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Choosing A Bathtub In This Way, A Small House Can Also Achieve The Freedom Of Soaking!

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Choosing A Bathtub In This Way, A Small House Can Also Achieve The Freedom Of Soaking!

After a busy day, you dragged your tired body home and unloaded the heavy work. At this time you want to do is probably lying in the tub, let the rhythm of the warm water sweep away your tiredness of the day, and quietly enjoy this happy leisure time alone.

I believe that most people will not deny that a bath is more comfortable than a shower! But what kind of tub can give you a more comfortable experience?

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Today’s article teaches you to understand the variety of bathtubs on the market. After reading it, you will definitely gain a lot!


Content Overview

One, Why do you want to buy a bathtub

Second, the classification of the bathtub

Three, how to buy a bathtub

Four, the choice of a small house bathtub

Five, soaking tips


One, Why Do You Want To Buy A Bathtub

Shower room is the choice of the majority of people, and it is more convenient to use. But as people’s living standards are gradually improving, the requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. There is no substitute for the comfort of a bathtub, which brings a sense of mental relaxation and pleasure that a shower can’t do.

The bathtub is more than a bath, and it is a mood is a kind of fun. After a long day of work outside, come home at night, comfortably soak a hot bath, relax and unwind. It is a healthy thing to wash away the fatigue of the day. Especially for families with babies, the bathtub is a necessity of life.

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Second, The Type Of Tub

Before buying atub, it is necessary to tell you what kinds of tubs are available to prevent confusion when selecting. This is convenient for everyone to choose from.

1, The Bathtub Is Divided Into Acrylic, Steel, Cast Iron Enamel, Artificial Stone Bathtub And Wood, Etc. According To The Material.

  • Acrylic Bathtub: cheap, rich shape, good insulation effect. But easy to scratch, easy to fade, not wear-resistant, noisy, not easy to clean.
  • Steel Plate Bathtub: light texture, moderate price, easy to clean, luster lasting. But the temperature preservation is poor, and the drainage has big noise.
  • Cast Iron Bathtub: durable, good heat preservation, easy to clean, low noise. But the price is expensive and the style is single.
  • Wooden Barrel Bathtub: environmentally friendly material, good heat insulation, easy to clean. But easy to deformation, poor decorative effect.

2The Bathtub Is Divided Into Embedded And Freestanding According To The Installation Type.

The embedded tub is divided into two kinds with a skirt and without a skirt. They mainly occupy a small area, are easy to clean and more practical.

Freestanding tub beautiful, more comfortable, and easy to move, easy to repair, more popular with the public.

3, The Bathtub According To The Shape Of The Round, Oval, Triangular, Rectangular, Heart-Shaped, Etc.

Even if the bathtubs are of the same size, their depth, length and width are not quite the same. When installing, you have to consider the actual structure of your home. According to the location of the downspout, shower nozzle location, etc., choose the right one.

4The Bathtub Is Divided Into Ordinary Bathtub And Massage Bathtub According To The Function.

The ordinary bathtub does not need to be electrified, only needs to connect the water pipe that can be used.

Massage bathtub includes the tank. It has a tank side on the tank body, and there is a shower and switch on the tank side. There is a surfing nozzle in the tank. It needs electricity to use and is expensive. But the comfort is quite good, more comfortable than the ordinary.

bathroom 3


Third, How To Buy A Bathtub

  1. What To Consider Before Buying A tub?

Consider the bathroom type first. The size of the regular tub is mini/1.3m/1.5m/1.7m/2.2m, etc.. Unconventional sizes are varied. Choose according to personal needs.

  1. Freestanding Or Embedded?

Embedded: divided into two kinds with a skirt and without a skirt. It mainly covers a small area, easy to clean and is more practical.

Freestanding: beautiful, more comfortable, and easy to move, easy to repair, more popular with the public. (Rental party can consider Yo)

  1. Number Of People: Single tub / Double tub / Multi-Person Tub?

In terms of Chinese bathing habits, for the average family, a single tub or double tub is enough, and then the larger is not necessary. For single-child families, usually, mom or dad take a bath together; for multi-child families, the children are soaking together. Of course, if there is demand, you can also choose a larger tub.

  1. How To Choose The Bathtub Within The Budget?

Ordinary tub price is about 2000 to 5000, including some high-end brands of mid-range products occasionally in the event of discounts can be reduced to about 5000. If the budget is sufficient, you can consider a large, massage type, or even floating mode tub.

  1. Some Tips On The Purchase And Use Of tubs

Compare thickness: you can gently knock the tub to determine the thickness of the tub. The thickness of the tub is not easy to not crack.

Look at the glossiness: touch the surface must be smooth and without defects.

Check the sturdiness: test by hand pressing and foot stepping. The sturdiness of the tub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. Since visual inspection is not visible, you need to try it yourself, such as standing in and whether there is a sinking feeling.

choosing a bathtub


Fourth, Small Tub

We first look at the minimum scale of each space in the bathroom in order to rationalize the layout of the space, making full use of each space. The minimum size of the shower area is 900 * 900mm.

The minimum size of the toilet area is 900 * 1200mm.

In the hand basin area, you will bend down to wash your face or do laundry by hand. These require a minimum space of 900*1200mm.

Let’s look at the scale of the tub: the most common ordinarytub on the market is between 1.5~1.8m in length and 700~900mm in width.

The length of the mini tub created specifically for small spaces is between 1~1.2m. The width can be reduced to 700~750mm.

So, don’t say that your home has no place to put it!


Five, Soaking Small Tips

  1. Do Not Take A Bath On An Empty Stomach

When a person is on an empty stomach, blood sugar levels are low. When a person is on a full stomach, the body’s digestion needs to supply blood to the stomach, thus reducing blood supply to the brain, resulting in dizziness and dizziness to be careful.

  1. Bath Should Not Be Too Long

Soak 20 minutes is not enough?

A too-long bath is the heart and lungs for a long time in the water pressure environment. At the same time, the space is relatively confined, the body will be uncomfortable.

  1. The Water Temperature Should Not Be Too High

The temperature of the bath at about 40 degrees is appropriate. Too high a water temperature will stimulate the sympathetic nerves. For people with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases, if the water temperature in the bath is too high, it is dangerous behavior and may occur in heart attacks and other accidents.



A bathtub for people now is not something out of reach. As long as you want to install, there is no problem. No matter the size of the space, you will have this experience, so hurry up and install a tub for your new home!

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