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“Good Products Are For All Ages”, This Bathroom Company Has Done It

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“Good Products Are For All Ages”, This Bathroom Company Has Done It

In recent years, there have been new changes in the size of Chinese families. In addition to the usual family of three, new family forms have emerged. On the one hand, with the emergence of the “Dink Generation”, the number of families with two members or two pets is gradually increasing. On the other hand, with the aging of society, it is becoming common to have three generations in the same household. Caring for children and elders has become a normal part of family life for many people.

In the family size to accelerate the acceleration of a single, how to meet the needs of all kinds of families and people of all ages at the same time, become a sanitary ware and home furnishing business development on the way to a problem. As a long-term market front, to improve the home living environment of consumers as their responsibility, BRAVAT bathroom for all types of family housing needs, developed a series of solutions for people of all ages to build a happy life to provide hardware support.


Romantic family of two

Reasonable functional partition

Newly married young family of two has more romantic expectations for home life, and also pays more attention to the value and comfort of products.

BRAVAT designers separate the wet area (shower area) from the dry area (toilet area, wash area) through partition design to achieve wet and dry separation and ensure the sanitary space is as neat and tidy as new. The clear sense of space use makes the functional areas no longer interfere with each other and makes it easier to take care of them. The daily movement line is also planned to be smooth and unobstructed, which makes it more convenient and comfortable to use.

Bathroom Company

BRAVAT is a series of bathroom furniture, using the combination design of mirror cabinet + bathroom cabinet to fully improve space utilization. The mirror cabinet is divided into compartments, so beauty and skin care products can be placed at will. The open shelves can be used for common items, which can be easily accessed. The main cabinet can easily accommodate large items. This enhances the beauty of the bathroom while meeting the daily storage. It is easy to clean and take care of, and it is easy to start an elegant washing time.

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Warm family of three

Take care of children’s growth

In a family of three, the focus of the family is more on the children. Whether it’s the layout of the environment, the safety of the furniture or the curves of action in the space, all are arranged with the children in mind. The practicality and safety of the bathroom are particularly important.

In terms of practicality, for families with children, BRAVAT designers have provided storage solutions for the dry and wet areas respectively. For example, a storage area is added above the toilet area, and the bathroom cabinet in the washroom area is also used for storage to meet the needs of space storage. Recessed niches are built into the walls of the shower area for easy access to frequently used toiletries, making it easier for parents to take care of their baby’s bath.

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In terms of safety, BRAVAT’s washbasin is designed without angles. It is smooth and comfortable to the touch, which effectively prevents children from bumping into it and ensures children’s safety. For baby care, many BRAVAT products are reserved with ample space. This allows the stroller to be easily accessible and ensures freedom of movement during use.

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Three generations of happiness together

Diverse and flexible change

In a three-generation family, there can be five or even six or more family members. Bathroom design must meet the daily use of the elderly and children, while taking into account the needs of other family members.

For the elderly, the anti-slip and drainage treatment of the bathroom needs to be taken into account, and BRAVAT’s bathrooms are equipped with a unique waterproof tray on the floor, which is made of a combination of high-quality materials. This provides a safe and anti-slip effect. In addition, a reasonable configuration of floor drains can make it drain smoothly and avoid slippage caused by water accumulation.


Some of BRAVAT’s bathroom cabinet products have a special 9°-15° tiltable design for the elderly and children to wash. Some of the faucets adopt stretchable design, which is ergonomic and brings more convenience to the family’s daily life.

In addition, BRAVAT, as the first company in the industry to lay out age-appropriate homes, has a rich and high-quality matrix of age-appropriate products. From the smart toilet remote control for the elderly to the automatic slow-down smart cover; from the electric lift seat for the convenience of shower to the hardware products that meet the usage habits of the elderly, BRAVAT is involved in all of them. They provide quality hardware and considerate services to create an age-friendly environment for families with three generations.

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Whether it is the comfortable products suitable for children, the thoughtful details for the elderly life, or the high value design to meet the needs of young people, all of them reflect BRAVAT’s development concept with user needs as the core. In the field of home furnishing, someone once said that “good products are for all ages”. In this regard, BRAVAT obviously fully achieved.

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