen faucets are generally rotatable and installed in the middle of two washbasins. Such faucets can be used flexibly and also reduce the space occupied. There is a new type of basin faucet with a hose. It is similar to a shower for bathing.

Most of the new faucets have a stainless steel or copper ceramic core. These faucets have two ceramic pieces that are often close to each other. The faucet’s on/off switch and water temperature are controlled by the movement of these two ceramic pieces. One of the pieces can slide in different directions, while the other is in a fixed position. The fixed piece has three holes, one for hot water, one for cold water, the third for water discharge, and the other has only one hole. In this way, two ceramic plates can direct different amounts of hot and cold water to the outlet holes to mix with different contact points, thus controlling the water temperature. Due to the high wear resistance of the ceramic pieces, this type of faucet lasts much longer than cast iron faucets. The international standard is 300,000 openings and closings.

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New faucets are not only innovative in their structure, but also in their shape and appearance, highlighting decoration is another new feature. This kind of faucet surface has titanium, chrome, baking paint, porcelain and other types of faucets, with stainless steel chrome most common. Colored faucets are also very popular, the colors are red, yellow, black, blue, etc., and can be color-matched with the bathroom, kitchen and other appliances, playing a role in embellishment. In terms of styling, faucet handles and water outlets come in a variety of colors, mostly with streamlined designs. High-end products are more unique in shape. In addition to the usual spherical and curved handles, there are slender conical handles and inverted triangular handles, similar to door handles made of multi-colored crystals, which are placed on the basin or bathtub as a piece of art to set off the overall beauty of the utensils.

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