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Leaky Faucet? Rusty? Is The Water Getting Slower? Hands On How To Fix It

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What About Clogged Faucets?

 /Unclogging Taps/

A faucet that operates 365 days a year, especially one that uses hot water regularly, will inevitably become clogged with limescale. Over time, the water coming out of the faucet gets smaller and smaller, which very much affects the experience of using the faucet.

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Just use a skimmed cotton ball, dip it in a small amount of white vinegar and fix it on the faucet for about 5 minutes.

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After 5 minutes, open the faucet again and see, the water flow immediately became much larger ~.

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 /Unclogging Shower Head/

A lot of friends home showerheads do not produce water smoothly after using them for a while. They can’t even enjoy the comfort of a good shower~.

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Come try a little white vinegar in a plastic bag and wrap the shower head for about 30 minutes. The shower head will be as good as new~!

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 /Unclogging Sinks/

Sink accidentally clogged? Don’t worry, pour white vinegar and baking soda into the sink in a ratio of about 1:1, in turn.

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In less than a minute, the sink can be immediately unclogged, the key is not dirty hands oh.

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 Faucet Transformation Look Over

 /Facilitate Access To Water/

The sink is too small and it’s really inconvenient to use a large bucket to catch the water.

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Just add a small shovel or a large plastic bottle in front of the faucet, you can easily catch the water ~ will not leak oh.

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 /Easy To Wash Hands/

If the faucet is too far back in the house, it’s not convenient to wash your hands. You can easily solve this problem by transforming the used plastic bottles a little bit.

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Wash the old plastic bottle and cut off the bottom.

Then attach it directly to the faucet so you don’t have to bend over when you wash your hands! It also prevents splashing water.

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Some of our friends use old-fashioned faucets in their bathrooms at home, which are installed high up and splash all over their bodies if they are not careful. Teach you a trick, a plastic bottle can solve the trouble.

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First, mark the top half of the plastic bottle and then cut it open with a tool.

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Transcripts: We’ll mark the plastic bottle first. Then cut it with a tool.

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Transcripts: Note: the position of the mouth ring can be cut or not, depending on the size of the faucet. After cutting, we use scissors to build the rough edges (to prevent cutting hands).

Next, attach the finished plastic bottle cover to the faucet.

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Transcripts: We put the cut plastic bottle over the faucet.

A simple faucet shield will do it, so that the water flow has a certain arc, when washing things will not splash, but also to control the direction of the water flow ~ it.

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Transcripts: That’s it. As you can see, the water flow is curved and it’s easier to wash things.


 How Do You Fix A Leaky Faucet?

   Faucets that are in disrepair and often have problems other than clogs are leaks. How to fix a leaky faucet yourself?

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First, open the plastic cover plate on the top of the faucet, then use the tool to unscrew the screws underneath.

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Transcripts: When you open it, you see the screw. We unscrew it. Pry off the plastic cover plate on top of the faucet handle.

Once you have unscrewed the screws, remove the handle of the faucet.

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Transcripts: Once it’s unscrewed, we’ll take the faucet handle off.

Finally, use the tool to tighten the screws. Usually faucets leak because the screws are loose, so just tighten the screws to prevent leaks.

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Transcripts: As long as we tighten it with a wrench, we’re good to go.


 How To Clean The Faucet Smartly?

 / Descaling/

Don’t be in a hurry to pour out the leftover ketchup, dip the right amount of ketchup smear on the rusty parts of the faucet, stay for about 5 minutes, and then wipe with a wet cloth, the rust immediately go without a trace.

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 /Remove Water Stains/

Cut the lemon in half and use it to wipe down the faucet. In less than 2 minutes, the faucet is instantly clean and shiny!

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