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Bathroom Ceiling Is PVC Or Aluminum Plate Buckle, The General Public Have Chosen The Wrong!

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Bathroom Ceiling Is PVC Or Aluminum Plate Buckle, The General Public Have Chosen The Wrong!

Decoration in the bathroom decoration is the need for us to pay extra attention. Because the bathroom is a relatively heavy place of moisture. We have to deal with water every day, so we need to put more thought into the decoration of the bathroom.

Do you know what we should pay attention to in the bathroom renovation? We all know that the amount of water used in the bathroom is tremendous. Not only do we have to wash here, but in the summer we have to take a bath here every day. We all know that the first step we take in the renovation is to do the plumbing. For the bathroom, the wiring is also extremely complicated. So for the bathroom ceiling, what should we pay attention to when decorating? What material is better for the ceiling of the bathroom?


  1. Materials for bathroom ceiling

1、Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel, as the name implies, is a composite plate. Some people think that composite materials must not be environmentally friendly, and formaldehyde. Do not rush to make a conclusion. We need to understand what materials it contains. Its upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy plate, the middle is a non-toxic and low-density polyethylene core board. It also has a protective film on the front side, which is fluorocarbon resin coating for outdoor use, and non-fluorocarbon resin coating for indoor use.

The top and bottom of the aluminum composite panel are aluminum layers, which are difficult to burn. The middle of it is the PE plastic core which is flame retardant, so its fireproof performance is more excellent. Paint and aluminum composite panels seem to be natural partners. Their coloring is particularly uniform, so there are many colors to choose from.

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2、Aluminum buckle plate

This is a metal aluminum buckle products. It is made of high quality metal aluminum as the base material combined with perfect surface treatment process. Whether in terms of quality, personality, visual, ring and so on, it has unparalleled advantages. At present, aluminum buckle plate with perfect industry standard and the charm of the product itself, occupy the position of the main material of the project of kitchen and bathroom ceiling. But the product has always been high in price, becoming one of the hot spots of market competition. As the product competition is fierce, so it is worthwhile for everyone to go to the market to examine some.

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3、PVC board

PVC board has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mold-proof, non-absorbent, drillable, sawable, planable, easy thermoforming, hot bending processing, etc.. It seems to be a good and perfect material. But I think it has a fatal disadvantage – not soundproof. Really can’t stand when in the use of the bathroom, hear the sound of the drainage pipe upstairs.

4、Gypsum board

Gypsum board is widely used in construction and decoration, mainly because of its light weight, high strength, fireproof, easy processing, and thin thickness. I also care more about its function of sound and heat insulation, and of course it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. It also has low energy consumption and high efficiency, which makes it easy to mass produce and therefore not expensive. But it is not perfect. Its load-bearing capacity is certainly incomparable to that of aluminum. Because the ceiling will also not place any miscellaneous objects, so as the bathroom ceiling is no problem at all. There are also people who say that it is not very waterproof. Now there is already waterproof gypsum board. Of course, you can also give non-waterproof gypsum board to do waterproof process treatment.

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Second, the installation of the bathroom ceiling

1、Clear location

Compare the design drawing with the site, clarify the specific location of the electrical appliances and keel, and determine the height of the ceiling installation.

2、Ensure the level

After the height is clear, do the horizontal installation footer. Fix the footing with screws or glue, turn the corner and its diagonal should be collated neatly, leaving no obvious gaps.

3、Punching holes for positioning

After the position of the keel is determined, use impact drill to punch holes. Cut and assemble the boom screws according to the specific length. Then, install the main keel, fix the triangular keel on the main keel, and make proper adjustment after installation to ensure straightness.

4、To combine electrical appliances

Combine the appliances as required, and the fixed frame should be installed firmly. Installers should hold professional electrical qualifications, and the exposed wires should be well protected. After connecting the electrical appliances and keys, do the power-on test.

5、Adjust the capping

The edge of the buckle plate is more difficult to install, so it is best to take down the finished buckle plate that has been installed next to the installation of a buckle plate. Install after adjusting around.

Bathroom Ceiling


Three, for the bathroom, which one is good to choose?

Now the integrated ceiling of aluminum buckle plate becomes the mainstream of kitchen and bathroom ceiling now. Install the skeleton with a metal keel, and then buckle up the aluminum buckle plate piece by piece. You can add exhaust fans, lights, bath bombs and other components in any position. The modular combination form is very flexible and useful. In the humid environment of the bathroom, the aluminum buckle ceiling plus the sealing treatment of the gap between the buckle and the wall can maximize the avoidance of water vapor intrusion, to protect the walls of the house.

Now on the market, there are many brands of aluminum buckle plate. To know the price difference between different brands of products is still relatively large. It is mainly related to the product’s raw materials, production process and so on, as well as the brand is a great relationship.

I think that according to everyone’s analysis and summary, most of the bathroom ceiling materials loved by people now are the choice of aluminum buckle integrated ceiling. I am not saying that the other is bad, just that the cost performance is better. The ceiling is to ensure our use of safety and play a certain aesthetic, so we consider carefully when choosing, and listen to the views of the master!

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