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If Your Bathroom Is Small, Do Not Be Afraid! The Design Sense Of 50 Creative Bathrooms Are Very Good!

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If Your Bathroom Is Small, Do Not Be Afraid! The Design Sense Of 50 Creative Bathrooms Are Very Good!

How to make a small bathroom look small and delicate, or make a large bathroom and look like an upgrade to enjoy? As one of the important rooms in the home, the design of the bathroom should not be underestimated. Utility, light, details, comfort, none of these aspects can be missing, and a reasonable layout is the king of room.


The bathroom has long been from a single shower, toilet, into a more beautiful, humane activity space.


Small bathrooms

Although it is not much space, the function of the bathroom is indispensable. Reasonable design is particularly important. Making small spaces exquisite and practical is the way to go.

If the bathroom is so small, then the design must pay attention to the following aspects!


Separation of wet and dry

Separation of wet and dry has always been the goal of the bathroom.

The bathroom is divided into two. Doing wet and dry separation can keep the site outside the shower dry and hygienic. The design of a dexterous structure from the shower area to the sink space allows the functions no longer interfere with each other.

Glass separation is more thorough. Shower curtains are both space-saving and more flexible.


Flexible storage

Bathroom space is not much, and there are bits and pieces of household items to be placed here. If storage does not make sense, it will make people crazy.

The space behind the mirror can be designed into a small storage space for toiletries and skin care products. Install a small shelf in the corner of the shower room wall, so that it is convenient to access things. Do not leave out the back of the door. This is a good place to install hooks or crossbars to hang things for storage. You can make full use of the space under the sink, with wicker baskets or plastic boxes for sorting and storing.

Reasonable planning of storage space for items makes daily life more convenient.


Lighting is also important

The lighting area of the bathroom consists of the bathing area and the toilet area. The bathing area is dominated by soft light. It does not require high illumination, but even light. Grooming area bears the function of finishing makeup and other functions, and has high requirements for the color rendering index of the light source. Generally, only incandescent lamps or high-grade light sources with good color rendering can be installed here.

In addition, wall sconces, chandeliers, glass-covered lamps or strip light holders on both sides of the mirror can provide pleasing light for the bathroom.


Add a functional area

Once the family has a large number of people, there are always crowded times in the bathroom. In addition to a good wet and dry separation, you can also choose to sacrifice some of the scattered space and add an additional separate dry area to separate the flow of people during peak hours, depending on the condition of the house.

design sense

Whether the bathroom itself is too small, or the family has a large population, an additional independent dry area can avoid the use of hand washing area and bathroom conflict, which can improve the efficiency of the use of both.

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