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WOWOW FAUCET | How To Install The Bathroom Sink Faucet And Lifting Rod Drain Assembly Pop-up

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it looks like today is the day

that we get to replace the shiny chrome faucet

with a brand new rushed faucet from WOWOW

and we are going to start that right about now

[water running sound]

so here we go

we are going to open up the box

and first thing we are going to find

what you get in the box is instructions

ready to go

and right under the instructions

we have got the famous WOWOW gloves

so you know you are handling everything with care

well they are pretty tight fit

but get them on

and we are ready to go

I am going to put the pop-up drain in first

so what I have done is

I have taken the gasket

all the way down as far as it will go

got the top off

and we are going to start there

we are going to put that down

and we are going to put a little bit of

a little stencil around the outside of it

with some masking tape

so I have got the sink all masked off

with just ordinary masking tape

maybe frog tape if you like – the green stuff

and then I masked off

the top part with flange of the pop-up

and we just ease that down in there

and we have got it fit

in this way when it comes

if there is a bit of silicone that squeezes out

you do not want it either on this pop-up flange

or on the sink base

because silicone is just

the nastiest stuff to try to get rid of once you have got

so you do not want it smeared all over above the basin

and this will make for a really slick clean up


now we have got the flange of the pop-up

set in the sink

there a little bit of silicone on the back of it

we are going to go underneath

and we are going to put the main drain into it

when I screw it up into the flange

all right that is impossible to do with one hand

we want this screwed up into the flange as tight as it will go

we are just doing finger tight

and we are going to turn it

until the pop-up release is pointing right back at the faucet

so everything lines up

now we are going to move this knot up

until it comes in contact with the bottom of the sink

there are nice wide grab bars on the side of this

not here

so you can get a really good grip

and you can get it tightened up

as tight as you want

that looks pretty tight

and think we are good to go there

so we got a little bit of squeeze out there

on the side of flange

so we will just go around with a finger

without the gloves on and clean that up

and then we will peel the masking tape off

and it will make a really slick job

okay here we go

we have got the masking tape pulled off the bottom of the basin

and we will just pull it off the flange

and that gives your really slick finish

okay we are ready for the main event

got the white gloves back on again

and out of the bag

go to the bag comes

the brand new WOWOW single leaver

brushed nickel laboratory valve

it is pretty slick

alright now I have got to put some a little bit tape

notice how they’ve capped off the bottoms of the supply tubes here

that is pretty slick

so I will put a little bit of teflon tape on there

and then we will put the gasket in place

and put the faucet on

now you notice I have got a little bit of stain here

from the previous faucet

so this time I am going to put a little bit of silicone

to let the new faucet down

once we get the new gasket on

it should

I checked and it covers a new gasket covers that stains

so it will not show

but I will not have to worry about another stain coming on

ok they sent us a lifetime supply of teflon tape

but you just need a couple of wraps

around each one of the supply tubes

ok so we have removed the faucet

from the snazzy little bag that it came in

now we are going to use the bag sit on the counter

and sort of an assembly area for all a little bits and pieces

I have removed the little protective caps

that are on the end of the supply tubes

just two of those

we took off

and then I applied two wraps of teflon tape

I have got the gasket

polyethylene gasket that goes on the bottom of the faucet

if you look carefully

you’ll notice there is the flange on the top

which meshes perfectly

it just nests right in there

on the bottom of the faucet to give you a nice tight edge

we are putting a little get a silicone

just around the outside of the polyethylene gasket

so you do not have to worry about water

going between the faucet and the deck

and then down into the cabinet below

just a little tiny bit

you do not want a lot

we have the gasket all siliconed up

we are going to take that

and we are going to put it right down into the deck

and we are going to make sure that we cover all the stain

we have got this sitting in the deck now

and put a little bit of pressure on it

and we are going to center it up

so it is parallel to the backsplash

and it is basically forward toward us as far as we can possibly get

so it is up against the inside holes on the deck

so that the water is coming out as far as possible

when you go to put a glass underneath

you want to make sure

it does not bang up against the faucet or the basin

okay here we go

we have got the jam nuts ready to go

to make sure it is up

go up in there

can you see that

we are going to go right over top of the tape

okay so we put this on

you can see that

right on the top slow

and you just do that with your finger tips

and it is fixed up

fix it at the bottom of the flange

a little bit pressure on

and then go over to do another one on the other side

tight it with pressure on

okay now

what you want to do

you want to make sure

that this is lined up correctly

that it hasn’t moved around

while you have been trying to get the nuts on

so I will be right back

it looks pretty good

so I am going to take the hot supply tube

I flush it out for two minutes

and take it

and then we are going to apply up here

I am getting it over the drain

see that

if you can, you can do hand made.

