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How to choose kitchen faucet

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Choosing a kitchen faucet is a very important decision, regardless of the sink you have installed. There are a number of important factors to take into account when choosing a faucet for your kitchen like color there are many color faucet available in the market like a white or black kitchen faucet,  design and many more which we will explain below.

Depending on the type of installation you have, the time of use that you are going to give to the kitchen or the space available in your sink, for example, it will make you opt for one type of faucet better than another.


Aspects to consider when choosing the best faucet for your kitchen

Although choosing a faucet is a very personal decision, there are aspects that influence whether or not you are correct in your choice. Here we are going to show you some issues that you can take into account to choose the best one. So you will not hesitate in your search for kitchen taps.

Housing installation

The first thing of all is to attend to the type of installation that will have the taps. And this is directly related to the kitchen sink: undercounter, double bowl … It is possible that in the kitchen there is wide availability: either to place the taps on the wall or on the counter. In both cases, a couple of issues will also have to be considered.

-On the counter: it is usually the most common nowadays. This means that the tap goes in the sink itself. All the installations of now have this operation, since it is more comfortable and more manageable when it comes to placing it.

-On the wall: this type of installation occurs in older homes. The great advantage is that it leaves more space in the sink, although the distance between the water intakes must be monitored. The connections usually have a separation of 15 cm in width, although they can also range from 11 to 17 cm.

Water opening

Once the type of installation has been decided, which will also be related to the system that is installed in the kitchen of the house, you must choose the type of opening that the tap will have. In this case, there are two types of taps for opening the water: the single-lever or the two-handle.


–Single-handle tap: currently, and due to new designs, it is the most widely used. Through a single command you regulate the water flow and temperature. They stand out for their good value for money and comfort, since only with a handle you control all the water that comes out. They are quite simple to install, and also the actuation lever can be located either on the front of the faucet or on the side, depending on needs or tastes.


–Bi-faucet tap: although they are not as widespread as before, there are also taps with two controls. In this case to regulate the two types of water: the hot water and cold water controls, based on the most classic system. They are somewhat more cumbersome to use than the single-lever type.

Depending on the type of faucet spout

Selecting the right type of faucet is also important. There are several for different uses and depending on the sink where they are going to be installed. Here are some of the basics:


–High spout faucet: they can splash more because of the height, but they give more capacity to the sink when putting kitchen utensils. In addition, they allow more freedom when washing by hand, since one with a very low height will be constantly uncomfortable, and more if it is a fixed one. Highly recommended for places where there are no windows that open inwards.


– Low spout tap: Its advantage over the rest is that they do not splash. Also, it does not matter if you install it in a sink with windows right in front, since they do not hit when you open them. This type of spout however leaves less space in the sink, although they are suitable for all types of installation.


–Flexible kitchen faucet: they are highly recommended, like the Varela model by OXEN. In this type the spout is not removed, it is simply flexible. This is very beneficial, since it makes it easier to clean the sink, for example, or to lower the spout so that the water does not splash. You adapt it according to the need. In addition, the old system of counterweights is avoided, or placing the flexo under the counter. This type also includes a very professional design.


–Kitchen faucet with removable spout: they are only available for installations on the shelf, although they are extraordinary for small sinks. Great versatility is its main virtue, since the spout can be removed to reach places where other taps could not. Also, by not splashing on the counter, it saves you water and time.


Design is another important aspect when selecting our faucet. Its composition, size, shape … everything influences when selecting it depending on where they are going to be installed or the use to be made.

For example, in taps with a bright chrome finish, they remain as the first day due to their resistance to corrosion, making them durable and resistant.


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