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How to install a kitchen faucet?

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Are you looking for information on how to install a kitchen faucet? Then, most probably, you are installing a faucet for the first time in your kitchen. We’ll discuss the guidelines for installing kitchen faucets in our article.


But let’s first talk about the uses of the kitchen faucet. Knowing its applications, you can decide what types of faucet you need for your kitchen.


Whether filling pot, rinsing produce, or washing dishes, the faucet is an excessively used accessory in the kitchen. Needless to say, it is an ideal kitchen faucet that controls the supply of water excellently. Most probably, that’s why conscious consumers choose factory direct kitchen faucets.


Now, what types of kitchen faucets are you going to install? Is it a single-handed faucet or double-handed faucet? Indeed, the process of installation varies a little depending on the faucet’s style and types.


How to install a kitchen faucet


The kitchen faucets spontaneously get dirty due to excessive use for a different reason. Also, they get jammed because of rust that causes water and air. It is the matte black kitchen faucet that doesn’t affected by the water or air easily. Moreover, the dirt over the matte faucet can easily be cleaned.


Now how to install a kitchen faucet in your kitchen? Allow us to lead to our following guidelines.


What you’ll need


  • Hand gloves and sunglasses
  • Basin wrench
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Plumber’s tape

What to do

Step 1: Choose a suitable design and model

First of all, choose the design and model of the faucet that suits your kitchen sink. You might have a two-hole or one-hole kitchen sink that normally modern kitchens have. Also, consider the style of your sink’s hole when selecting the kitchen faucet.


Step 2: Unpack the faucet.

Have you selected a kitchen faucet? Now, unpack the faucet and check whether it fits into your sinks hole or not. Don’t forget to check if the faucet comes with all the necessary parts.


Step 3: Install the gasket first.

Most of the faucet comes with a rubber gasket or trim ring. Install the trim ring or rubber gasket countertop of the sink by following the manufacturer’s direction. It makes a solid connection between the valves and spout to move the water.


Apply plumber’s putty at each corner of the rubber gasket so that it doesn’t come out.


Step 4: Insert the faucet spout into the sink’s hole

Now, insert the faucet spout into the hole of the kitchen hole. Bring out the lower part of the spout body from your cabinet.


Step 5: Set up the washer and nuts

Set up the washer and nuts at the underside of the sink and tighten them. Wipe the plumber’s putty, if you have applied excessive putty.


Step 6: Attach the hose with the supply pipe

For the matte black kitchen faucet, connect the faucet spout with the hoses of the hot and cold valves. To control the valves, engage the rise tubes with the supply pipe from hot and cold valves.


Step 7: Join the water supply lines

Connect the water supply pipe with the end part of the faucet. Wrap the connection with the plumber’s tape perfectly. Tighten the connection so that it doesn’t cause water leakage.

Step 8: Check the connection

Switch on the water supply and check whether there is any leakage. If you find any leakage or lose connection, tighten the connection with the Adjustable wrench.


Step 9: Check the water flow

Have you checked the connection of the water supply? Now, it’s time to check the water flow of the faucet. Turn on the kitchen faucet and wait for two minutes.


If the water supply is ok, then your installation of the kitchen faucet has been completed. Otherwise, check out everything and make re-adjustments if necessary.


Wrapping up


When it comes to choosing the compatible for your kitchen, it is somehow difficult for new buyers. You can purchase the factory direct kitchen faucets in that case, which holds a modern trend. But installing a kitchen faucet is more complicated than selecting, especially for the newbie.


However, people have different options who have experience installing and replacing kitchen faucets. Most of them consider installing a new faucet is easier than replacing it.


So, if you are a newbie, and worried about installing a kitchen faucet, you don’t have to worry. Our consecutive detailed guidelines will take you to your desired destination.



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