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How to Choose A Bath Bar That Suits You? It’s Inevitable That You’ll Be Shivering in The Winter Bath.

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How to Choose A Bath Bar That Suits You? It’s Inevitable That You’ll Be Shivering in The Winter Bath.

In the north, due to the dryness of winter, it’s okay to take a bath once every few weeks. But in the south, people have to take a bath every day. The winter in the south is freezing. It’s easy to catch a cold when you stop in the middle of a bath to apply a shower gel. Especially if there are elderly people and children at home, it is very important to keep warm during the bathing process, which is why bath bombs were born! In this post, we will show you how to choose a bath bar that suits you best.

There are actually three types of bath bombs: light bath bombs, air heating bath bombs and double heating bath bombs. There are three types of bath bombs: light bath bombs, air bath bombs and double bath bombs.

how to choose a bathtub


#Lighted Bath Bars

 Advantages: fast heating, no preheating, cheap.

Disadvantages: too much light, very harsh. The light from the heat lamp of a lighted bath bar can affect the baby’s mood and make him or her cry. As a result, small children may not cooperate with the bath.

#Air Heater

 Advantages: even heat transfer, gentle heating, many additional functions. Disadvantages: The higher the power required in the bathroom, the better the heating effect, but the power consumption is high and the price is slightly more expensive.

#Double Heating Bath

A combination of light and air heating, faster heating, but more expensive and with higher power consumption.

On balance, air-heated bath bombs are more popular. When it comes to how to choose a bath bar, you can start with the following points.


The most common motors used in air-heated baths are plastic motors and ball bearing motors; the former is lighter, less noisy and has good performance. The former is lighter, less noisy and has good performance. The ball-bearing motor has less friction and good anti-aging properties. The motors are also divided into copper wire motors and aluminum wire motors, with the copper wire motors performing better than the aluminum wire.

Depending on the number of motors, they are divided into single-core and dual-core motors. The single-core motors are mainly responsible for heating and ventilation, while the dual-core motors can perform their respective functions and can be used for heating and ventilation at the same time.

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Additional Functions

The main functions of air heating baths on the market are lighting, heating, air blowing and ventilation, while additional functions include air purification, induction night light, drying, child lock and timing.

The more additional features, the higher the price of the bath bombs. You can choose according to your family’s budget and actual needs.

Power And Area Of Application

Many people buy air-heated baths and then have a problem: why is the bathroom not warmed up after using air heating?

In fact, the biggest reason for this is that the power of the air heater chosen does not match the size of the room. This is like a 4-square-foot air heater, you install it in a 7-square-foot bathroom, it will not be able to warm up completely. So when you buy an air heating bath, you must remember to check the power of the air heating and the applicable area.

Generally speaking, an air heater with a power of 2600W-2800W is suitable for bathrooms up to 8m². If it is an economical air heater, its heating area will be relatively small.

Recommendation: If the bathroom at home is relatively large and has a wet and dry layout. How to choose a bath bar? It is recommended to install an exhaust fan above the bathroom to speed up the purification of the indoor air.

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