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Jiumu H2 leads the new health upgrade

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On the evening of April 7, CCTV two sets of financial channel “consumer proposition” program broadcast “your faucet okay? . The program selected 16 models of faucets of domestic and foreign brands for professional comparison test through a random survey. The results show that the Chinese brand faucet is not worse than foreign brands, and even in the raw materials, lead separation, organic separation and other comparisons, the Chinese brand is also better than foreign brands, but also in the price, the Chinese brand also has a great advantage.
As a matter of fact, the domestic first-line sanitary brands led by Jomoku have reached the world’s ** standard in terms of raw materials, health and safety indicators and functional design of their faucets.
Derived from its infinite love for water and respect for life, Jiomoku has continuously launched healthy, safe and humanized kitchen and bathroom products by virtue of its rich experience accumulated in 27 years of intensive cultivation in the kitchen and bathroom industry. Taking the Jiomoku H2 health faucet set as an example, this product integrates many highlights such as new lead-free structure, which not only protects users’ healthy water consumption, but also provides comfortable and humanized water consumption experience for users.
An important indicator for measuring the health and safety of faucets is their lead content. As we all know, lead is a toxic heavy metal, if the lead content in the faucet exceeds the standard, it will have a direct impact on human health, especially for children, can cause physical and intellectual development disorders.
In 2014, Jiomu launched the golden silicon health faucet, replacing lead with silicon that is beneficial to human body in the material, and set with copper material that inhibits bacteria, abandoning the traditional lead washing process at the source and leading the process innovation. The safety standard of this series of products is better than the new national standard in 2014 and the US NSF lead-free standard, so the health standard cannot be doubted.
In 2016, Jiomu H2 health faucet set, upgraded again on the basis of **generation: starting from the corner valve to the hose, and then to the faucet cavity, the whole process adopts a new health structure, separating the water in the transmission process and the direct contact with the metal pipe, making the water quality more assured.
In addition, the whole-protection of Jiomoku H2 health faucet set is further reflected in the solution of household set from kitchen to bathroom and then to the whole family, so wherever there is water, there is Jiomoku’s safety protection.
Every scientific and technological revolution will bring a huge boost to the industry. Jiomoku H2 health faucet set, while bringing users healthy, safe and comfortable water experience, also redefines a new era of healthy water. Adhering to the core value of “user value creator-oriented”, in the future, Jomoku will continue to launch healthier, safer, more environmentally friendly and more humane high-quality faucet products, and continue to lead the industry to a healthy upgrade!
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