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WOWOW FAUCET | How To Install The Kitchen Faucet

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we are going to be installing a brand new WOWOW faucet

in our brand new kitchen sink

and we really like the looks of it

so typical of the WOWOW

it is packaged with a set of white gloves

right on top

right here is a notice telling you to flush out the lines

the faucet has a really good warranty on it

but if you do not make sure that those lines are flushed

then the warranty is voids

[water running sound]

I have got the old kitchen sink for demonstration purposes

this would be the most common installation

you have got two bowls and three holes

so you need to cover those three holes

they have sent you this brushed nickel cover plate

when we are ready to

actually do the installation of the faucet

we will put silicone

on the bottom of this escutcheon plate here

so that it stays in place and does not wiggle around

and you do not have to worry about water

going from the deck down into the cabinet below

see where the o-ring is

and the little annular groove on the bottom of the faucet

we want that to make up against the bottom

or the top pardon me

of this discussion plate

I am going to put this down through the deck

and that is about what it is going to look like

so that makes a nice tight installation

your options are pretty well open at this point

you can put this valve here on the right side

if you are right-handed

you can put it in the middle

so that it works this way

if you are ambidextrous

if you are left-handed

you can put it over on this side of the sink

okay we are ready to put the

you have to imagine yourself upside down here

either that make sure your sink is out of the cabinet

we are going to put in this bolster

which moves the force around

the next thing on top of the bolster

is a rubber washer which acts as a shock absorber

that down

next is a stainless steel washer

which takes the force of the jam nut

goes over like that

and last but not least

is the jam nut

so it goes over the tubes

over the supply tubes down

and then gets threaded on to the threaded tube

and that should go just about like that

all right we are working on a nice solid surface

now it is not going to jiggle around too much

I have managed to get this jam nut

down onto the thread tube as far as possible

and we are just going to bring these up

a little bit on one side

a little bit on the other side

a little bit on the other side

another over on this side

and we bring it up so that it comes square

putting the force on evenly front and back

way to check to make sure the faucet is in exact

the valve is exactly the right position

I have got it pointed straight out

and we want to make sure that

these are both the escutcheon plate is lined up

there will be a little bit of silicone

that is going to squeeze out here

we are going to put the supply tube

so this is the one that actually goes to the nozzle

and we are going to feed it in here

so we will do this largely by finger

there is a rubber washer

down in that fitting

and then with the adjustable wrench

set to the right fitting

there are two flats on the side of this coupling here

so we just bring this around

and make sure that it goes on there nice and easy

and we are just going to give it a quarter turn

I heard it squeak

This is the supply tube that goes up to the nozzle

so you will end up putting a weight on it

so this this comes apart

once again

with a phillips screwdriver

take this apart

there is two separate stainless steel screws on here


take the other

this is going to go on to the supply tube

and we will tighten it back up again

these are the supply lines that will go to the bibs

where your water comes out of the system

so we have the red flag

on the hot water line

and you simply screw that in

and you have to get it started


and it is it is got a really nice o-ring on it

so once again

you are not really torquing things down super hard

you are just putting a little bit of pressure on that line

once we get it installed

there is the blue

this is for the cold

water everything is tagged

so there is no mix-up

and that is all there in to it

we are now ready to put this sink into the cabinet

I will put it quarter to turn

take a pair take a pair of pliers

and just give this a quarter of a turn

and that is all you will need to keep it waterproof

a quarter turn here

and you are ready to go



you can come out now


oh god I am so happy about that

I am so glad to be out from underneath there

all right

good enough

the special feature of this faucet is this new blade

which is supposed to be designed to clean plates

and things like that off in the dishwasher

you can control the amount of volume

that is going through the blade

just trying to compress

and you can get full force

you can just get a little tiny bit

that is how it works

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