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Is It Better to Choose a Smart Toilet with Instant Heat or Storage Heat? The Sanitary Ware seller said: “This One is Better

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With the advent of the smart home era, toilets have also achieved intelligence. At present, the intelligent toilet is mainly divided into heat and heat storage type, so many people are faced with the purchase of intelligent toilet often have this question: is to buy a heat smart toilet, or to buy heat storage type smart toilet good? Perhaps most people are unaware of the difference between the two. Well, today’s little science is for you! What exactly is the difference between instantaneous and storage heaters from the following aspects.

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Smart toilet with heat storage


Smart Toilet Instant – What is an Instant Smart Toilet Seat?

As the name implies, instant heat, also known as instantaneous heating. It mainly refers to the way the seat toilet is heated and the rate at which the water temperature is heated. Traditional products are heat storage type have a storage tank, that is, the water flow through the tank heating facilities. When it reaches a certain standard of water temperature, it is then supplied according to the water temperature demand set by people themselves. Generally, as the cleaning time increases, the hot water stored in the tank is gradually consumed and the water temperature drops during the cleaning process. When the cleaning time exceeds 90 seconds, the temperature of the water drops significantly and approaches the cold water state. For further use, a waiting period of a few minutes is required to reheat the water.

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Instant heat products are different from the traditional tank heating mode, using water-electricity separation technology, so that the cold water in a few seconds through the high-temperature insulation wrapped in a heating tube, instantly warmed to a comfortable temperature setting. When the user presses the cleaning key to enter the cleaning mode, the host control board immediately analyze the user needs to clean the cleaning mode of cleaning pipe level, water temperature, flow data, water pressure size, and to control adjustment. Compared to storage heat products, instant body cleanser products are not controlled by the cleaning time, so you can achieve a 24-hour hot water supply and enjoy the comfort of a sitting bath!


Smart Toilet Instant Heat – the difference between instant heat and storage heat

The first thing we need to understand is what kind of difference there is between the instant heat type and the storage heat type.

Difference 1: Big difference in heating method

The biggest difference between the heat storage type and the instantaneous heat type is that there is no water storage tank. Instantaneous heat smart toilet because there is no water storage tank, can flow directly on the live water heating, but its heating power is relatively large. Some of the old district voltage may not reach, the flow of live water quality requirements are also relatively high.

The heating power of the storage heat smart toilet is relatively small. As a result of the water storage tank, generally with water pressure adjustment, flushing water flow is greater. Of course, the shortcomings are obvious, that is, the long-term water storage tank is prone to breeding bacteria, the need to replace their own often new water, regular cleaning of the water tank.

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Difference 2: energy-saving effect difference is obvious

Instant heat smart toilets are relatively better at saving energy because instant heat only heats up when in use. The instant heat is on and stops heating when you leave the seat.

To maintain the temperature of the water in the tank, a storage heat smart toilet must be heated continuously for 24 hours. Once the water temperature in the tank is below a specific temperature, it will be automatically heated, more power consumption.

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Difference 3: different degrees of convenience

Because there is no water storage tank, instant heat smart toilets can be used indefinitely as long as there is no water in the house, and there is no limit to the cleaning time. The tank capacity of the thermal storage smart toilet is generally in the 400-800 ml, so it can not be used for a long time. The storage heat smart toilet power off and then restart, you need to wait for a period of time before using the warm water function, but the instant hot will not have to wait. You just need to gently press the button, warm water can be used, saving time and heart.

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Difference 4: The price is high and low

In terms of price, the instant heat smart toilet will be relatively more expensive. For example, the same brand of smart toilet seat. Under the condition that the grade is equivalent, the instant heat smart toilet cover may cost hundreds, or even a couple of thousand dollars more than the storage heat smart toilet cover. So, if you’re on a budget, then buy a storage heat smart toilet. If you are not short of money, a hot smart toilet is definitely preferred.

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Difference 5: different security

The heating device in the storage heat smart toilet tank is directly built into the water, the principle is the same as “hot fast”. The potential safety hazards are self-evident. Once the safety protection technology is not too hard, the occurrence of leakage of water and electricity and other accidents, will bring great threat to the safety of users.

The instant hot smart toilet uses a ring-shaped ceramic heating element. The heating element is built into the ceramic, making the heating element isolated from the water by the ceramic, so that the separation of water and electricity is designed to protect and insulate. At the same time, the instantaneous heat type also has a leak-proof, anti over-temperature, anti over-pressure, anti-dry heat and other protection devices, the safety factor is relatively high.

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Summing up: from the health, safety and energy-saving aspects to consider, it is recommended to use the instantaneous heat smart toilet. But if the budget is limited, the storage heat smart toilet is more economical. In fact, whether it is heat or heat storage, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, according to their actual situation to buy!


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