okay that is finger tight

and we are going to take the cold supply too

and mover around

flush that one as well

bring it up here

screw it on


I think it is tight

I have got an adjustable wrench set to the right side

for the supply-side nuts

and I am going to reach up in behind here

tight them up

screw that in

alright I cannot see that

here we go

so I am just tightening this up

one facet at a time

so I can get

I tore the teflon tape

and the rubber gasket that is on the supply line

it does not really have to be super tight

it just has to be right

so that is the cold side

and then over on this side here

we have got

we have got the hot line

so that is the one

you have to do

this is what it looks like when it is done

the two nuts are tight up against the front of the deck

so the faucet does not move

and then supply tubes

they are connected properly

and everything is nice and tight

this is the pop-up valve control rod

and this is the nut

which goes up against the back of the tail piece

that comes out at the bottom of the sink

so it goes up and down like that

you get the action there

in the tail piece

there is a special little nylon washer

that is got a bevel on it that goes up against this bowl

and it is stuck tight inside the tee down below

this part here comes down

from the pop-up valve control rod


all right

so this part goes through here like this

this part comes down from up above in the faucet

and you attach it

you tighten this little nut on here

to control how much of this is up above the faucet

all right

now in order to hold this rod in this bar

you need this little spring here

can you see that

one side goes on one side of the bar

the control rod goes through

like that

and there is a spring action here

you see the spring

so that that controls

and then this eventually pulls this up and down

like that

now we are going to put this in

and we go through it one little bit at a time

first of all we put the control rod

into the back of the tail piece

on the back of the tail piece

there is a fitting

a threaded fitting

and this control rod goes straight in there like that

and then you tighten up the jam nut

on the back of the tail piece

that secures that in place

so this controls the pop-up plug

in the bottom of the basin

so we just leave it there like that


you can see it is sort of sitting straight back like that

ready to go


the pop-up control rod

is down through the back of the faucet

and you decide about where you want to operate

somewhere in around there

but it is got to move up and down

up and down

in our case it just barely misses the mirror

so we do not want to come up too far

up and down like that

all right

just a minute

all right

so this rod is going down through the faucet

this fixture here – this bar

it is going to be in behind the bowl

and behind the basin

so it is going to be really hard

for me to show you doing that back in there

but this is the action you want

you want to bring it down in through there

and then this little nut tightens up in the right position


and we just put the wrench on the side

now I am going to try to film that underneath

but it is going to be a bit challenging

because it is a very tight space spot back in there

here we go

we are

you can see the control rod

for the pop-up valve

it is moving up and down

I have tightened the knot on the pop-up control bar up above

and tee is moving it up and down

and we decided that is a

that is a pretty good place

to give us this nice action

so that the pop-up valve is moving up and down properly

all I have to do now

is to put this little spring on

and I am going to need another hand do that

so I am going to stop it

so we are going in in this configuration

we have got the hole

at the back of the stopper

we are going to go down

and you are doing this blind

and you go down

and you are controlling

you see I am moving the stopper around back and forth

and you are actually trying to capture

that hole with the end of this bar


missed it

there we go

see it will not come up when it is here

so now you just tighten the gland to

not back up on the control rod

and you just snug that up

that holds everything in place


and if you come out here

you pull it up

it goes down

you push it down

it comes up

got a lot of technology

[fixing sound]

okay we are getting down to the final strokes here

the last little bit is

put in p-trap back in place

if connected the gland nut

we pushed it up on the tail piece

and we tighten that up

and then we tighten up

the adjustable not over on the end of the p-trap

so we are just about ready to go

and we will turn the water on

fill the trap

but first of all

we will take the aerator off

so what we need to do here

on the bottom of the faucet

the last thing that happens to the water

before it goes into the sink

if it goes through this aerator

it gives you that nice bubbly flow

so we are just going to take that off

and set it aside

just in case

if there is anything still floating around the system

that might clog up this fine aerator

just a little filing or something like that

little piece of scale to the plumbing

will run the water

will turn the bibs back on

the supply fib bibs back on down below

and we will run the water for a couple of minutes

and do that we will flush out the whole system

first hot and then cold

that is pretty sweet

a nice flow there

the waters running hot


we have checked it down below for leaks

everything seems to be a go

everything is nice and tight and dry

so I think we are ready to

so we are going to turn the water on

that is not really low

it is filling the basement quite quickly

when you give it a little more if you like

and just switch over to hot

back cold half

you can bring it sort of halfway in between

open and close

I think it is a little bit nicer than the really super shiny chrome

notice it is not waters potting or anything like that

good faucet

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