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In Japanese Bathroom, Towel Cabinet Is Thin To 10 Centimeters, Storage Neatly

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Bathroom Business School 2020-11-15

The bathroom area is not large, how to do storage is more reasonable when decorating? Want to install a cabinet and worry about occupying an area. But for those bottles and jars and towels, where to put them?

The good thing is that I have a friend who studied in Japan two years ago, she told me that this point can be completely referred to the Japanese family bathroom design. Install a 10 cm ultra-thin towel cabinet, the upper and lower layers of multi-functional storage, practicality is very strong!

Why do Japanese bathrooms like this design?

Do Not Occupy An Area Suitable For Small Bathrooms

Such a towel cabinet, the overall depth of only a thin 10 centimeters. Whether this is embedded in the wall, or open wall, will not affect the normal activities of the bathroom space!

Strong Storage Multifunctional

This is such a thin cabinet, storage of dozens of towels is not a problem! Upper, middle and lower storage layers. The middle of the cabinet door is used to do closed storage, the top is used to do partitions. The following can be folded out directly as a shelf cabinet door, used to put a change of clothes. And the bottom is a rotating towel bar, no balcony. Wet towels can be dried directly on this towel cabinet, how clever!

Can be stored, can be placed, can be dried, who does not love such a practical cabinet?

Dry And Wet Separation

This is because of its layered storage feature, the cabinet is not directly mounted to the ground. The bottom drying towel position is directly overhanging, so there is absolutely no bathroom dead space. For wet and dry separation cabinet, you also do not have to worry about moisture and mold, longer service life.

Also the location of the towel cabinet can be casually arranged: placed on the side of the sink. When washing, it is convenient for you to take and put towels. It can also be placed on the side wall to the shower, for a change of clothes, do not worry about being wet!

As soon as I heard what my friend said, I could not wait to ask the master to go home and re-install it. Save space, strong storage. This is completely suitable for my small bathroom of 3 square meters, no wonder everyone praised the Japanese bathroom decoration storage. But there are too many places to learn, and finally my friend also shared 2 Japanese bathroom details design, I also decided to redecorate my home accordingly ↓

Detail One: Install A Grab Bar On The Side Of The Toilet

So when you get up from sitting on the toilet for a long time, you can have a place to help. Especially for the elderly who have difficulty moving around. When the side of the toilet has a handrail, very safe and humane!

Detail Two: Extend The Sink To The Side Of The Toilet

Increase the shelf surface, and stretch the space to increase the overall sense of the room, used to put paper towels, cell phones. This can not be more appropriate.

Detail 3: Install A Crossbar With Hooks On The Side Of The Sink

Toothpaste and other cleaning products will be hung up separately. Wet and dry separation, reduce the breeding of bacteria, but also to release the space of the washbasin!

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